Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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  In 1928 Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (name at her birth) joined the Sisters of Our Lady of Lareto, a Catholic order that did charity work in India. She took the name of this question and for 17 years taught school in India. In 1950 she founded the Missionaries of Charity, an order devoted to helping the sick and poor. In 1979 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, and in 1985 she was awarded the Medal of Freedom from the United States. She was born 27 August 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia and died 5 September 1997  She is best known as: Humanitarian known as "Saint of the Gutters" 정답: MOTHER TERESA

  He is one of the heavyweights of classical music, generally placed in the top rank of composers along with Beethoven and Bach; many consider him the greatest composer of all time. A child prodigy who wrote his first symphony at age 8, he grew into a prolific adult who wrote over 600 pieces of music. Among his most famous works are Eine kleine Nachtmusik (1787) and the operas Don Giovanni (1787) and Die Zauberflote (1791). He died of a mysterious fever at age 35; some have speculated that he was murdered, perhaps by rival composer Antonio Salieri, but no proof exists to support that theory. In the year 2000 a scholarly panel concluded that he died of rheumatic fever. 정답: WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART

A Swedish chemist invented dynamite in 1866 and it made him rich. He was as interested in drama and poetry as he was in chemistry and physics, but it was in the sciences that he made his fame, and by the time of his death he held more than 350 patents and controlled factories and labs in 20 countries. In his will he directed that a foundation be established to award annual prizes for achievement in chemistry, physics, literature and efforts toward international peace. The Prize is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the world and includes a cash prize of nearly one million dollars. In 1968 the prize field was broadened to include an award in economic science. 정답:  ALFRED NOBEL

 He showed artistic ability at an early age, and when he began to study art seriously in Barcelona and Madrid, he was already a skilled painter. In the early 1900s he visited and eventually settled in Paris, where he was part of a vibrant artistic community that included Gertrude Stein. Although greatly influenced by other artists in Europe and beyond, he was inventive and prolific, and early in his career earned a worldwide reputation as an innovator. His enormous body of work spans so many years that art experts generally separate his career into distinct phases, such as the Blue Period, the Rose Period and his most famous contribution to modern art, Cubism. Picasso, unlike so many before him, was an international celebrity as well as an important contributor to the world of art.  정답: PABLO PICASSO

  He, originally named Aristocles was one of the early stars of Western philosophy. The student of another great Greek thinker, Socrates, he founded the Academy in his native Athens in 387 B.C.E.; it became a famous hotbed of philosophical and scientific discussion, the first known university in the world. His writings mostly take the form of dialogues (or 'dialectics'), often with Socrates as a main character. The Republic, in which he lays out his ideas on the perfect state, remains a staple of college educations around the world. 정답: PLATO

  He was the son of a Titan, one of the giant Elder Gods of Greek mythology. He was a friend to mortal men; his best-known act was sneaking into the heavens and stealing fire from the gods, which he then delivered to humans on Earth. He also foretold the doom of Zeus, but refused to tell Zeus the secret of how that doom would occur. Enraged, Zeus had him chained to a rock in the mountains, where an eagle (some say a vulture) came every day and gnawed his liver. This went on for 30 years until the hero Hercules slew the bird, ending his torment. 정답:  PROMETHEUS

 He is the biggest golf superstar since Jack Nicklaus. Before he became a grown-up his father Earl allegedly introduced Tiger to golf at age 9 months. He won three consecutive U.S. Amateur titles (1994-96), and in 1996 turned pro with a $40 million contract from Nike and a fame usually reserved for movie stars.  He won the 1997 Masters in his first attempt as a pro and later won the PGA Championship (1999), the British Open (2000) and the U.S. Open (2000) to become one of the few golfers to win all four major tournaments during their career. In April of 2001 Woods won the Masters again, becoming the first golfer in the modern era to hold all four major tournament titles at once (2000 U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship, and 2001 Masters).정답: TIGER WOODS

  He has become even more famous in death. He hit the charts as a rock 'n roll rebel in the 1950s. His 9 September 1956 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show turned him into one of the era's biggest stars. His many hits included "Jailhouse Rock," "Hound Dog" and "Blue Suede Shoes." He also appeared in dozens of films like King Creole (1958) and Blue Hawaii (1961). In the late 1960s, after a period of declining fame, he remade himself into "The King," a melodramatic icon known for his sequined outfits and megaconcerts. The loyalty of his fans is famous; though he died in 1977, sightings of a supposedly surviving he have become a kind of international running joke. His Memphis home, Graceland, has become a permanent shrine to the singer. 정답: ELVIS PRESLEY

There are several different systems for selling stocks in Korea, including the Chonghap Chuga Chisu [종합주가지수], the KOSDAQ, and KOSPI. In New York, the three main stock systems are Dow Jones, S&P 500, and this. It is the abbreviation of the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System. What is it?정답: NASDAQ

 Since January 1999, 11 of the countries in the European Union have had  a single currency, which means that the same unit of money will be used in all of these countries.  What is the name of the united European currency ? 정답: The Euro

 The total market value of all goods and services produced within the political boundaries of an economy during a given period of time, usually one year. This is the government's official measure of how much output our economy produces. It's reported by the National Income and Product Accounts maintained by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. What is it ?정답: GDP (gross domestic product )

 That's called a money-back guarantee.  What do  we call  it when  the manufacturer or  seller asks

     people to something it back for  a refund or to be fixed?정답: Recall system

America was the first to broadcast this. A radio station was the first to broadcast this when they used it to sell apartments. They say that they had great results. Nowadays, it's not only on radio but can be seen everyday on TV. This means products or industries that are shown on TV, radio, in newspapers, magazines etc. So these days we say that there is a flood of this. What is it?정답: Commercial/ advertisement

 This is a system for uniformly advancing clocks, especially in summer, so as to extend daylight hours during conventional waking hours. In most of the United States and Canada, clocks are officially set ahead one hour on the first Sunday in April and are set back one hour late on the last Sunday in October. What is this system called?정답: daylight saving(s) time (); summer time ()

 Before phone cards came out you needed this to make a phone call. Also  before vending machines that accepted paper money came out, you needed this to buy something from a vending machine. What is it?정답: Coin

 The following is a multiple choice question. Which number is the prefix for toll-free numbers in Korea?

    1. 119    2. 080    3. 114    4. 113정답: 2. 080

 The use or reuse of previously extracted materials, waste products, or finished goods as inputs in the production process rather than using newly extracted natural resources. This is one method of controlling pollution. Aluminum, newspapers, steel and iron are commonly used for this.  They also prevent the return of residuals to the environment.What is it?정답: Recycling

 This is a street in New York City, but its name has come to symbolize the center of the US economy. The US's largest and most famous stock markets are located there. What is the name of this place?정답: Wall street

  This originally started from an old custom of giving employees surplus  profits as a reward  on holidays. Nowadays, it has become a part  of the salary in the form of standard of living increases or to supplement  low wages. So, to salary men it's the most important thing  next to their salaries. What is it ?정답: Bonus

  The  IMF  is  an  International  Money  Organization  that  was established in  1944. The goals  of this  organization are to  plan the  expansion of international trade by promoting  international cooperation  of monies and to help in the realization of high levels of employment   and real income as well as the development of resources. Korea joined this organization in 1955. `I' stands for International and `M' stands for  Monetary. What does `F' stands for?정답: Fund

The dollar  is the monetary unit  for not only  America but also for other countries  such as Hong Kong,  Singapore, Canada and Australia. And  the coronae  is the monetary  unit for  Denmark, Sweden and Norway. What is the monetary unit for Switzerland, Belgium and France?정답:  Franc (프랑)

 The Bank of Korea is  going ahead with plans to reduce the size of this. In Korea the lengths are all the same but the larger the denomination, the wider they are. Compare to America, Switzerland, Japan and Canada,  it is much larger. So it  may be as soon as the latter part  of next year that the size of this will be reduced.  What is this  that we usually  put in our  wallet or pocket when we go out?정답: Paper money 지폐

  Most products  you buy  in the supermarket  have this.   Even items like vegetables  and fruit get one of these  attached to the bag  after they  are  weighed. It  has  8-16 black  lines and  13 numbers.  It is a label with information about the product. The  information is  revealed  when you  take  the  item to  the checkout stand  and it is  passed over  a scanner. It  will reveal the quantity and price.   What do we call this?정답: bar code

 One of the four basic categories of resources, or factors of production. It includes the manufactured (or previously produced) resources used to manufacture or produce other things. Common examples of this are the factories, buildings, trucks, tools, machinery, and equipment used by businesses in their productive pursuits. It's primary role in the economy is to improve the productivity of labor as it transforms the natural resources of land into wants-and-needs-satisfying goods.What is it?정답: capital

 Goods and services produced by the foreign sector and purchased by the domestic economy. In other words, These are goods purchased from other countries. The United States, for example, buys a lot of the stuff produced within the boundaries of other countries, including bananas, coffee, cars, chocolate, computers, and, well, a lot of other products.  What is it?정답: Import(s)

A persistent increase in the average price level in the economy. This occurs when the AVERAGE price level (that is, prices IN GENERAL) increases over time. This does NOT mean that ALL prices increase the same, nor that ALL prices necessarily increase. Some prices might increase a lot, others a little, and still other prices decrease or remain unchanged. This results when the AVERAGE of these assorted prices follows an upward trend. This is the most common phenomenon associated with the price level. 정답:  inflation

  A situation in which a fixed amount is divided up among the winners and losers. In this game the wins equal the losses. Many stock market, or financial market, exchanges are like this. One person buys low and sells high, while another buys high and sells low. The wealth in such transactions are merely transferred from one person to another. "Productive" market transactions, in contrast, are not this. What is this?정답: zero-sum game

 If people have a good dream the night before, they will  buy this, especially if they have a dream about pigs,  dragons, or a big fire, Most people are not very lucky with  this, but if you win, you will become rich.  Therefore, this is popular around the world.  Some of these draw numbers on certain days and you  can win others instantly by scratching the surface.What's this?정답:  lottery ticket

An organized effort to reduce the sales of a particular good that's intended to punished the producer or seller. This is promoted by labor unions to inflict harm on their companies and (hopefully) encourage their employers to settle labor distributes. Special interest groups also use this to achieve assorted political goals. Some groups, for example, have called for this of the products advertised on "undesirable" television shows. What is it?정답: boycott

An agreement of workers, usually the members of a union, to stop working. The objective of this is to encourage an employer to raise workers' wages or to improve working conditions. It can be a powerful tool for unions to overcome the market control of employers or to gain a negotiating edge in collective bargaining. What is it ?정답:  Strike

The building and equipment (the physical capital) at a particular location used for the production of goods and services. It often takes the form of the conventional assembly-line system, but it need not. As the building and equipment used for production, It can also be restaurant, doctor's office, or university classroom. Moreover, while it is often associated with the notion of firm or business, they need not be one and the same. What is it ?정답: factory

 This is an international organization that oversees multilateral trade among nations. This was established in 1995 and based in Geneva, that deals with the rules of trade between different nations, and encourages them to trade fairly.What is this?정답:  WTO (World Trade Organization)

This is the highest-ranking executive in a company or organization, responsible for carrying out the policies of the board of directors on a day-to-day basis. What is this?정답: CEO (chief executive officer)

Who is a person whose wealth amounts to at least a million dollars, pounds, or the equivalent in other currency? We usually use this word, when we call a very rich person.  정답: millionaire

What is a small plastic card which is used instead of money to pay for goods and services from shops, travel companies, petrol stations etc? The cost is charged to your account and paid later.정답: credit card

Anything owned of monetary value including real property, personal property, and enforceable claims against others (including bank accounts, stocks, mutual funds, etc.)What is it?정답: Asset

This is the broadest measure of the nation's production in one single year. It measures the market value of all newly produced goods and services in Korea. When this is down, it shows a slowing down in the economy. What is this?정답: GNP (Gross National Product )

Where foreign producers sell imports on the domestic market at significantly lower prices than local prices or at a price below production costs. What do we call it?정답: Dumping

This is to measure (a rival's product) according to specified standards in order to compare it with and improve one's own product. This is a practical tool for improving performance by learning from best practices and the processes by which they are achieved. What is this?정답: Benchmarking

What is the area in northern California, southwest of San Francisco in the Santa Clara valley region, where many of the high-technology design  and manufacturing companies in the  semiconductor industry are concentrated?정답: Silicon Valley

What we call the people who belong to the ranks of  office and professional workers whose jobs generally do not involve manual labor? They are often expected to dress with a degree of formality. They are doctors, lawyers and stockbrokers etc.정답: White-collar

This is a funny thing. It basically says that "1+1=3". How can this be? Well, simply put, This is the observation that two agents combined produce greater results than could be obtained by those same agents separately. The combined effect of the two agents produces results much greater than either could individually. This is a noted effect in chemicals and other processes as well. What is this?정답: Synergy effect

This is a business organization which performs services connected with money, especially keeping money for customers and paying it out on the demand, or lending money to customers. What is this organization ?정답: Bank

● This is a little money to buy oneself things.● A child can get an amount of money from  your parents and grand     parents weekly or monthly.● Sometimes you can get it, when you do a good job.    

  What's this?

정답: Pocket money

What is the amount of money or its equivalent received during a period of time in exchange for labor or services, from the sale of goods or property, or as profit from financial investments?

정답: Income

This is the most general word when talking about money collected by a government. You have to pay this to the government according to the money you earn or as an additional payment when you buy goods.

 What is this?

정답: TAX

 This is to let a company, business, or bank use your money for a period time, especially because you expect that you will eventually get back more money than you gave. What is this?

정답: Investment

 What is the money that someone gives to a person in an official position, in order to persuade them to do something that they should not do?

정답: Bribe

Guess what it is.① Korea became  the 29th member of this international organization in December 12, 1996. ② It was made for decision of economic policy among countries, support of developing countries  in 1961. ③ Its headquarter is in Paris, France.정답: OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Guess what it is.① It is a kind of recycling.  ② Many containers  can be reused by recharging new substance.  ③ It can help not only factories to cut down the expense but also customer to buy these goods cheaper. 정답: Refill Goods

Guess what it is.① It has the opposite meaning of NIMBY  ② It means "Please In My Fore Yard"   ③ The syndrome that People want to build the facilities for their benefit (advantage)정답: 핌피현상 (PIMFY)

Guess what it is.  ① It is a nongovernmental organization.   ② It concerned about the public interests.   ③ It  has a wide sphere of action including  refugee relief ,relieving the poor , the protection of environment, and so on.정답: NGO

Guess what it is.① We must  pay for the hire when we rent the important skill or name of another country  ② For example, there are KFC,  Winnie the Pooh, CoCa Cola which are popular in the world..

  ③ The more we buy them, the worse Korean economy is.정답: ROYALTY

Guess what it is.ⓛ People can run a small business in a small office or home office without going to work.② It can decrease expenses , movement distance and time by using the computer in a house. ③ In the future, more and more people will do the business like it. 정답: 소호(SOHO, Small Office Home Office)

Guess what it is.① It comes from "not my in back yard"② It is the syndrome that people start a campaign against building  a place for nuclear waste and a trash burner.③ It is the opposite of PIMFY.

정답: 님비현상(NIMBY : Not In My Back Yard)

Guess what it is.① It is a behavior that people sell the goods cheaply for increasing sales.  ② People  empty materials out of a container or vehicle to decrease charge for storage. ③ It is a kind of this that people sell goods in low price on purpose against other competitions정답: 덤핑 (dumping)

Guess what it is. ① It means  difficult, dirty, and dangerous work.  ② Many people hate this work. ③ Some people keep our street clean and some people produce many kinds of food. ④ They do a lot of useful things, but many of us hate these jobs.정답:  The 3D

What color is it?① It is the color that symbols those who works with their brain and information.② Blue color means those who works in the factory. (Blue comes from their blue uniforms)③ White color symbols people who work in the office. (White means their white dress shirts)정답: Gold collar

What proverb can be used in this situation? Those boys are rude brats. I think it's their parents' fault as they give them everything they want. 정답: spare the rod and spoil the child

What proverb can be used in this situation? The general manager found he couldn't keep company secrets from becoming public knowledge. He suspected his secretary of eavesdropping. 정답: Walls have ears

What proverb can be used in this situation? The farmers were so hungry after a long day's work that the simple meal their wives prepared tasted like it came from a royal kitchen. 정답: Hunger is the best sauce

What proverb can be used in this situation? Although Robert  E. Lee was considered a superb general, he made a tactical mistake at Gettysburg, resulting in heavy losses.정답: Even Homer nods

What proverb can be used in this situation? Louis XVI attempted to make reform in the French government near the end of his reign, but it was too late. 정답: After the death, the doctor comes

I am a Christian holiday to celebrate Christ's resurrection and is observed with variations of date due to different calendars on the first Sunday after the paschal full moon. 정답: Easter

What is it? It is on February 14.  It is not a national or religious holiday. People give cards and gifts to friends and people they love. Flowers and candy are popular gifts. Many people give red roses to people they love.  Stores sell chocolates and other candies in heart shapes. 정답: Valentine's Day.

What is it? It is on March 17. It is a day to remember th Irish people in the United States and Ireland. There is a lot of green in Ireland, so green is Ireland's national color. People ofter wear green clothes on this Day. Many people go to parties, sing, dance and ear Irish food. 정답: St. Patrick's Day.

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