Purpose: To see the differences & similarities between China and Japan

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Japan VS China

Web Quest

Purpose: To see the differences & similarities between China and Japan.

Directions: Click on all hyperlinks, Follow the specific directions.

Location: Play the Asia map game. What do you notice about the sizes of Japan and China?
Capitals: Play Levels L and 1 under the “Capitals” column. What are the capitals of the Japan & China?
Population: Click on the People and Society tab, then scroll down to find Japan’s population and China’s population. Which country has the biggest population and by how much?
Government: *This if for students with a Brain POP login. See the video on China’s government-Communism and Japan’s government-democracy. Here are China’s current government officials and Japan’s current government officials.
Landscape: Play the tutorial and then the Level 1 Game. What landscapes are near China and Japan?
Food: From the menu, choose what Chinese food you would order. Choose one food for each section.

Pick your favorite recipe and surprise your mom with a traditional Japanese dish 

Clothing: Want to know what kids your age are wearing in Japan? Click this and find out!!

Visiting China and have NOTHING to wear?! Say you are given $200 U.S dollars, browse to see the different articles of Chinese clothing and pick out your favorite ones. Remember to stay under your “budget” ;).

Animals: Lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my! Snakes, scorpions, and lizards are commonly found here in Texas. What about China and Japan? Click here to see what animals the Chinese and Japanese people see in their backyard.

Japan’s most popular sports :

National Japanese Football Team

Japan’s National Basketball Team

Japanese Golfer

Japanese Baseball

Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese Table Tennis

Japan Figure Skating

China’s most popular sports :

Chinese National Basketball

National Chinese Soccer

Chinese Baseball

Chinese Table Tennis

National Chinese Hockey
Music: In the United States, our top songs come from artists such as LMFAO, Adele, or Katy Perry. But in Japan, the hot song right now is Junjou U-19 by NMB48. China does not have popular “Chinese” artists. The kids listen mostly to music from surrounding countries. However, they are known for their beautiful traditional Chinese music. Click on the “play” button to hear some examples.
Literature: American kids read Twilight. Japanese and Chinese kids read comics. Learn about some of Japan’s most popular characters and some of China’s villains, superheroes, and other comic book characters. Japan is also known for their poems. In fact, one type of poem, the Haiku, originated in Japan. Read the directions on how to write a Haiku and see the examples. Then create your own Haiku.
Arts: Here are examples of Chinese art and Japanese art. Some of China’s and Japan’s best pieces of art are their gardens.
Language: Write your name in Chinese and Japanese. Notice the differences. Click on any characters on the left hand side of this website to see how some English words are written and pronounced in Chinese. Use them to surprise your friends or family with your knowledge of Chinese Play the Japanese Gesture Game.

  • Play Spot the Mistakes to learn more about Japanese culture and history.

  • Play Mix ‘n’ Match to learn about some of the Japanese occupations.

  • Fun Facts about Japan

  • Find out your Zodiac sign!

  • Curious about the GREAT WALL OF CHINA??

  • Cool picture of Great Wall of China

  • 74 Fun Facts about China

  • And even MORE fun facts!

  • Chinese Origami

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