Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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.It's the longest river in the world. Guess what it is. - It is in the north-east part of Africa. - It supported the ancient Egyptian civilization.  정답the Nile 

This is the city that used the slogan `Green olympics' and received a lot  of votes in  its bid to  host the games.  China came in 2nd and this  city was  chosen to hold  the 27th  olympics in the  year 2000. What is  this Australian city that is famous  for the heat and clean air? 정답:  Sydney

This is  a mountain that stretches  across the northern  part of the Taebek  mountain  range.  It's world  famous  for  its  beauty.  It's 1618m high and is located in  Kangwon province in North Korea. It has 12,000 peaks and its beauty changes with each season. In the   fall it's  covered with red leaves  and is called Mt.Pung-Ak .  What's the name of this mountain? 정답 Mt. Keumgang

Mount Everest, traditionally believed to be the highest mountain in the world, is located where? 정답: Nepal

This  is  an area  where  two  countries  that are  at  war  call  a cease-fire, but don't completely pull their troops  out of. It's a truce area  like the area between  North  and  South Korea  that's about 2km wide  on each side. Military forces  from both sides are prohibited from going onto this area. What do we call this area? 정답:  DMZ

This  coast  on the  eastern  part  of Honolulu,  Hawaii  is famous  as a  tourist spot.  It's  a world-class  beach that was  made with  white  sand  brought in  from  California. People  enjoy surfing  and sun  bathing here.  On the  east end there is Diamond Head. What is this place? 정답: Waikiki

 This is  the name of  a country that  was created in  1948 on the Mediterrane.  The people  of this  country were  oppressed by  the German Nazis  during WWII.  This country  was made  by bringing together Jews from all over the world. It is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. Jerusalem is its capital. What is this country? 정답:  Israel

This is  a city in  the south-western part of  Pennsylvania in the US. As the world's largest  steel manufacturing city there are a  lot of large steel  plants. It's the homebase of the  Carnigie Foundation  and there  is a  memorial to  the composer Foster  located here.  What is  the name  of this city? 정답: Pittsburgh

 This is a long narrow ravine that is located in northern Arizona in  the  south-western  part of  America.  It  is  350  km  long, between 6-30 km wide and 1,600 m at its deepest point. What is this  place that  has been  designated an American  national park? 정답: Grand canyon

This city is called a museum  without walls. Here and there in this city you can find tombs of past kings.  This was the capital of Shilla. What city is it? 정답: Kyongju

 By what name do Westerners refer to this mountain? It is known locally as Chomolungma, "Goddess Mother of the World," a fitting name for the highest peak on the planet. 정답: Mt. Everest

Its source is in the western Himalayas and it flows east-south-east across northern India, emptying into the Bay of Bengal by many mouths. Name this most sacred river of the Hindus. .정답: Ganges river

This  city is close by  Seoul. It's famous  for its rice and  its traditional pottery.  These are also  some popular hot  springs in the city. 정답: Ichon

If the  shape of Korea looks  like a tiger then  this city is its tail. This city is also famous for its steel foundry. What place is it? 정답: Pohang

 The  meaning of this city's  name is 'big farm.'  This city is also home to Korea's Silicone Valley. Where.....? 정답: Taejon

In  the Spring a  lot of people  go to  this city for  its cherry blossom festival. It also has a large naval base. Where is it? 정답:  Chinhae

This city  shares  its  name with  the  first President  of  the United States.  The White  House is  located here.  Where am I talking about? 정답: Washington D.C.

This  port city  is most  famous for  its opera  house. It hosted  the 2000 Olympics, what's the  name of this city? 정답: Sydney

 This  city  was in  the  title  of  a  famous  short story  by Shakespeare, The Merchant of ______. Where could it be? 정답:  Venice

A free port and important center of international commerce and banking for most of the 20th century, This reverted to Chinese sovereignty in 1997. Victoria is the capital. What is it? 정답:  Hong Kong

 This  city-state is famous  for both  its gambling and  as the home of Grace  Kelly's husband. A famous song  has this in its title and this city is also the home of a popular car race/rally. 정답: Monaco

What is the name of the region of western California southeast of San Francisco known for its high-technology design and manufacturing industries? 정답: Silicon Valley

Name the seasonal winds that carry moisture from the Indian Ocean to Southeast Asia. 정답: monsoon

World Cup Park, which opened on the first of May, was built in an environmentally-friendly in order to transform this place of the past. What is the name of the place on which the park was built? Once what did it used to be? 정답: Nanjido

A high school history textbook was among six publications approved by the Japanese government for use in that country's schools. This particular book is raising controversy once again. This time it's over the sovereignty of these two islets off the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula. What's the name of this island? 정답: Tokdo

This is the capital and largest city of Cuba located in the northwest part of the island country on the Gulf of Mexico. It was founded on its present site in 1519, it became the capital of Spanish Cuba in 1552. Its Population amounts more than two million. What is this? 정답: Havana

This is an independent papal state located within Rome, Italy, which was created in 1929. Its population amounts to only 766 but it issues its own currency and postage stamps and has its own newspaper and broadcasting facilities. The government is run by a lay governor and council, all responsible to the pope. What is this? 정답: Vatican City

On December 14, 1911, men stepped here for the first time in human history. They were part of a Norwegian explorers' team lead by Roald Amundsen. One month after that, British Robert Scott's team also arrived here. Where is this? 정답: the South pole

 This is the world's smallest continent, lying between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It is also the sixth-largest country. The population is about 20,000,000 (20 million). On January 1st, 1901, it joined the Commonwealth of the British Empire. The Olympic games were held in this country in 2000. What is this country? 정답:  Australia

This is the largest of the 4 major bodies of water, which include the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. What's it? 정답: pacific ocean

This city is near the Pacific Ocean. Bill or William Gates lives in this city. It's near the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. In America, only Los Angeles has worse traffic than this city. A famous romantic movie was set here. It starred Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It was called Sleepless in...? This west coast city is also a wet city! It's located in the rain forest on the west coast of North America. The Space Needle is a famous landmark that was built as part of the World Exposition. This city has an unusual new music museum. It's shaped like a smashed guitar! 정답: Seatle

This is a long piece of land which sticks out from a larger area of land into the sea or into a lake. What's a narrow piece of land jutting into a lake or a sea called? Korea's one example of this. 정답: Peninsula

 Name this river! This river's flowing into the South Han river, Korea and is a source of a drinking water for the 20 million people of Seoul. It's very famous for its picturesque scenery and clean water, but it's getting polluted rapidly as it's been well-known to people. The campaign to stop the damming of this river has captured the nation's interest. What's the name of this river? Famous for rafting! 정답: Dong gang

This is the vast region of Russia and northern Kazakstan, constituting all of northern Asia. This means 'sleeping land'. This is notorious for the length and severity of its almost snowless winters. 정답: Siberia

This is located in Agra, India, on the Yamuna River. It's considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and the finest example of the late style of Indian Islamic architecture. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan ordered it built after the death of his favorite wife in 1629. 정답: Taj Mahal

There has been ongoing Mideast violence between Palestine and this country. What country is this? 정답: Israel

This is a country of northern Europe that occupies the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula and it has King and queen.  You might remember the TV commercial of someone using a cell phone in the train.

정답: Norway

THIS is located in the high-plateau region of northwestern Arizona (in the) US, noted for its fantastic shapes and coloration. Cut by the Colorado River... THIS lies in the southwestern portion of the Colorado Plateau, which is a large area of the southwestern United States consisting essentially of horizontal, layered rocks and lava flows. The broad, intricately sculptured chasm of the canyon contains between its outer walls a multitude of imposing peaks, buttes, gorges, and ravines. THIS canyon is 1900 meters deep and 25wide at its maximum. What's this great tourist sight? 정답: The Grand Canyon

 This is an independent state (108.7 acres/44 hectares), with the pope as its absolute ruler. It may be said to correspond politically to the former Papal States, but its origin is not connected with them. This is located at Rome, Italy and the population is about 1000. What country is this? 정답: the Vatican City

What are the 2 oceans that surround the North Pole and South Pole? 정답: Arctic Ocean (north), Antarctic Ocean (south)

 This is Spanish word meaning "The Christ Child." The name meant the annual flow of warm equatorial waters southward around Christmas time. 정답: El Nino

This is the season of heavy rain during the summer in hot Asian countries and this also can mean a periodic wind especially in the Indian Ocean and southern Asia. What is another name for the rainy season? 정답: Monsoon

 This city has been an international commercial, financial, and industrial center since the Middle Ages. Today this city is Italy's second largest city after Rome and its economic heart. It has the highest per capita income in Italy. Manufactures include textiles, clothing, machinery, chemicals, electric appliances, printed materials, motor vehicles, airplanes, and rubber goods. The city has a large construction industry, and it is one of the most important silk markets in Europe. 정답: Milan

This is situated in the north-central part of Asia. The territory spans over 3 million square miles. It stretches west to east from the Eastern mountains(ide) of the Urals to the Far East, and south to north from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China borders to the Arctic Ocean shore. It's known for its rich natural resources. To a westerner this brings images of a frozen tundra and Soviet prison camps. What's this territory? 정답: Siberia

The 1st Olympiad of modern times was celebrated in 1896. The IOC chose the host of the 2008 Olympic Games in Moscow. Here's the question. Who'll host that? 정답:  China

A desert of southeast Mongolia and northern China. It consists mainly of a series of shallow alkaline basins. The Mongolian plateau is largely occupied by what desert? 정답: Gobi

Which is Asia's longest river, flowing 3800 miles from the mountains of Tibet to the East China Sea? 정답: Yangtze
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