Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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1. Her name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu when she was born to Albanian parents in Yugoslavia in 1910. 2. She joined a group of Roman Catholics in 1928 and started to work as a teacher.3. She and her colleagues looked after poor and dying people. 4. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. 5. She lived in Calcutta in India for much of her life.정답: Mother Theresa

1. She started skiing and playing tennis at the age of two. 2. Her mother is her trainer.3. She has been a professional since she was fourteen years old. 4. She was the youngest player to win the women's title at Wimbledon. 5. She was born in Slovakia and was named after a great champion from the Czech Republic.

정답: Martina Hingis

1. His real first name is Eldrick and he was born in California in 1975. 2. He was on television aged two, playing with Bob Hope.3. He became a professional in 1996, at the age of twenty-one. 4. He has earned more in prize money than any other player in his sport. 5. He won the US Masters championship in 1997 with a record-breaking performance. He was the youngest player of his sport to win this championship.

정답: Tiger Woods

1. He was born in London in 1975. 2. He scored his first goal for Manchester United in 1994 against Galatasaray in a European Champions League game.3. He played for England in the 1998 World Cup, in Euro 2000, and in 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. 4. He played in a number 7 shirt in Manchester United and now plays in a number 23 in Real Madrid. 5. He is married to pop star Victoria Adams.정답: David Beckham

1. He was born in 1853. He did not decide to become an artist until he was twenty-seven. 2. In 1886 he moved from Holland to Paris and worked with the Impressionist group.3. He was good friends with the artist Paul Gauguin, and painted a famous picture called Gauguin's Chair. 4. He only sold one painting in his lifetime. Today his paintings sell for millions of pounds. 5. Two of his most famous paintings are of flowers ― Sunflowers and Irises.정답: Vincent van Gogh

1. She wrote one of the most famous books of the twentieth century. 2. She was born in 1929 in Germany.3. She went to live in Holland with her family when she was four. 4. She and her family lived a secret life in a hidden room from 1942 to 1944. 5. The Nazis finally found them and sent them to Belsen, where she died at the age of sixteen.정답: Anne Frank

1. He started studying mathematics at Harvard University in 1973 but he never graduated. 2. He was born in Seattle, USA, in October 1955.3. He has written two bestselling books and is extremely rich. 4. He wrote his first computer program when he was thirteen. 5. He started Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975.

정답: Bill Gates

1. He was born in New Zealand in 1964 but he grew up in Australia. 2. His parents worked in the film business. He spent a lot of time on film sets when he was young.3. He began acting when he was eighteen and won prizes in Australia for his performances. 4. His first Hollywood film was The Quick and the Dead in 1995. He played opposite Sharon Stone.5. He's had big successes in the last few years with LA Confidential, The Insider and Gladiator.정답: Russel Crowe

1. She was born in California. Her unusual looks come from Cuban-American and native American parents.

2. She left school at sixteen and became a model advertising Coke, Nivea and LA Gear.3. Her film career began in 1994. Nobody knew who she was, but she got a starring role opposite Jim Carrey in The Mask.

4. After that success, she decided to take acting lessons and she worked on a number of independent films. 5. Back in Hollywood, people loved her in There's Something about Mary(1998), the strange but funny Being John Malkovich(1999) and Charlie's Angels(2000).정답: Cameron Diaz

1. He was born in Atlanta in the southern United States in 1929. 2. He was shot dead in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1968.3. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. 4. In August 1963 he led a march to Washington, the capital of the USA, and made a famous speech there. 5. He worked peacefully all his life for equality between blacks and whites in America.정답: Martin Luther King

1. She ran away to the big city when she was very young and became a radio actress. 2. She died of cancer at the age of thirty-three, on 28th July, 1952.3. She worked hard for the poor but also loved wealth and power. 4. She married an ambitious politician who became President of Argentina in 1946.

5. She was played by Madonna in the 1996 film of her life.정답: Eva Peron(Evita)

What are these design objects?1. They are strong and cheap to run, but very stylish. 2. They were designed in Italy by Corradino d'Ascanio.3. Fourteen million have been sold around the world since 1946.

4. They are produced by Piaggio. 5. They are a popular form of transport for teenagers who can't afford to buy a car.정답: the Vespa

What are these design objects?1. They began as an idea by Kirk Christiansen in Billund in Jutland in the 1930s. 2. Their name means 'Play well' in Danish and 'I join together' in Latin.3. One of Christiansen's most famous advertisements told children that it was like having a new toy every day. 4. There are theme parks based on the toys all over the world. The first one opened near the Jutland factory in 1968.

5. They fit together and can be taken apart. The first ones were wooden but now they are made of brightly coloured plastic.정답: Lego

Who is this?1. His colleagues used to call him the Austrian Oak. 2. Aged eighteen, he went absent without leave(AWOL) from the army to take part in the Mr Junior Europe body-building competition, which he won(but the army punished him).3. He is the son of a chief of police and grew up in Graz in Austria in the 1950s. 4. He married Maria Shriver, John F. Kennedy's niece, in 1986 after going out with her for eight years. 5. He played the Terminator in Terminator, Terminator2: Judgment Day, and Terminator3.

정답: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Who is this?1. She worked as a volunteer in a Red Cross hospital in the First World War. 2. She divorced her first husband but kept his name for her profession as writer.3. She wrote more than seventy detective novels. 4. Her play, The Mousetrap, is the longest running theatre show in the world.5. Her famous books are Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile.정답: Agatha Christie

Who is this?1. He was the best new player in college basketball in 1981-82. 2. He is 1.98 meters tall.

3. He retired on January 13th, 1999, aged thirty-six. The following year he became a part owner of the NBA’s Washington Wizards and played for the team for two seasons.4. He won six NBA championships.

5. He played for the Chicago Bulls for thirteen years.정답: Michael Jordan

Who is this?1. He became a tennis professional at 16 and appeared in ads for Nike and Canon before he had won a major championship.2. He has had long hair, short hair, no hair and Mohican hair.3. He is 1.80meters tall, which is short for a tennis player. He plays best from the baseline.4. He and tennis star Steffi Graf announced their relationship in 2001.5. In 1997 he fell to number 141 in the world, before coming back to number one in the world in 2000.정답: Andre Agassi

Who is this?1. She was born on Long Island and grew up in New York.2. Her mother is irish American and her father Venezuelan.3. She was well-known for wearing jeans with the legs cut off and short T-shirts.4. In 1993, she married the boss of Sony Music Entertainment, Tommy Motolla. They divorced in 1997.5. In 1995, her single Fantasy entered the charts at number 1 in both the USA and the UK.정답: Mariah Carey

Which city is this?1. This is the capital city of a desert country. It has a population of over 13 million people.2. The oldest building in the city is a mosque which dates from 643 AD.3. The city is built on the east bank of one of the longest rivers in the world.4. This is the largest city in Africa and the Middle East.5. Across the river to the west are the Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza.정답: Cairo

Which city is this?1. Where this city is now, there was just countryside and jungle until 1956.2. The city is surrounded by a man-made lake.3. The main architect of the city was Lucio Costa and he designed it in the shape of a bow and arrow. Some people, however, say it looks more like a flying bird.4. It is the administrative capital of a country of 8.5 million square kilometers, the fifth largest country in the world.

5. It was decided to move the capital here from the coastal city of Rio de Janeiro to give more life to the empty interior of the country.정답: Brasilia

What are these design objects?1. This design object is made of glass.2. It was originally designed in 1915 by a Swedish engineer, Alex Samuelson.3. Inside it is a product that was first invented in 1886 by Dr John Pemberton.4. The product inside is American, and famous in every country on Earth.5. The product is brown, and is also sold in cans and plastic bottles.정답: the Coca-Cola bottle

What is this?1. A pool is a small body of water. 2. But there is no water in this kind pool.3. So you can't swim in it.4. Usually two to five people come together to use this pool.5. Most people use this pool in the morning or in the evening.정답: A car pool

Who was the big alligator?There was a big alligator walking down the street with a little alligator. The little alligator was the big alligator's son, but the big alligator wasn't the little alligator's father. Who was the big alligator?정답: The little alligator's mother

If an electric train travels ninety miles an hour in a westerly direction, and the wind is blowing from the north, in which direction will the smoke blow?정답: There is no smoke from an electric train.

Two fathers and two sons went fishing. Each fisherman caught a fish, yet only three fish were caught. How is this possible?정답: A boy, his father, and his grandfather went fishing together.

A cowboy had twelve cows. All but nine died. How many cows did he have left?정답: Nine

It takes twelve one-cent stamps to make a dozen. How many six-cent stamps does it take to make a dozen?정답: Twelve

A girl was nine on her last birthday, and she will be eleven on her next. How is this possible?

정답: Today is her tenth birthday.

What do you call a person who doesn't have all his fingers on one hand?정답: Normal

What body language is this?1. This is a polite gesture indicating friendship and acceptance.

2. To prevent each other from suddenly attacking, strangers joined right hands as a pledge of nonaggression.3. This is now an activity practiced by both men and women not only to greet one another, but to seal a contract as well.정답: Shaking hands

What body language is this?1. This serves as protection from bad luck or from the penalties associated with lying. 2. When people wish for good luck, they do this.3. When they wish not to be held accountable for a lie, they do this and hide their arms behind their backs to not let on that they are lying.정답: Crossing one's fingers

Who is this?1. He was one of the world's greatest inventors. 2. He invented the record player and electric light.3. He also invented about 1,300 other things. 4. He often worked twenty hours a day. 5. He started many companies and in 1892 he joined them together as General Electric Company.정답: Thomas Edison

What is this?1. I spend most of my time under the sea.2. Sometimes I come out of the water like a whale.3. I am a fearful creature to ships.4. Some of my friends are armed with nuclear missiles.5. I am a ship sailing under the sea.정답: submarine

What is this?1. I am a beautiful girl.2. I always wear an expensive and fashionable dress.3. I am popular with women rather than me.4. Don't think of marrying me because I am not a living person.5. I am standing in a window.정답: mannequin

What is this?1. I am smarter and more talented than you.2. I can mimic voices and music.3. I have a good memory.4. I can repeat exactly what you have said to me.5. You can store your voice or music in me for later use.정답: Record Player

What is this?1. I live in a sea.2. I have thorns on my back.3. My body is a turtle but my head is a dragon.4. I am the worlds first invention.5. My master is the greatest admiral Yi Sun-sin.정답: turtle ship

Who is this?1. Everybody knows me by my name.2. I tired to find a shortcut to India.3. I believed the fact that the earth was round.4. I made a great discovery for human history.5. I discovered the new land, "America".정답: Columbus

What is this?1. I am a prince on the land.2. I am very heavy but I run on the ground.3. I carry a big gun.

4. I have a machine gun, too.5. I am important equipment in a ground battle.정답: tank

What is this?1. If I leave my home, I can not come back for good.2. The destination of my trip will be the tomb for me.3. I will fly to my destination any moment if my master pushes a button.4. Some of my friends can carry a nuclear bomb with them.5. I am a flying bomb.정답: missile

What is this?1. I am becoming a museum item because of high-tech machines.2. I was happy when a pretty young girl was touching me with her fingers.3. I was born to help people who had poor penmanship.4. I could write faster and prettier than anybody.5. I am a writing machine which is being replaced by computers.정답: type writer

What is this?1. I twist my whole body when I work.2. I advance or retreat by twisting my body to the right or left.3. I do a similar job with a hammer.4. I am a driver but I don't drive a car.5. I drive a screw.

정답: screw driver

What is this?1. I ski down a snow covered hill.2. The black weeds are cut down by my skies.3. I am a kind of knife made of steel.4. I make gentleman younger and more handsome.5. I remove your hair on your face.정답: razor blade

What is this?1. I was born in America.2. I am wearing a round hat made of wheat.3. I keep the beef, cheese and tomatoes under my hat.4. I am popular with young Koreans.5. I am a fast food.정답: hamburger

What is this?1. I run up and down on a track.2. When I run up, the door is closed.3. When I run down, the door is open.4. I can do a better job than buttons.5. Find me on your jacket or on your pants.정답: zipper

What is this?1. I have a beak but no wings.2. I nest in your pocket.3. I wear a hat on my head when I sleep.4. I wear the hat on my foot when I work.5. I write letters for you with my juice "ink".정답: fountain pen

What is this?1. I look like an umbrella.2. I can not fly up but fly down.3. I was born after airplanes were invented.4. I am made of light and strong cloth, nylon.5. I saved many lives from troubled airplanes.정답: parachute

What does this refer to? This means laws and principles according to which America is governed. Draft of this was discussed at a series of meeting held in Philadelphia during  1787. Thirty-nine delegates attended. They came from 12 of the 13 states that made up the nation. George Washington was in the Chair. Once the draft was agreed, copies were sent to each states to be agreed by its leaders. This was drawn up in 1787, and adopted in 1789. It began with the words, ‘We, the People of the United States…….’and stated that the United States of America was to be a democracy, where all citizens had a right to take part in government. Answer : The American Constitution

  Who are they? They were a people of the Scandinavian sea rovers who raided the coasts of Europe during the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries. They were a people who lived in what is now Norway, Denmark and Sweden between 800 and 1,000. They were explorers, farmers, and merchants who traveled widely, and some of them settled far from home. Dublin, Ireland was founded by this people. Those who went east founded the city states which became Russia. Some of those Russians served as the palace guards for the emperors in Constantinople. Others went west and discovered Greenland and North America. Some of them settled in northern France in an area called Normandy. Answer: The Vikings

What was the US Space Program when a man first make a safe landing on the moon? The first man in space was the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. He made one orbit around the earth on April 12, 1961. That same year Alan Shepard, in Mercury 3, became the first American astronaut to travel into space. By the end of 1961, four Americas Six Russians had made successful fight into space. In 1965 the first flight of the two-man American Gemini project was launched. The successful Gemini project led into this Project. On July 20, 1969, this 11st spaceship made safe landing on the moon, the earth`s only natural satellite. The American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon. Answer : The Apollo Program

Who are they(first and second he)?  He went to West Point at the age of 17. He graduated in 1843. He was appointed as commander of the Union(the North) forces in 1863. He was not a brilliant general, but tough and determined. In 1868 he was elected president. He led the forces of the South. He was probably the best of all the generals. Although he had been in the U.S. army when the civil war broke out, he resigned and became a military advisor on the Confederate(the South) side. He later took command of troops in battle Answer : Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee

What important law did Newton discover? When you toss a ball into the air do you ever wonder why it always comes back down? Why doesn`t it keep going up, up, up? One man did more than wonder. He was Sir Isaac Newton, and he lived in England 300 years ago. We don`t know for certain whether it`s true, but there is a story about Isaac Newton that goes like this: One Summer day he sat under an apple tree, and soon an apple fell down and struck him on the head. Rubbing his head, he started to wonder why the apple fell down instead of up. Was some power, or force, pulling the apple to the ground - a force no one could see? Answer : The Law of Universal Gravitation

What is the US national holiday for giving thanks to God every year? In the Unite States, this is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It is a time for families to get together, have a great meal, and says a prayer of this to God for all the blessings. This holiday, a legal holiday in the U.S. was first celebrated in early colonial times in New England. The actual origin, however, is probably the harvest festivals that are traditional in many parts of the world Festivals and feasts. After the first harvest was completed by the Plymouth colonists in 1621, Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day of this and prayer, shared by all the colonists and neighboring Native Americans. Answer : The Thanksgiving (Day)

 What is the general term about American of Spanish origin? They are people of Spanish or Spanish-American origin. Some of them lived in areas that later became part of the United States (for example, in what are now the states of California and New Mexico) Many others immigrated to the United States. Their immigration has increased greatly in recent decades. They come from many different ountries. Three especially large groups are Mexicans-Americans(who make up about two thirds of the total population of them), Puerto Ricans, and Cuban-Americans. Puerto Rico was a US territory and since 1952 has been a self-governing common wealth. Answer : The Hispanic (Hispanic-Americans)

 Who was the symbolic woman of a white-clad nurse? She(1820-1910) is most remembered as a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods. She was a British woman who had trained as a nurse, persuaded the war minister to send her to the Crimean War with 30 nurses. The Lady with the Lamp’and her dedicated team carried out a revolution in the terrible conditions of the military hospital at Scutari on the Black Sea. Deaths dropped from about 50 percent to about two percent. Back in England, the work carried out by the nurses laid the foundations for the modern nursing profession. Answer : Florence Nightingale

What is the country`s name which is pronounced like the Indian word‘kanata? French explorers had visited North America many years before the English began to settle in New England and Virginia. In 1553 a French sea captain, Jacques Cartier had sailed into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and claimed the around it for France. The Huron Indian word for village,kanata’, which the French pronounce like‘this. eventually became the name for the land north of the St. Lawrence River.  Later Cartier explored the St. Lawrence River as far as where Quebec now stands and onwards to the site of present-day Montreal City.Answer : Canada

 Which space shuttle was exploded when the US launched this one into space,  On January 29, 1986, the worst tragedy in the history of space travel occurred. Only seventy-four seconds after the US space shuttle lifted off launching pad, a disastrous explosion occurred. Hardly expected as it was in the most advanced launching technique today, the explosion shocked the world and filled with people all over the world with bitter grief as the seven astronauts lost their lives. President Reagan told the American people that this disaster would not mean the end of US efforts to conquer space. “The future does not belong to the fainthearted. It belongs to the brave,”he said. Answer : The Challenger 7

 Who was the father of emancipation of slaves in the US history?  He was elected President on November 6, 1860 and is one of the great men of American history. He led the united States through the nation`s greatest crisis, the Civil War (1861 ∼ 1865). In 1863 He declared the Emancipation Proclamation to abolish slavery America.  On Jan. 1, 1863 he declared free all salves residing in the territory in rebellion against the federal government. Finally, slavery was ended. This Emancipation Proclamation did show Americans and the world that the civil war was being fought to end slavery. Answer : Abraham Lincoln

 Which territory was old French land in North America?  French lands in North America grew hugely in the later half of the 17th century. In 1673 Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet explored the northern reaches of the Mississippi River. Later the explorer la Salle sailed down the River Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico and claimed the entire Mississippi Valley for France. He called the territory like this name in honour of the then French King, Louis ⅩⅣ. Unlike the English, who arrived in North America intending to settle permanently, the French came for wild animal furs and to convert native Americans to Christianity. Answer : Louisiana

  What does the bold words indicate?  King John of England, the youngest son of Henry Ⅱ, was given to violent bursts of temper. Not surprisingly, he soon annoyed his barons in English-ruled Anjou and Poitiers, and he lost those lands. In England, he taxed his barons heavily and ignored their rights until they rebelled. The barons demanded that John should confirm their ancient rights. They met him in a meadow called Runnymede, beside the River Thames. There they forced the king to put his seal to this Charter, which means ‘great charter’No sooner had John agreed to the Charter than he went back on his word. Answer : Magna Carta  In the years 1337-1453, what war was broke out between England and France?  This War between England and France was not one long war, but a series of short ones. It began in 1337 and ended in 1453, so the conflict actually lasted for 116 years. English kings tried to dominate France, while the French strove to throw the English out of their country.  In 1328 Charles Ⅳ of France died without a direct heir. French barons gave the throne to his cousin, Philip Ⅵ, but England, challenged him. When Philip declared that Edward`s French lands were confiscated, war broke out.

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