Punctuation Practice

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Punctuation Practice

  1. We will purchase the stock if the price is lowered to $30 per share if we are allowed to buy a block of over 10,000 shares and if we receive a guarantee that no new shares will be created in the next fiscal year.

  1. Ms. Sanchez is a successful real estate salesperson however she was unable to sell her own house.

  1. This report reviews five main criteria to determine whether to purchase the IBM PC hardware software maintenance agreements service and customer support.

  1. Suncom Corporation has subsidiaries in four cities New York, New York, Wilmington, Ohio, Houston, Texas, and San Francisco, California.

  1. Joan is a good student although she flunked chemistry and barely passed math.

  1. The Suncom Corporation has just acquired the OILCO company and it has agreed to sell OILCOs oil-drilling rights in Texas as soon as possible.

  1. I knew that the price of IBM stock would increase after it entered the home computer market but I had no idea that the price would skyrocket.

  1. The AFC Corporation is an excellent company to invest in its investments have risen sharply and steadily over each of the last ten years.

  1. In order to help save the company from bankruptcy we sold shares in the company at discount prices.

  1. Certainly Joan is a successful salesperson.

  1. I first conducted a thorough audit of the company and I then interviewed the manager to try to determine how much money was missing.

  1. Ms. Johnson who is the company president will present the award at our annual dinner.

  1. Although she flunked chemistry and barely passed math Joan is a good student.

  2. Banks which hold over a billion dollars in assets are rare.

  1. Jim is a good typist, he makes few mistakes.

  1. The irritable fidgety crowd waited impatiently for the really speeches to begin.

  1. Because Dad caught the chicken pox, we canceled our vacation.

  1. The banking community became quite upset at the rise in the prime rate bankers felt that they would ultimately lose a considerable amount of money.

  1. My three favorite friends are: Evelyn, Marlyne, and Ronni.

  1. Road construction can be inconvenient but it is necessary.

  1. To get a good grade you must complete all your assignments.

  1. The sturdy compact suitcase made a perfect gift.

  1. The 1964 Mustang which propelled Lee Iacocca to the top of the automobile inidustry is now considered a classic.

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