Q this is a small gray or brown animal. It has a long, thick tail and small, pointed ears. They live in trees and eat nuts

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78 giraffe

1. Sometimes I am described as a gentleman in a comic book. 2. I wear an orange coat with brown patterns.

3. I am the tallest animal in the world. 4. I am the animal who has the longest neck. 5. I live on African prairie.

79 monkey

1. I traveled to outer space earlier than humans. 2. I am known as a smart animal. 3. I can mimic your gesture.

4. I can walk well but I am good at playing among the trees. 5. Tarzan is my human friend.

80 dictionary

1. I am important book to you. 2. You may start to use me when you enter a middle school. 3. I am a key book for learning foreign languages. 4. Ask me if you have any question on vocabularies and idioms. 5. Ask me if you have any question on pronunciation.

81 Beethoven

1. I was born in Germany. 2. I devoted all my life to the music. 3. I lost my hearing ability in later life. 4. I have been known to the world as a saint of music. 5. I left my death mask.

82 screw driver

1. I twist my whole body when I work. 2. I am a driver. 3. I am not driving a car. 4. When you fix some furniture or machines you need me. 5. I drive a screw.

83 razor blade

1. I am made of steel. 2. I am very sharp and keen. 3. I am a kind of knife. 4. I make gentleman younger and more handsome. 5. I remove your hair on your face.

84 movie

1. I work in a dark room. 2. If you want to see me more clearly, please turn the light off. 3. I can make you feel happy, sad, excited and angry. 4. My work place is a large room with many chairs. 5. I am a motion picture.

85 hamburg

1. I am round like a full moon. 2. I have cows, vegetables and tomatoes in me. 3. I was born in America but now I am popular with young Koreans. 4. I am one of the fast food. 5. You can get me at a western restaurant or at a snack bar.

86 Hamlet

1. I am an unhappy prince. 2. People think that I am insane but that is not true. 3. People say that I have no courage but that is not true. 4. That's because the enemy I want to kill is my uncle. 5. I was created by Shakespeare.

87 gloves

1. Ten plus ten is ten for me. 2. Ten minus ten is still ten for me. 3. I am made of yarn or leather. 4. You need me in cold seasons. 5. I keep your hands warm.

88 sugar

1. I am from plant juice. 2. I am as white as snow. 3. A fat person should not like me much. 4. I am known bad to your teeth if you eat me too much. 5. I am as sweet as honey.

89 cloud

1. I am stronger than the sun. 2. But I am afraid of the wind. 3. Usually I am white. 4. I travel around world. 5. I produce the water named rain.

90 butterfly

1. Do I like butter? No, I don't. 2. I like honey the most. 3. I am an insect. 4. I have long tube-type mouth. 5. I have the most beautiful wings in the world.

91 mail box

1. I stand by the roadside. 2. I am a red box. 3. Everybody feeds me but one in uniform. 4. The man opens me and takes the food out of my stomach. 5. What do I eat? I live on your letters.

92 Sunday

1. I have six brothers. 2. I am the oldest among my brothers. 3. My cousin and I are red while my brothers are black or blue. 4. I am a day that you don't have to go to school. 5. I am a day that you go to the church.

93 zipper

1. I am made of iron or plastic. 2. I run on a track. 3. I can only travel up and down. 4. You let me work when you put your dress on or take it off. 5. I do a better job than the buttons on your clothes.

94 barber

1. You have to take your hat off in front of me. 2. I command you to sit up or lie down. 3. I put a sharp knife on your neck and face. 4. But you pay me saying "Thank you". 5. I cut the hair on your head and face.

95 rooster

1. I have many wives. 2. I am proud of my beautiful tail. 3. I have wings but I cannot fly now. 4. I tell you the time in early morning. 5. I am a male bird living with you.

96 fountain pen

1. have a beak but no wings. 2. I nest your pocket. 3. I wear a hat on my head when I sleep. 4. I wear the hat on my foot when I work. 5. I write letters for you with my juice "ink".

97 American Indian

1. We are the symbol of bravery. 2. We lost our land to whitemen. 3. We have red skin. 4. We are the real owner of America. 5. We were there before Columbus come to this land.

98 spider

1. I am a good hunter. 2. I don't have gun but only a net. 3. I make my net by myself. 4. The only game I hunt is insects. 5. I am not an insect because I have eight legs.

99 parachute

1. I look like an umbrella. 2. I had to wait for the airplanes being invented. 3. I was designed for the pilots and crews or an airplane. 4. Today people use as a sport, too. 5. I save your life when you jump from an air plane.

100 bus

1. I run with my six legs. 2. I am very busy during the rush hours. 3. People are waiting for me in a line. 4. I am a long moving house with many chairs in me. 5. I like tokens better than money. 

1.     It is a flying insect that bites your skin to suck your blood. What is this insect?-       Mosquito

2.     What is the name of the national flower of Korea?-       무궁화 (The rose of Sharon)

3.     This is Jun-pyo’s diary. Listen carefully.

I get up at seven every morning. I have breakfast at seven ten. Then I brush my teeth and wash my face at seven forty. My driver drives me to the school at 8:00 and I arrive there at 8:15.

Question : How long does it take from Jun-pyo’s home to the school?-       15 minutes.

4.     How many days exactly are there in a year?-       365 days

5.     8th of May is Parents’ day. And 15th of May is…..?? Teacher’s day!

Usually, one gives this flower with presents to his/her parents and teachers in the Republic of Korea on these days. Now,, the questions is coming~~ What flower is this???-       Carnation

 6.     What is the name the city of Sydney?-       Seoul

 7.     This book is very popular among children in the whole world. It is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. This book chronicle tells the adventures of the main character which is wizard, together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his friends from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.What’s the name of this book?-       Harry potter

 8.     If American president lives at White house, where does the Korean president live?-       Cheongwadae

 9.     What temperature does water boil at?-       100

 10.   In the story of 'Snow White', what fruit made the Snow White fall asleep?① tomato② watermelon③ an apple④ pear

 11.    Listen to this dialogue and guess where this dialogue takes place.

 A: I’d like to mail this package. B: Where is it going? A: To New York. B: How do you want it to be sent? A: By express mail. 1)     Police station   2) Hospital    3) Restaurant    4) Post office

 12.   No one can be smarter than me. No one can beat me in calculating. No one can have a better memory than me. You can talk to me by pressing my keyboard. I can do everything what you imagine. What am I?-       Computer

 13.   Here are some clues to remind you of something. Listen to these words and guess what is explained. 11.2002.Ji Sung, Park.2010. South Africa -       Football / Worldcup

 14.   This man is a fictional superhero in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The main character is an orphan being raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben as an ordinary teenager, he has to deal with the normal struggles of youth in addition to those of a costumed crime fighter. One day, he received the ability to cling to walls, shoot spider-webs and react to danger quickly with his "spider-sense", enabling him to combat his many foes, including Doctor Octopus, the Sandman, the Lizard, the Green Goblin, and Venom.What is the name of this superhero? A)    Superman   B) Batman   C) Spiderman   D) Terminator

 15.    Listen to the following dialogue and guess answer the question. A: Hi, Daesung. Can you come to my birthday party tomorrow? B: Of course, what time and where? A: The party starts at 2:00 in my house. B. Well.. My class ends at 1:30. As soon as it finishes, I will go there. By the way, what date is today? A: Today is the 15th of July. When is A’s birthday?-       16th of Jul

 16.   What's the name of the rice-cake made on Korean thanksgiving day(추석)?-       송편

 17.   The dog’s baby is puppy. The pig’s baby is piglet. Then, what’s the baby of duck?-       Duckling

 18.   She is 19 years old this year. She is worldwide star. She is really good at spin. She is known as the queen of figure skating. Who is she?-       김연아

 -       It is an indoor sport. Each player rolls a large ball along a wooden track. He attempts to knock down 10 pins that are arranged in a triangular formation. The 10pins are usually made of wood and look like bottles. What is this sport called? -Bowling

19.    This is a little money to buy oneself things.  A child can get an amount of money from your parents and grandparents weekly or monthly. Sometimes you can get it, when you do a good job. What's this?-Pocket money

 20.   What is it? It is on February 14. It is not a national or religious holiday. People give cards and gifts to friends and people they love. Flowers and chocolates are popular gifts. Many people give chocolates to people they love. Stores sell chocolates and other candies in heart shapes.-       Valentine’s day

 21.   I am the part of a plant or animal that has been left behind in the earth after the plant or animal died many, many years ago. We know about dinosaurs because of me.       Fossil

 22.   I am a house built from hard blocks of snow or ice. The top of me is round and clear blocks of ice let in light. People enter and leave me through a small tunnel.-       Igloo

23.   Guess what it is? It is a Korea's national sport. It has its Olympic debut in Sydney. This is a modern martial art from Korea that is characterized by its fast, high and spinning kicks.-       Taekwondo

 24.   It's the longest river in the world. Guess what it is. It is in the north-east part of Africa. It supported the ancient Egyptian civilization.-       The Nile

Beginner level

5. It's a black-and-white bird but it can't fly. It can live in a very cold place. What is it? penguin(펭귄)

13. Where can all of the flowing things be found ? Map, time schedule, desk, chair, blackboard, chalk, teacher.

Answer : Classroom(school)

39. When Koreans go to Europe, the food that they like the best is pizza. Maybe that's why pizza has become so popular in Korea. Pizza is typical food of this country. What country is this? Answer : Italy(이탈리아)

9. 연상퀴즈

* It's a fruit that was first cultivated in South Asia.* It was first cultivated in Korea in 1980.* It's a fruit with a lot of sugar and vitamin A.* If you keep it in the refrigerator it goes bad quicker.* Monkeys like it.Answer : banana

7. What language is spoken in Korea? Answer : Korean

1. It has "Alabama",California, Florida, Hawaii". Which country is it? Answer : America

41. This phrase is meant to describe food that is easy to make like hamburgers, fried chicken and donuts. It's called this because you can eat it shortly after you order it. It's usually sold at chain stores and is self-service. what is the name of this food that you pick up yourself? Answer : fast food

47. This month has 31 days, but it seems much shorter. Because we are so busy during this month. There are a lot of meeting during this month. We exchange gifts during this month and it's the last month of the year.Answer : December

(five hint quiz) What is it?

14. When I disappear, summer begins. I am called the queen of seasons. I contain 31 days. I am the fifth month of a year. I am at the end of the spring. My name comes from the mother of Mercury, the goddess of growth. I am the most dynamic month of the year. I am famous for green shades and fragrant plants. Answer : May

15. I don't have a mouth, but can talk. I don't have an ear but can hear. You can talk to your friend by way of me. I have ten figures of number from zero to nine on my face. I am a necessity to the moderns. I am an apparatus or a system for sending sound or speech to a distant place by an electric device. Answer : telephone

16.I am an insect and I have wings. I usually appear in summer. My body is slender as compared with a fly. My favorite food is blood. I am good at sucking blood. I usually get into action at night. I annoy people every night. So people hate me. I am a harmful insect. Answer : mosquito

30. I am an indoor game. Between two teams of five players each team tries to throw a large ball through the other team's basket. Michael Jordan became famous In this sport. what am I? Answer : Basketball

28. who am I? I have 8 legs. Some of my sisters have poison. There is a superhero named after my name. I produce webs. Answer : spider

42. If you want to know the weather forecast for tomorrow, you can dial 131. If you want to report a crime, you dial 112. In case that someone is very sick or injured, or there's a fire somewhere, you can dial this number. Answer : 119

43. This forms from the refraction and reflection of light rays. Its shape is a half-circle. we can often see it after a rain shower. It's in the opposite direction of the sun. It has seven colors. Answer : rainbow.

44. who am I? My mother died when I was young, so I had to live with my step mother and sister, and they mistreated me. However, my life changed 180 degrees when a fairy and prince came into my life. A lot of people say my name these days because a TV drama has been named after me. My name is also used to describe a psychological condition when a woman doesn't have the confidence to become independent, so she waits for a man to come along and change her life. This condition is named after the star cartoon character in an animated film and is called...complex. Answer : Cinderella. (신데렐라)

46. In Korea, there's a disease named after this day because people hate going back to work on this day after having a good time. But it is the start of the work week. Answer : Monday

Intermediate level

2. Which holiday is it for? Pumpkin, ghost, spider, treat and trick, grave Answer :Halloween

31. It is the contest for the international soccer supremacy. It is played every four years at different locations throughout the world. In 2002 this was held in Korea and Japan at the same time. Answer : World Cup(월드컵)

18. 속담문제 Proverb

How can you say “부전자전” in English? Fill in the blanks Answer : Like (father) like (son)

21. .This city is called a musuem without walls. Here and there in this city you can find tombs of past kings. This was the capital of Shilla. What city is it? (정답: 경주 Kyongju)

26. You can see this when you go to the beach. Children use this to make caves and castles. Answer : sand

35. This food originated in the first century B.C. in Rome. Its present form developed from something given to Emperor Niro that was made from taking snow from a local mountain and mixing in honey and fruit. It's a popular dessert that is made of milk fat and flavorings such as vanilla etc. You can buy me at 31 baskin ~~~~ What is it? Answer : Ice cream 아이스크림

11. 음악을 듣고 푸는 문제(Listening to the music)The songs that you are listening to now all have something in common in the lyrics. what is it?(B.J.Thomas / Rain Drops Keep Falling in my head....Chet Baker / Come rain or shineAnswer :(Rain)

22. Which one is Konglish among these? greenhouse(비닐하우스), discount(할인), cunning(컨닝), gas(휘발유), sunglasses(선글라스) Answer :cunning(->cheating)

24. It's a kind of pet. They are widely known as the enemy of dogs. They also like to chase after mice. There is also a famous Broadway musical called this. Answer : cat

27. Who am I? I can speed along at 35 miles per hour, jump 10 feet, and leap 30 feet. I am born in a very undeveloped state. I climb into the puch on the mother's belly and remain there for another eight month. I live in Australia. Answer : Kangaroo(캥거루)

29. I am an old woman in a story or a movie who has magical powers. In many stories, I am mean and scary. But in some stories I am good. I ride on an broom and has a black cat. Answer : Witch(마녀)

33. This is a system that allows the user to send and receive mails through a computer mailbox that has been assigned to him. It's a communication service that also allows the user to check and read what he has received whenever he wants to. What is it? Answer : e-mail

8. What kind of number is 5: odd or even? Answer :odd

34 .1) It comes in different shapes. 2) It's popular with children. 3) It originally means a sticky substance that comes from plants. 4) No matter how much you chew it, it stays the same. 5) The idea for this came from seeing children chewing on rubber for fun. Answer : Gum()

38. This fruit which has its origins in Africa was first cultivated in ancient Egypt. It usually weighs about 5-6 kilograms and is very juicy so it's a favorite fruit during the summer season. Dr. Woo jang-choon invented one that has no seeds. Answer : Watermelon 수박

36.1) In Chinese it means a brush made of wood. 2) It`s made of wood and lead. 3) There is a 4B for sketching and an HB for writing. 4) If you make a mistake you need an eraser. 5) It`s a tool for writing with. Answer : Pencil

37. This food was named after a man who was an English politician and an Earl. They say that he ate this because he liked to stay up all night gambling and didn`t want to take time off to eat a meal. What is this food that has meat, vegetables,ham etc. between two pieces of buttered bread ? Answer : Sandwich

Advanced level

3. Most people spend at least 4 to 8 hours doing this every day. You must have this to rest and recharge. What is it? There's a saying that you must get lots of this if you want to be beautiful. Answer : Sleep

10. Napoleon was a famous French General and politician. However, he was also famous for saying 'Impossible is not in my this'. What is this? Answer : dictionary

17. 릴레이 퀴즈

First Cue

In the past Koreans were known for wearing this color clothing. The meaning of this color is purity and innocence. Have you got it yet? Second Cue. During a war, or battle, this color flag is shown to surrender or to talk. Nurses are called 'Angels in ______.' Still haven't got it? One more clue later. Third Cue. Feb. 14 is Valentine's Day. On this day, March 14, men give chocolate and candy to women. This day is called _____ Day. I bet you know it now? Answer : White

4. The activity of looking at goods(물품) in shop windows without buying them. What is it? Answer : window-shopping

32. What is a small plastic card which is used instead of money to pay for goods and services from shops, travel companies, gas stations and so on. The cost is charged to your account and paid later. Answer : Credit card (신용카드)

12. 'This is short, art is long ', said by Hippocrates. This refers to the time between birth and deaths. What is it ? Answer : life

19. "Match made in heaven"을 표현하는 사자성어, 4Answer) 천생연분

20. This city, The Pearl of the Orient, went back to China July 1st. 1997. It is known as the paradise of the shoppers around the world. (정답: Hong Kong)

25. If people have a good dream the night before, they will buy this, especially if they have a dream about pigs, dragons, or a big fire, Most people are not very lucky with this, but if you win, you will become rich. Therefore, this is popular around the world. Some of these draw numbers on certain days and you can win others instantly by scratching the surface. Answer : 복권 (lottery ticket)

45. There is a proverb that says we can make a mistake at things we do very well. Koreans say this animal can even fall from a tree. What is it? Answer : monkey

48. What am I cooking? I don't have much time so I'm going to make this for my Spring picnic. First I get some rice and mix it with sugar and vinegar so it doesn't go bad. Next I get some carrots and meat, cut lengthwise, and roast for awhile. Then I get some boiled spinach. Next comes a fried egg and then I wrap it all up in some seaweed. Now all I have to do is cut it and it's ready to eat. Mmmmmmm, what am I eating? Answer : kimbap

49. What am I? The more you have me, the older you are. So, I mean the length of time of your life. As time goes on, I get older. If you take eight of me, you can go to an elementary school. If you have me a lot, you became weak, and are apt to lose your life. I am usually indicated in figures. Answer : age (나이)

50. Most products you buy in the supermarket have this. Every items like vegetables and fruit get one of these attached to the bag after they are weighed. It has 8-16 black lines and 13 numbers. It is a label with information about the product. The information is revealed when you take the item to the check out stand and it is passed over a scanner. It will reveal the quantity and price. What do we call this? Answer : bar code (바코드)

 1) 개는dog,강아지는puppy라고해요. , 돼지는pig, 아기돼지는piglet이라고 하죠.그럼 '오리'duck이라고하는데, '아기오리'는 영어로 뭐라고 할까요?     단어를 직접 쓰세요.) duckling

2) 잘 듣고, 알맞은 숫자를 쓰세요. what is the number that comes after ten and before twelve? ) 11(eleven)

3) 맞으면 O,틀리면 X를 쓰세요. 영어로 “It’s a piece of cake.”라는 말은 아주 쉬운 일을 가리킬 때 쓰는 말이다. O

4) 다음에 영어로 들려주는 설명이 맞으면O, 틀리면 X를 쓰세요. A prince is the son of a king and queen. O

5) 다음 설명을 듣고, 맞으면 O, 틀리면 X표 하세요. 우리는 무엇을 결정할 때 가위바위보를 많이 하는데, 미국에서는 가위바위보보다 동전던지기가더 흔하다고 해요. 동전을 던진 다음에는 결과를 확인해 봐야겠죠.

<문제>이때, 동전의 앞면은 tails, 동전의 뒷면은 heads라고 한다. ) X (동전의 앞면은 heads, 동전의 뒷면은 tails)

6) 잘 듣고, 질문에 대한 답을 쓰세요.-Many people keep me as a pet.-I'm good at climbing.-My favorite food is fish.-I chase a mouse.Q.>Who am I ?) cat

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