Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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■I have 8 legs.■Some of my sisters have poison.■There is a superhero named after my name.■I produce webs.정답: Spider

■I carry my babies on my back.■I look a bit like miniature lobsters.■I have a poison-tipped tail.정답: Scorpion

■I am an insect.■I have a slender body, knobbed antennae, and four broad.■I am so beautiful because I have colorful wings.■I am a frequent visitor to gardens with bright flowers.정답: Butterfly

■I am an insect.■I am hard to swat because I react to movement five times faster than humans do.■I have hairy legs with adhesive pads on the feet.■I have a mouth-part adapted for lapping up food.정답: Fly

■I am an insect.■I have long, slender, soft body with one pair of narrow wings.■I have long, thin, brown proboscis.■I suck blood from birds, reptiles, people, and other mammals (In case of sucking blood, I am a female).정답: Mosquito

■I am an insect.  ■I am known for buzzing sounds and for destroying grass and crops.■I can jump very well.■My jumping power comes from muscles in the hind legs.정답: Grasshopper

■I am an insect.■I have a flat-back, long antennae and legs adapted for leaping.■The clear, high notes of my song can be heard in fall.■It is the male that sings to attract a mate.정답: Cricket

■I am an insect.■Sticky pads on feet enable me to walk up slick surfaces without falling.■I carry a rectangular egg capsule.I have been carried all around the world by humans.정답: Cockroach

■I am a social insect.■I live in huge, organized colonies of worker, headed by one queen.■I produce the honey.: Honey Bee

■I am a bird.■I am a swift runner.■In spite of my size, I am a good flyer.■A person considered inept or undesirable is called me.■I am a people's favorite food on Thanksgiving Day.정답: Turkey

■I am a bird.■I feed mainly on birds, which it chases through the woods.■I also capture small mammals, lizards, and snakes.■I am trained for hunting.정답: Hawk

■I am a bird.■I usually come out only at night.■I have a heart-shaped white facial disk.■I have hooked and feathered talons.■I have large heads with short hooked beaks.■I have large eyes set forward.■I have fluffy plumage that allows for almost noiseless flight.정답: Owl

■I am a stout flightless marine bird. ■I have flipper-like wings and webbed feet adapted for swimming and diving.■I have short scale-like feathers that are white in front and black on the back.■Both parents take turns caring for the eggs and the young.■I remind people of gentlemen.정답: Penguin

■I am a bird.■I am a scavenger that eats almost anything I find.■I am a mostly white bird with pale gray back and wings.■I can be seen in the beach.: Gull

■I am a bird.■I am a very large, stocky bird with long bill, and pouch under bill.■I plunge head-first into the water and scoops up fish into the expandable pouch beneath my bill.■In Western, it is said that I deliver babies.정답: Pelican

■I am a various wild and domesticated water bird.■My wild family can be seen in the spring and fall.■We fly in a V-shaped formation when we migrate in the spring and fall. 정답: Goose

■I am a bird.■I have strong claws and a stiff tail adapted for clinging to and climbing trees.■I have a chisel-like bill for drilling through bark and wood.■I claim my territory by drumming.정답: Woodpecker

■I am a reptile.■Some of my family have poison.■I have no leg.■I look like a rope.정답: Snake

■I am the biggest reptile.■I am a large, dark gray to black lizard-like creature.■I have sharp teeth and powerful jaws.■My skin is prized for leather goods.정답: Alligator

■I have been a favorite flower in many lands. ■I have many different colors, especially red one is famous.

■I am a fragrant flower.■I have thorns.정답: Rose

■I am a delicious fruit.■According to ancient tradition, the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden was me.■I appear in Snow White.정답: Apple

■I am the largest grass.■I am most abundant in the monsoon area of East Asia.■The stalks are round (rarely square), jointed.■My sprouts are eaten as a vegetable정답 Bamboo

■I am a flower.■I come from Holland. ■I have deep, cup-shaped blossoms of various rich colors.■I am one of bulbous-rooted members.정답: Tulip

■I am a feline mammal.■I am a large carnivore of the cat family found in the forests of Asia. ■My coat orange-yellow with black stripes.정답: Tiger

■I am a tree. ■I have evergreen leaves.■I symbolize victory and merit. ■The marathon runner who win wear the wreath made of me.정답: Laurel

■I am a part of the animal, especially a quadruped.■I am similar with human's hand or foot. ■I have claws, nails or talons.정답: Paw

■I am the fleshy, smooth-skinned, purple, red, or green berry.■I am eaten raw or dried as a raisin. ■I am widely used in wine-making.정답: Grape

■I am a citrus fruit.■I am named because it grows in grape-like bunches.■I am the large globular fruit.정답: Grapefruit

■I am the tallest animal in land.■I have tan coat with orange-brown to black blotches, and short horns.■I have a very long neck.정답: Giraffe

■I am a small eastern Asian tree or tall shrub.■I have a large reddish, purple, or white flower.■I represent the Republic of Korea.정답: Rose of Sharon

I have a mouth, but no tooth.I always eat lots of paper.My favorite food is letters. I always stand in the street.

정답: post box ( mail box)When I am closed, I look like a stick.When I am opened, I look like a house. I am kept in the corner while it is sunny. I work during the rainy season. I am a light, small, portable, and circular cover.: umbrella

I have an ear, but I cannot hear.My ear is very small.My body is very thin and short.I can sew many kinds of clothes.정답: needle

I was born in the 20th century.I have no mouth but I eat words and figures.I can work very fast.I have a square head.I can store much information inside.Sometimes I play games with children.정답: computer

I live in space.You can meet me only at night.I have several faces.You see the same face of mine only once a month.I always revolve around the earth.정답: moon

I have no wing, but I can fly.I have no mouth, but I can sing.I have no face but you can see me by trembling leaves.When I get angry, I make a loud noise and a storm.I am an air moving along the earth's surface.정답: wind

I have various faces.I get angry when you are angry.When you smile, I smile.I am made of glass.I am easy to break, so you should handle me with care.Most people look at me more than once every day.정답: mirror

I don't have a mouth, but can talk.I don't have an ear but can hear.You can talk to your friend by way of me.

I have ten figures of number from zero to nine on my face.I am a necessity to the moderns.정답: telephone

If you want to place your vehicle safe, you should come to me. I am a space where cars stay.You have to pay for having placed the car in me.The longer you keep it in me, the more you have to pay.정답: parking lot

I am something to drink.I am a genuine natural food. I am snow-white in color.I am produced by cows.정답: milk

I live in the air.I have no wings, but I can fly. People cannot live without me.Water is partly made from me.I am a colorless, gaseous element. 정답: oxygen

I have two hands and a face.I have no arms or legs.My face is the flat part that the numbers are on.The hands and face are parts of the human body, of course. But my hands  are the two pieces of metal or plastic that point to the numbers.정답: watch

I have a neck, but no head.A Person's neck is the part between the head and the body. My neck is the long, slender part at the top. I have a lip, but no head. 정답: bottle

What begins with T, ends with T, and has T in the middle? 정답: teapot

What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?정답: blackboard

What comes down, but never goes up?정답: Rain

I have teeth, but can't chew?정답: comb

I have six brothers.  I am the oldest among my brothers.  My cousin and I are red while my brothers are black or blue.  I am a day that you don't have to go to school.  I am a day that you go to the church. 정답: Sunday

I am a house, but people do not live in me. My shape is like a tunnel. My framework is made of iron. My roof is made of vinyl. I usually keep the effective temperature indoors in order that plants grow well.정답: Vinyl house

I look like a cigarette. The more I am  used the shorter I become.  I am as large as your finger in length. I am made of soft and powdery limestone. I have much to do with teachers. 정답: chalk

I live only one year. I am made of paper, and my page is full of names. I am a little big as compared with a notebook In the classroom. I lie down on the teacher's  desk, and in the teacher's room I stand in the corner.

정답: roll book

Many people visit me nowadays. I am a good place to divert oneself. I am suitable to enjoy spare time or to kill it. While you stay at my room, you may become a singer. My room  is equipped with a sufficient musical system.정답: singing room

I have a big Mouth. I drink a lot of water but I don't eat any food. My favorite meal is dirty clothes, such as suits, pants, shirts, coats etc. You can find me standing on the veranda in your horse. Most housekeepers use me almost every day.정답: washing machine

I consist of two rooms; one is small. the other is large. I am not a house. The small room is used as a freezing chamber, but the large one is used as a cooling chamber. My job is to protect fish, vegetables and food from going bad.정답: electric refrigerator

I am in the middle of spring. I last for only one month. A poet called me a cruel month. When I turn up, people plant trees in the garden. As soon as March passes away, I appear. And May follows after me. 정답: April

I have sharp and pointed teeth, but I can't bite. My teeth are shaped high and low. I consist of two parts: one is metallic, the other is woody. I am a tool for cutting, a thin blade of metal with a series of sharp teeth. 정답: saw

I am something to eat. I belong to sandwich. I consist of a frankfurter in a split roll. I am usually eaten with mustard, relish, or the like. In general, children enjoy eating me. I taste good. Don't forget to eat before I get cold.정답: hot dog

When I set down, I am tall. When I stand up, I am short. I live in a small house made of wood. I give my babies milk. I am weak-sighted. But I am good at smelling. I usually stand before the gate of a house. If a stranger comes near the gate, I bar at him. 정답: dog

Before I go to work, I am black. While I work, I am red. When I have finished my duty, I am white. My body is cylindric. I have many small holes. While I burn, I let out a poisonous gas. The poor still use me as fuel.

My gas is not good for your health. 정답: briquet

I am something to drink. Some people like me, and others don't. Before I get into water, I am powdery. But once I get into water, I dissolve without delay. If you drink me much at night, you will not be able to sleep easily. I contain caffeine. 정답: coffee

I am filled with words, letters, and photographs. You often make use of me when you study. I am cleverer than any other books. I have every word of a nation.I am a collection of words of a language, arranged alphabetically, and giving information about their meanings, pronunciations, etc.정답: dictionary

I am very tall. taller than any other animals on earth. I have four long legs and a long neck. In other words, I am the tallest quadruped animal. I am well known for a long neck and a spotted body. 정답: giraffe

I am called by the name of a gun in Korean. but I can not kill people. I have a main body and two arms. An elastic string is suspended from my arms. I am made of wood and a rubber string. When yon were young, you played with me. I need a small stone as a bullet. People usually use me to catch birds. 정답: catapult( slingshot)

People can not see me frequently. My existence is by no means common. In general, I appear in the air after rain. I am a semi-circle of colors formed by the sun's ray through moisture. I show you sign of a fine weather. 정답: rainbow

I am a person who has attained to maturity. I am not a child any more. I came to the legal age of a grown up. I am more than 20 years old. I have not only the legal right to choose my life partner by myself but also the right to vote. 정답: adult

The more you have me, the older you are. So, I mean the length of time of your life. As time goes on, I get older. If you take eight of me, you can go to an  elementary school. If you have me a lot, you become weak, and are apt to lose your life. I am usually indicated in figures. 정답: age

I can fly in the air. I have a large wings, but I'm not a bird.I can carry many people to the big cities. I am driven by propellers.정답: airplane

I am  a sort of team play. Only your head and two feet allowed to be used. But the goalkeeper may use his hands. Each team consists of 11 players.정답: soccer

I am not a living thing, but can talk and sing. Most houses have me. I show you another world while you sit your home. I can also show many pictures and animation.정답: television

I have words, but I can't speak. I am something you can read. I may have pictures. You cannot help meeting me.정답: book

I have four legs, but I cannot walk.I am made of iron or wood The classroom is fall of me. I am something to sit on.정답: chair

My job is to make a darkness bright. I burn myself to make light. So I am tears flow. You use me on special days, such as birthday.정답: candle

I have a big and long mouth. I have many white and black teeth.

I make a beautiful sound.

I am one of musical instruments operated by a keyboard.

정답: piano

I am very light. You can write on me. You cannot study without me The books consist of me.정답: paper

Every one has me. I have two holes. I stay in the center of the face. I am a part of smelling.정답: nose

I have two round feet. I carry my friend on my back. You can ride me without licence. I go slower than cars.정답: bicycle

I am a building or an office. You had better not visit me. When you visit me, you can see people in sick or injured. My symbol mark of a cross but I am not church.정답: hospital

I live in the washing room or bathroom. You use me every morning. My body is usually dry. I am made of cloth.

정답: towel

Most students have me. I stay in a pencil case. I am a piece of rubber. My job is wiping out misspelled words.정답: eraser

I am a model. I look much like a person. I like new clothes. I stand in a show window.정답: manikin

 He is famous for his fables - short tales which illustrate truths about life and human nature. Most of his fables feature familiar animals,  including "The Grasshopper and the Ant"  and "The Tortoise and the Hare." He is best known as the writer of "The Tortoise and the Hare" 정답:  AESOP  

 He was a surveyor and farmer who became the commander of the  Continental armies during the colonial battle for independence.   After the fighting, he retired to his farm in 1783, but not for long.   A popular general in the war, in 1789 he was called to service as the first president of the United States of America. He served two terms, refused a third, and returned to his Virginia farm.정답: GEORGE WASHINGTON

He was accepted into the astronaut corps in 1962. He was the pilot of the Gemini 8 mission (launched 16 March 1966) and then was named commander for the Apollo 11 mission of 1969. Along with crewmates Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, he flew to the moon; while Collins circled the moon in the command module Columbia, he and Aldrin landed on the lunar surface in the lunar module Eagle. He was the first to step onto the moon's surface, uttering the famous phrase "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." On 20 July 1969, He became the first human being to set foot on the moon. 정답: NEIL ARMSTRONG

 He is the most renowned member of a distinguished family of German musicians and composers. He is considered one of the greatest composers in history. A virtuoso organist who was famous throughout Germany during his career. His most famous works include The Brandenberg Concertos, Well-Tempered Clavier and Art of the Fugue. His fame during his lifetime was due to his ability as an organist more than his reputation as a composer, but since the 19th century he has been hailed as a genius whose work represents the peak of the Baroque era. We call him as a father of music.정답: JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH

He is one of the "big three" in ancient Greek philosophy, along with Plato and Socrates. (Socrates taught Plato, who in turn instructed him.) He spent nearly 20 years at Plato's Academy, first as a student and then as a teacher. After Plato's death he travelled widely and educated a famous pupil, Alexander the Great, the Macedonian who nearly conquered the world. Later he began his own school in Athens, known as the Lyceum. He is known for his carefully detailed observations about nature and the physical world, which laid the groundwork for the modern study of biology. Among his works are the texts Physics, Metaphysics, Rhetoric and Ethics. 정답: ARISTOTLE

He is famous for his military successes and for not quite conquering Europe. Starting as a second lieutenant in the French artillery, he rose quickly through the ranks until he became First Consul of France. (Later he crowned himself Emperor.) He led his armies to victory after victory, and by 1807 he ruled territory that stretched from Portugal to Italy and north to the river Elbe. But his attempts to conquer the rest of Europe failed; a defeat in Moscow in 1812 nearly destroyed his empire, and his 1815 loss to the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo finished the job. He was sent into exile on the island of St. Helena, where he died in 1821. 정답: NAPOLEON BONAPARTE

 Mozart aside, he is the most famous classical composer of the western world. He is remembered for his powerful and stormy compositions, and for continuing to compose and conduct even after he began to go deaf at age 28. The ominous four-note beginning to his Fifth Symphony - bom bom bom bommmmm - is one of the most famous moments in all of music. He never married. After his death his friends found letters to a lover he called "Immortal Beloved," whose identity has never been discovered.정답: LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN

 The U. S. government considers him to be the most dangerous terrorist in the world. He joined the Afghanistani resistance in 1979 and became a commander in the guerilla wars against the Soviet Union in the 1980s. After that war ended, he founded a loose organization of pro-Islamic terrorists whose goals included driving the United States out of the Middle East and overthrowing the government of Saudi Arabia. He is considered a prime suspect in the September 2001 attacks that crippled the Pentagon and destroyed New York's World Trade Center정답:  OSAMA BIN LADEN

He studied law at Oxford and practiced law until 1983, when he was elected as member of Parliament from Sedgefield. He became leader of the Labour Party in 1994, and three years later was named prime minister, replacing John Major, when Labour was elected to the Parliamentary majority. He was 44, making him the youngest British prime minister since Lord Liverpool in 1812. (He was often compared with Bill Clinton, who was unusually young for a U. S. president.) He married his wife, Cherie, in 1980; their fourth child, Leo, was born in May 2000 during his term in office. 정답: TONY BLAIR

 He was created by author Ian Fleming and remains one of the most famous secret agents in modern fiction. He is a cool, handsome, dangerous agent for British Intelligence; his code number, 007, indicates that he has a "license to kill" in the line of duty. He travels the globe and uses his wits, fighting skills and a grab-bag of high-tech gadgets to battle super-villains often bent on world domination. The popular Bond movie series began with 1962's Dr. No and extended into the 21st century, with Bond played by a string of actors including Sean Connery and Roger Moore. 정답:  JAMES BOND

  He is remembered as one of history's greatest generals and a key ruler of the Roman empire. As a young man he rose through the administrative ranks of the Roman republic, accumulating power until he was elected consul in 59 B.C. Over the next 15 years he led Roman armies against enemies abroad, especially in Gaul, while fighting Pompey and others for political control at home. In 45 B.C. he reached his ultimate success, being named dictator of Rome for life. That rule was short-lived: the next year he was stabbed to death in the Senate by a group led by his follower Marcus Junius Brutus. His life and death were dramatized in the William Shakespeare's play. 정답: JULIUS CAESAR

Soldier, politician and finally Prime Minister, he became one of Britain's greatest 20th-century heroes. He became a Member of Parliament in 1900. His early topsy-turvy political career earned him many enemies, but his stirring speeches, bulldog tenacity and his refusal to make peace with Adolf Hitler made him the popular choice to lead England through World War II. He served as Prime Minister from 1940-45 and again from 1951-55. His wartime contemporaries included presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, French resistance leader Charles de Gaulle and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. In 1953 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature; he was knighted the same year. 정답: WINSTON CHURCHILL

 Also known as: St. Nicholas; Kris Kringle; Father Christmas. He is the mythical figure who delivers toys to children around the world on Christmas Eve. According to legend he lives at the North Pole, oversees a toy workshop run by busy elves, and flies around the world in a sled pulled by eight reindeer: Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donder, Prancer, and Vixen. (A ninth reindeer with a shiny nose, Rudolph, was introduced in Gene Autry's 1949 country music hit "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.") His name was derived from Sinterklaas, the Dutch term for the ancient Christian figure of Saint Nicholas. 정답: SANTA CLAUS

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