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Publications for Rebecca Suter

Publications for Rebecca Suter


Suter, R. (2016). Between Self-promotion and Cultural Politics:

Murakami Haruki's Travelogues. Japan Forum, 28(2), 176-196. [More Information]

Suter, R. (2016). Beyond Kizuna: Murakami Haruki on Disaster and Social Crisis. In Mark R. Mullins and Koichi Nakano (Eds.), Disasters and Social Crisis in Contemporary Japan: Political, Religious, and Sociocultural Responses, (pp. 288-308). Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

Suter, R. (2016). Critical Engagement through Fantasy in Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. In Matthew Strecher and Paul Thomas (Eds.), Challenging Authors: Murakami Haruki, (pp. 59-72). Rotterdam, Boston, Taipei: Sense Publishers.


Suter, R. (2015). Holy Ghosts: The Christian Century in Modern Japanese Fiction. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

Suter, R. (2015). Review of Strecher, Matthew, The Forbidden Worlds of Haruki Murakami. H-Asia, H-Net Reviews. [More Information]


Suter, R. (2014). Disaster and National Identity: The Textual Transformations of Japan Sinks. In Roy Starrs (Eds.), When The Tsunami Came to Shore: Culture and Disaster in Japan, (pp. 214-230). Leiden: Global Oriental.

Suter, R. (2014). The March 2011 Tohoku Disaster in Japanese Science Fiction. In Simon Butt, Hitoshi Nasu, Luke Nottage (Eds.), Asia-Pacific Disaster Management: Comparative and Socio-legal Perspectives, (pp. 153-164). Heidelberg: Springer.


Suter, R. (2013). Gender Bending and Exoticism in Japanese Girls' Comics. Asian Studies Review, 37(4), 546-558. [More Information]

Suter, R. (2013). Grand Demons and Little Devils: Akutagawa's Kirishitan mono as a Mirror of Modernity. Journal of Japanese Studies, 39(1), 39-66. [More Information]

Suter, R. (2013), Interview: Come costruire una pila di gettini addormentati..cercando di non svegliarli - Rebecca Suter Intervista Murakami Haruki, Published in Japan Pop: Parole, Immagini, Suoni Dal Giappone Contemporaneo (ISBN: 978-88-548-6002-5), Rome: Aracne; pp. 43-60.

Suter, R. (2013). Reorienting Murakami Haruki (Riorientando Murakami Haruki). In Gianluca Coci (Eds.), Japan Pop: Words, Images, and Sounds from Contemporary Japan (Japan Pop: Parole, Immagini, Suoni Dal Giappone Contemporaneo), (pp. 23-41). Rome: Aracne.


Suter, R. (2012). Cosmopolitanism and Anxiety of Influence in Akutagawa Ryunosuke's Kirishitan Mono. In Roy Starrs (Eds.), Rethinking Japanese Modernism, (pp. 148-163). Leiden, The Netherlands: Global Oriental.

Suter, R. (2012). Human and Superhuman in Contemporary Japanese Girls' Manga. In L.E.Semler, Bob Hodge and Philippa Kelly (Eds.), What is the Human Australian Voices from the Humanities, (pp. 82-100). Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Suter, R. (2012). Orientalism, Self-Orientalism, and Occidentalism in the Visual-Verbal Medium of Japanese Girls' Comics. Literature and Aesthetics, 22(2), 230-247.

Suter, R. (2012). Review of Coffee Life In Japan (by Merry White). The Times Higher Education, No. 2060.

Suter, R. (2012). Review of Modern Women In China And Japan: Gender, Feminism and Global Modernity Between The Wars (by Katrina Gulliver). The Times Higher Education, No. 2058.

Suter, R. (2012). The Battling Girl Seen From Overseas. In Hiromi Tsuchiya, Satoko Kan, Kayo Takeuchi (Eds.), Girls manga wonderland, (pp. 105-111). Tokyo: Meiji Shoin.

Suter, R. (2012). Untold and Unlived Lives in Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go: A Response to Burkhard Niederhoff. Connotations (New York): a journal of critical debate, 21(2-3), 397-406.


Suter, R. (2011). Creative misreadings of Christianity in Japanese popular culture. Asian Currents, 1, 10-11.

Suter, R. (2011). Science Fictions as Subversive Hypothesis: Henkaku tantei shosetsu between Entertainment and Enlightenment. Japanese Studies, 31(2), 267-277. [More Information]


Suter, R. (2010). Japan/America, Man/Woman: Gender and Identity Politics in Adriane Tomine and Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Paradoxa: studies in world literary genres, 2010 (22), 101-122.

Suter, R. (2010). Review of James Dorsey's "Critical aesthetics: Kobayashi Hideo, modernity, and wartime Japan". Asian Studies Review, 34(4), 533-535.


Suter, R. (2009). Adrian Tomine tra Geek-Chic e Gekiga. Acoma, 38(spring), 44-60.

Suter, R. (2009). From Jusuheru to Jannu: girl knights and christian witches in the work of Miuchi Suzue. Mechademia: an annual forum for anime, manga and the fan arts, 4(4), 241-256.

Suter, R. (2009). Review of Rachel DiNitto's "Uchida Hyakken: a critique of modernity and militarism in prewar Japan". Japanese Studies, 29(2), 311-313.


Suter, R. (2008). Covering Japan: Rappresentazioni Angloamericane del Giappone. In Valerio Luigi Alberizzi, Marco Montanari (Eds.), Ricercando in Giappone, (pp. 116-140). Rome: Domograf.

Suter, R. (2008). Modanizumu and science fiction: Naoki Sanjûgo's Henkaku Tantei Shôsetsu. The 17th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), Australia: Monash Asia Institute.

Suter, R. (2008). The Japanization of Modernity: Murakami Haruki between Japan the the United States. Cambridge, Massachusetts USA: Harvard University Asia Center.


Suter, R. (2007). Kawaii/Kowai: Manga in the United States. XVIII Biennial Conference of AISNA. Carocci editore.


Suter, R. (2005). From Genbun-icchi to JSL (and beyond?): phonocentrism and heterolinguism in Japanese language teaching. The Third Conference on Japanese Language and Language Teaching, Rome: Libreria Editrice Cafoscarina.


Suter, R. (2003). Chainizu bokkusu/ireko: modernism and postmodernism in "Tairando" and "Airon no aru fûkei" by Murakami Haruki. In Donatella Izzo & Elena Spandri (Eds.), "Contact zones." Rewriting genre across the east-west border, (pp. 107-131). Naples: Liguori Editore.

Suter, R. (2003). Rewritings Between East and West: Shiga Naoya's 'Kurodiasu no nikki'. Annali dell'istituto universitario orientale, 63(1), 171-195

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