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Publications for Bronwyn Winter

Publications for Bronwyn Winter


Winter, B. (2016). The Performance of Intimacy and Resistance: Rayhana’s À mon âge je me cache encore pour fumer. Australian Journal of French Studies, LIII (1-2), 56-69. [More Information]

Winter, B. (2016). Women’s human rights and Tunisian upheavals: is 'democracy' enough? Global Discourse. [More Information]


Winter, B. (2015). Book Review - Actualité et inactualité de la notion de «postcolonial», Micéala Symington. Modern and Contemporary France, 23(4), 551-553. [More Information]

Winter, B. (2015). Book Review - France and the Mediterranean: International Relations, Culture and Politics. Modern and Contemporary France, 23(2), 266-268. [More Information]

Winter, B. (2015). The "L" in the LGBTI "alphabet soup": issues faced by lesbian asylum seekers and other non-Western lesbian exiles in France. Contemporary French Civilization: a journal devoted to all aspects of civilization and cultural studies in france and the francophone world, 40(2), 179-198. [More Information]


Winter, B. (2014). Walking the Middle of the Peace Road? The Emergence of JCall in France. Modern and Contemporary France, 22(1), 7-27. [More Information]

Winter, B. (2014). ‘The Ties that Bind Us’: The Hidden Knots of Gay Marriage. PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, 11(1), 1-25. [More Information]


Winter, B. (2013). Placard. In Alison Bartlett, Margaret Henderson (Eds.), Things That Liberate: An Australian Feminist Wunderkammer, (pp. 127-133). Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Winter, B. (2013). Public and Private: Politicizing the Personal - Questioning the Public/Private Divide. In Liz Conor (Eds.), A Cultural History of Women In The Modern Age, (pp. 97-117). New York: Bloomsbury Academic, imprint of Bloomsbury.

Winter, B. (2013). Secularism and Religious Freedom: Challenging the "Postsecular". In Lily Zubaidah Rahim (Eds.), Muslim Secular Democracy: Voices from Within, (pp. 141-161). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


Winter, B. (2012). Foulard or cocarde? Gendered Imagery of Radicalized Women in Postcolonial France. In Alison M. Moore (Eds.), Sexing Political Culture in the History of France, (pp. 311-334). New York: Cambria Press.

Winter, B. (2012). International Versus Transnational? The Politics of Prefixes in Feminist International Relations. In Tonia St. Germain, Susan Dewey (Eds.), Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: International Law, Local Responses, (pp. 15-32). Sterling, Virginia: Kumarian Press.

Winter, B. (2012). Lily Pads and Leisure Meccas: The Gendered Political Economy of Post-Base and Post-9/11 Philippines. In Christine de Matos, Rowena Ward (Eds.), Gender, Power, and Military Occupations: Asia Pacific and the Middle East since 1945, (pp. 79-97). New York, USA: Routledge imprint of Taylor & Francis.

Winter, B. (2012). Sur de rien: les demandeurs/euses d'asile homosexuels et lesbiennes face a l'idee des "pays surs". Australian Journal of French Studies, 49(3), 280-294. [More Information]


Winter, B. (2011). Cesaire, Aime: Discours sur le colonialisme. The Literary Encyclopedia. The Literary Dictionary Company Limited.

Winter, B. (2011). Defauts et indignites: burqa et politique en France. In Philippe Rygiel (Eds.), Politique et administration du genre en migration, (pp. 169-186). Paris, France: Editions Publibook.

Winter, B. (2011). Guns, Money and Justice: the 2005 Subic Rape Case. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 13(3), 371-389. [More Information]

Winter, B. (2011). Ruin: What Happens When You Keep On Buying the Same Old Line. Womens Studies Quarterly.


Winter, B. (2010). Women and the 'Turkish Paradox': What the Headscarf is Covering Up. Modern Greek Studies (Australia and New Zealand), 14(2010), 216-238.


Winter, B. (2009). Marianne goes multicultural: Ni putes ni soumises and the republicanisation of ethnic minority women in France. 15th George Rude Seminar in French History and Civilization, University of Adelaide: George Rude Society.

Winter, B. (2009). One hijab does not fit all: recontexualising the case for secularism. In T Dreher and C Ho (Eds.), Beyond the hijab debates: new conversations on gender, race and religion, (pp. 195-207). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Winter, B. (2008). Hijab & the republic: uncovering the French headscarf debate. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press.


Winter, B. (2007). Poetry published in: Perverse Verse 2007. Australia:

Winter, B. (2007). Preemptive Fridge Magnets and Other Weapons of Masculinist Destruction: The Rhetoric and Reality of "Safeguarding Australia". Signs, 33(1), 25-51.


Winter, B. (2006). 'Uncovered Meat' meets 'Mr Lust'. On Line Opinion, 7 Nov 2006.

Winter, B. (2006). Poetry published in: Perverse Verse 2006. Australia:

Winter, B. (2006). Religion, culture and women's human rights: Some general political and theoretical considerations. Women's Studies International Forum, 29(4), 381-393.

Winter, B. (2006). Secularism aboard the Titanic: Feminists and the Debate over the Hijab in France. Feminist Studies, 32(2), 279-298.

Winter, B. (2006). The Great Hijab Coverup. Off Our Backs: a women's news journal, 36(3), 38-40.

Winter, B. (2006). The politics of assimilation: are we really ‘family too’? Rain and Thunder, (31), 20-23.

Winter, B. (2006). The Social Foundations of the Sacred: Feminists and the Politics of Religion. In Kathy Davis, Mary Evans and Judith Lorber (Eds.), Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies, (pp. 92-108). London: Sage Publications.

Winter, B. (2006). Women see Red on White Ribbon Day. On Line Opinion.


Winter, B. (2005). Australian media hypocrisy over French inferno. On Line Opinion.

Winter, B. (2005). The Vicious Underbelly of Urban Culture. The Sydney Morning Herald.


Winter, B. (2004). Birthday Pome: Where were you in 1984? SYdney, Australia: Women's Legal Service.


Winter, B., Hawthorne, S. (2003). After shock: September 11, 2001: Global feminist perspective. Vancouver: Raincoast Books.


Winter, B. (2002). Afghanistan: The War is Not Over for Women. NTEU Frontline, 10, 21-24.

Winter, B. (2002). If Women Really Mattered.. In Susan Hawthorne and Bronwyn Winter (Eds.), September 11, 2001: Feminist Perspectives, (pp. 451-480). Australia: Spinifex Press.

Winter, B. (2002). Pauline and Other Perils: Women in Australian Right-Wing Politics. In Paola Barchetta and Margaret Power (Eds.), Right-Wing Women: From Conservatives to Extremists Around the World, (pp. 197-210). New York and London: Routledge imprint of Taylor & Francis.

Winter, B., Hawthorne, S. (2002). September 11, 2001: Feminist Perspectives. Australia: Spinifex Press.

Winter, B., Thompson, D., Jeffreys, S. (2002). The UN Approach to Harmful Cultural Practices: Some Conceptual problems. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 4(1), 72-94.

Winter, B. (2002). Who Will Mourn on October 7? In Susan Hawthorne and Bronwyn Winter (Eds.), September 11, 2001: Feminist Perspectives, (pp. 360-371). Australia: Spinifex Press.

Winter, B. (2002). Women's Rights, Globalisation and the Nation-State: Are Human Rights and Democracy Enough? Australian Feminist Law Journal, 17(1), 1-16.


Winter, B. (2001). Fundamental Misunderstanding: issues in Feminist Approaches to Islamism. Journal of Women's History, 13, 9-41.

Winter, B. (2001). L’essentialisation de l’Altérité et l’invisibilisation de l’oppression: l’histoire bizarre mais vraie de la déformation d’un concept. Cinquantenaire du Deuxième sexe, France: Syllepse

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