Provisional programme – subject to change Thursday 14 April

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School of Journalism, Media and Communication

University of Central Lancashire

Thursday April 14 - Sunday April 17

Provisional programme – subject to change

Thursday 14 April

2pm-4pm - Conference Registration in Darwin Building / Coffee & Tea in Scholars.

3.15pm-4.45pm - Library Session
5.30pm-6.30pm-John Howard, King’s College London Journal of American Studies/ Cambridge University Press Plenary Lecture: ‘“Stop Murder Music” and the Invention of Black Homophobia’

6.30pm-8.30 Drinks Reception in Scholars Bar

7.30pm - Dinner in Foster Refectory

Post-dinner in Scholars Bar

Friday 15 April

Breakfast at Hotel

9:00-10:30am SESSION 1

America’s on Drugs (If you believe Movies and TV)

Chair: Robin Purves

Michael Ahmed (University of East Anglia) ‘“Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out”: LSD Goes to the Movies’

Wickham Clayton (Roehampton University) ‘Unwinding After a Long Day at Work: Responsible Adults Using Drugs in American Cinema’

Gareth James (University of Exeter) ‘“All in the Game”: HBO’s The Wire, the Verite Documentary and the War on Drugs’

Radical Art and International Exchange in the 1930s

Chair: Mark Whalan

Warren Carter (University College London) ‘American Art for an American People: The Impact of Mexican Muralism upon the Treasury Section of Painting and Sculpture’

Barnaby Haran (University of Bristol) ‘Kino in America: Experimental Cinema, the Workers Film and Photo League, and the Debates on Soviet Film in the 1930s’

Jody Patterson (Ecole normale supérieure, Paris) ‘International Modernism and the American Left during the New Deal period’
Melville’s Markets

Chair: Michael Collins

Peter Riley (Cambridge) ‘Melville’s Work Songs’

Ellie Stedall (Cambridge) ‘Impressed Men’

Tom Wright (Oxford) ‘Melville and Taylor’s Market Philosophies’
Republican Electoral Strategies in the Twentieth Century

Chair: Robert Mason (University of Edinburgh)

Adam Burns (University of Edinburgh) ‘The Republican Party and African-American Voters, 1900-1912’

Chris Brown (St. Anne’s College, Oxford University) ‘Alternatives to “Modern Republicanism”: Conservative Electoral Strategy in the Early Cold War’

Prof. Douglas M. Charles (Pennsylvania State University) ‘Nixon, Hoover, and Obscenity, 1969-1971’
American Writing: the Impact of History

Chair: Catherine Morley (University of Leicester)

Catalina Neculai (Coventry University) ‘“Opportunists without a sense of history”? – Brightness Falls and the Reaganomic Crisis of Social Reproduction’

Andy Connolly (National University of Ireland, Galway) Title to be confirmed

Jo Gill (University of Exeter) ‘“The American Way”: The Poetry of John Updike’

Louis J. Kern (Hofstra) ‘The Embodiment of a Nation: The Iconicity of Uncle Sam and the Construction of a Conflicted National Identity’

Historicising America in the Nineteenth Century

Oisín Eoin Keohane (London School of Economics and Political Science) ‘Tocqueville and the American Philosophical Method’

Brian Wall (College of William and Mary) ‘The Isolated Mob: A Contemporary Synthesis of Tocqueville’s Individualism and Tyranny of the Majority’

William E. Van Vugt, Ph.D. (Calvin College, Michigan) ‘“This unholy, cruel, and most brutal war:” Identity and Ambiguity in the American Civil War’

Black Identities, History and Culture

Chair: Alan Rice

Nicholas Grant (University of Leeds) ‘Fame in the Black Diaspora: African Americans, Africa and the Rise of Global Black Celebrity, 1945-1960’

Brian Rossiter (University of Edinburgh) ‘“They Don’t Care About Us”: Michael Jackson’s Black Nationalism’

Steve Gadet (University of Antilles and Guyane) ‘Hip-hop Culture’
Taking Liberties: Rights and Power

Chair: George Lewis

Ruth Martin (University of Cambridge) ‘“In times of war the law falls silent”: Assessing continuities in civil liberties defence during the 1950s Red Scare and the War on Terror’

Bart Verhoeven (University of Nottingham) ‘The Revival of the Radical Right: The Problem of Right-Wing Activism in Modern American Histiography’

Daniel D. Guedes (Samuel Fraser University) ‘Domestic Politics and Regional Trade agreements: How the United States bargains’
10.30am-11.00am Tea/Coffee
11.00am-12.30PM SESSION 2
Modern American Drama

Chair: Heidi Macpherson

Catharine Frances (University of Central Lancashire) ‘Transatlantic Stagings: Performing the U.S. in the U.K.’

Gabriella Varró (University of Debrecen): ‘The Crisis of Masculinity: The Case of Brick Pollitt and Eddie Carbone’

Lemke Nemeth (University of Debrecen): ‘Ethnic Dilemmas versus Ethical Considerations: David Henry Hwang’s Yellow Face

African Athena: New Agendas; its contribution to American Studies’

Presentation by:

Daniel Orrells (University of Warwick)

Tessa Roynon (St Peter’s College, University of Oxford)
Virtually There: Digital America


Michael Thomas (University of Central Lancashire) ‘Digital Natives in the Garden: Technology and American Education’

Nelson Barre (Villanova University) ‘Internet Identity and Finding Yourself in Pills: The Digital, Psychopharmacology of Next to Normal

Johan Höglund (Linnaeus University) ‘Call of Duty and The Digital Hermeneutics of War’

Tatiani Rapatzikou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) ‘Novel Writing for the 21st century: Michael Joyce’s was (2007), the case of a Network Novel’

Racial Transitions

Chair: Celeste Marie Bernier (University of Nottingham)

Rebecca Weir (Jesus College, Cambridge University) ‘Poetry and Participation in The Anglo-African, 1863-1864’

David Doddington (University of Warwick) ‘Hierarchies and Honour Among Enslaved Men in the Antebellum South’

Louise Fenton (University of Wolverhampton) ‘Voodoo in New Orleans: Perpetuating the myth in literary representations’
Rethinking America and the World in the 1950s and 1960s: The US and the Cold War in Latin America and the Middle East


Tom Tunstall-Allcock (University of Cambridge) ‘The First Alliance for Progress?: Dissenting Voices on Latin America within the Eisenhower Administration’

Bevan Sewell (University of Nottingham) ‘The Transatlantic Alliance for Progress: Britain, the US, and Latin America, 1959-1964’

Ben Offiler (University of Nottingham) ‘JFK, the Shah and the ‘massage problem’: United States policy toward Iran during the Kennedy administration’

Negotiating Identity: Women and Text

Chair: Lisa Merrill

Cara Rodway (King’s College London) ‘Liberated Lesbians: Erotic Possibilities on the Road in Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt

Irene Rabinovich (Holon Institute of Technology) ‘Hawthorne’s Miriam - a Seductive Femme Fatale or a Victim of Abuse?’

Tuba Gönel (International Burch University) ‘Breaking Out and Breaking Down Female Spheres across Time and Space: Deconstructing the Cult of Domesticity in Gilman’s Herland And Magden’s 2 Girls

Alexandra Urakova (Russian State University) ‘“Shreds and Patches”: Poe and the Godey’s Lady’s Book
Transatlantic Exchanges: Memory, Monuments, and American Military Cemeteries in Europe


Jonathan H. Ebel (University of Illinois) ‘Sacred Flesh, Sacred Nation, Sacred Soil: Suresnes American Cemetery and Twentieth-Century American Messianism’

Kate C. Lemay (Indiana University) ‘Appropriating Gratitude, Effecting Disaster: The Epinal American Cemetery and the Algerian War’

Sam Edwards (Manchester Metropolitan University) ‘“The Men...Rest in Hospitable Soil”: the American Battle Monuments Commission, Madingley Hill, and the Anglo-American Special Relationship’
Rhetorical Strategies: Shaping Political Identities

Chair: Philip Davies (De Montfort University)

Graeme Thomson (University of Glasgow) ‘“There are very explosive documents, Dr. Evans”: Truman, presidential rhetoric and the American founding era’

Keith Nottle (University of Nottingham) ‘1984: James A. Bajer III and the U.S. Presidential Campaign’

Dean J. Kotlowski (Salisbury University) ‘The Historian as Detective: Deciphering Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Decision to Seek a Third Term’

Tom Cutterham (St Hugh’s College Oxford) ‘The strange, sad story of John Adams: in film, literature and history’

Modernism in Context

Chair: John Fagg

Laura Bekeris Key (University of Manchester) ‘“Remembering Right”: Gertrude Stein, Financial Panic and the Development of Early Modernism, 1907-1913’

Mark Whalan (University of Exeter) ‘“The Red War and the Pink”: Hobohemians, antimodernism and the Great War’

Teodora Domotor (University of Surrey) ‘American Melancholy through Psychoanalysis: The Lost Generation and the American Dream’

Joanna Pawlik (University of Manchester) ‘Short-circuiting Surrealism: Brion Gysin and the Dream Machine’

12.30pm-2.00pm Lunch Fosters Refectory

12:30pm-1:30pm Postgraduate lunch

12.30-1.30pm Journal of American Studies Board Meeting

12.30pm-2.00pm Fulbright Opportunities

Chair: Anne-Marie Evans (University of Central Lancashire)

Mara Oliva (NYU American Studies Institute alumna)

Michael Collins (NYU American Studies Institute alumnus)

Mary O’Hara (Fulbright Award alumna and freelance journalist)

Greg Callus (Fulbright Award alumnus and political analyst)
1.30pm-3.00pm SESSION 3

Panel for the Historians of Twentieth-Century United States (HOTCUS)

‘National Exclusions: Immigration Restriction in the 20th Century US’
American Poetics


Robin Purves (University of Central Lancashire) ‘Accent and Discourse in American Poetry: From Frank O’Hara to Stephen Rodefer’

Karen Veitch (University of Sussex) ‘Labour and the Lyric: The Poetry of Miriam Tane’

Nerys Williams (University College Dublin) ‘“Inexpert, I notice with the attention and drifting inattention of poetry”: Kaia Sand’s poetics’
Evoking Women in American Literature


Charlotte Rhodes ‘The “Baby-Mother” and American Women Writers of Colour’

Ann Hurford (University of Nottingham) ‘Time to say goodbye’: the uncertain trajectory of Anne Tyler’s later novels’

Rachael McLennan (University of East Anglia) ‘The Banality of Anne Frank in Norma Rosen’s Touching Evil and Joyce Carol Oates’s Mother, Missing
Cinema and Technologies


Nick Hall (University of Exeter) ‘“Creepers and Neck Snappers”: Exploring Hollywood’s Aesthetic Response to the Zoom Lens’

Christopher James Pallant (University of Bangor) ‘“Urbanimation”: Representing and Reconfiguring New York City through Animation’

Hayley Trowbridge (University of Liverpool) ‘Blending, Mashing and Participating: A Study of Fox Atomic’s Marketing Strategies’
U.S. Relations


David Model (Seneca College) ‘Pragmatic Idealism: The Rationalization of Foreign Policy’

Javad Alipoor (University College Dublin) ‘US-Iran Relations in post-9/11 Era, Triangle of Islam, Oil, and Israel’

Marat Vernichenko (State University of Management, Moscow) ‘American Political Science in Russian Discourse’

Abdelghani Nait-Brahim (Ecole Normale Supérieure d’Enseignement Technologique d’Oran (ENSET d’Oran)) ‘Oppositional Motivation in American Studies: An Occidentalist Approach to American Culture in Algerian Universities’

American Spaces

Chair: Zalfa Feghali

Razika Touati (Paris VIII University) ‘First colonists’ houses in Barbados and South Carolina’

Annemarie Galeucia (Louisiana State University) ‘Cheap Beer and Rusty Pick-ups: The “Trailer Trash” Stereotype and American Civil Religion’

Panel sponsored by the US Embassy, Delhi: American Studies in India

Chair: Martin Halliwell

Nishi Pandey (University of Lucknow)

T. Vijay Kumar (Adikavi Nannaya University)

Mandeep Kaur (American Embassy, India)

3.00pm-4.00pm Tea/Coffee

4pm - 5.30pm - BAAS Annual General Meeting

5.30pm-6.30pm – Plenary Lecture sponsored by the Eccles Centre: Nigel Bowles (Oxford University/ Rothermere American Institute): ‘The First Financial Crisis of the Century: Lessons for America’

7.00pm-Drinks reception sponsored by Manchester University

Free evening in Preston

Saturday 16 April

Breakfast at Hotels

9am-11am - SESSION 4

Transatlantic Studies Association Panel: Transatlantic Memory and Public Memorials

Michael Patrick Cullinane (University College Cork) ‘London’s Curious Public Memorials to Abe and George in the Tense 1920s’

Jeffrey L. Sammons (Yale University) ‘“I am not Sure What it is Supposed to Mean”: Heine Monuments in the United States’

John Borgonovo (University College Cork) ‘Il Baseball: The American Cemetery at Nettuno and the Development of Italian Baseball’

Alan Rice (University of Central Lancashire) ‘Accounting for Ghostly Presences: Ellen Gallagher’s Subterranean Memorial to the Victims and Survivors of Transatlantic Slavery’

Historical (dis)connections in Twentieth-Century Literature

Theophilus Savvas (University of Essex) ‘Making the Connections in History: E.L. Doctorow’s The Book of Daniel’

Alexandros Mantzaris (University of Sussex) ‘Thoughts on a Political Paradox: Norman Mailer’s Left Conservatism and its Relation to the Concept of “Totalitarianism”’

Qiao Guo Qiang (Shanghai International Studies University) ‘Connection and Disconnection in Saul Bellow’s The Bellarosa Connection

Nicholas Murgatroyd (University of Bradford) ‘Resisting the Encyclopaedia: E. L. Doctorow’s The Book of Daniel’

Shaping U.S. Policy

Nick Cleaver (University of East Anglia) ‘The Dangers of Neutrality: Grover Cleveland and the Use of Neutrality as a Foundation for American Foreign Policy in the mid-1890s’

Helen Bury (University of St. Andrews) ‘Shaping the Cold War Consensus: the Committee on the Present Danger and the Special Studies Project, 1950 to 1959.

Paula Dalziel (Edge Hill University) ‘9/11: The Media Facilitates the Rhetoric of the President’

Alan Capps (George Mason University) ‘The challenge of writing federal history: The case of homeland security’

Perspectives on Native American Identities

Alex Runchman (Trinity College Dublin) ‘Another race has filled / These populous borders’: William Cullen Bryant’s poetry of transience

Geoffrey Plank (University of East Anglia) Christianity, Resistance and Native American Prophesy: The Story of Papunhank, 1760-2011

Chris Vernon (University of Warwick) ‘Intelligences’ and ‘Little Lies’, Rumour in the Cherokee Backcountry 1740-1785

Negotiating Identities: Gender and Representation

Chair: Heidi Macpherson

Hilary Emmett (University of Queensland) ‘Sympathy and Seduction: Representing Sisterhood in the Regime of the Brother’

Anne-Marie Evans (University of Central Lancashire) ‘“Kissing your hand may make you feel very very good but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever”: Women, Shopping and Consumerism in Anita Loos’ Gentleman Prefer Blondes

E.J. Ardaneshwari (University of Indonesia) ‘Woman Empowerment Ideas in Editorial Pages of Glamour USA Magazine January – December 2007’

Rachel Farebrother (University of Swansea) ‘“You’d better Hegel on home”: Race, Space and Gender in Percival Everett’s Erasure

Modern and Contemporary Cinema

Sarah Wharton (University of Liverpool) ‘Evil Is Not Enough: The Reimaging of Michael Myers’

Joe Street (Northumbria University) ‘Dirty Harry’s San Francisco’

Helen Oakley (The Open University) ‘New Criminal Directions: Breaking Bad

Emma Staniland (University of Leicester) ‘Violence on the Inside: 9/11 as Context in Remember Me (Allen Coulter, 2010)’
Music and Identities

Chair: Will Kaufman (University of Central Lancashire)

Christian O’Connell (University of Gloucestershire) ‘The First Time I Heard the Blues: Paul Oliver’s Blues Fell This Morning: the Meaning of the Blues: Visions of African American life through the Blues’

Gillian Mitchell (University of St. Andrews) ‘A Comparison of Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll Music in Britain and the United States, 1955-1963 ‘

Emilee L Simmons (University of Leeds) ‘“Maps and Legends”: The Affects of Southern Influences on the Identity of R.E.M.’

Phil Langran (University of Lincoln) ‘Nailing the Myth: The Country Singer as Romantic Artist in Thomas Cobb’s Crazy Heart

William Faulkner

Ed Clough (University of East Anglia) ‘“No real hard feelings on either side”? Faulkner and the Dimensions of Lynching’

James Harding (University of Sussex) ‘Coming into Hiding, or, Defacing the Face: The Semantics of Race in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury

Ali Khodamoradi (Azad University) ‘The Quantum Theory and Criticism in Modern American Literature’

11am-11.30am-Tea and Coffee
11.30am-12.30pm SESSION 5

The Octoroon: A Roundtable discussion

Lisa Merrill (Hofstra)

Alan Rice (University of Central Lancashire)

Theresa Saxon (University of Central Lancashire)

James Huneker

John Fagg (University of Birmingham) ‘James Huneker: Gourmand and Conduit’

Ian F. A. Bell (Keele University) ‘A “Physics of Thought”: The Modernist Materialism of James Huneker’

Narrative Structure in Hawthorne and Poe

Dominic Claisse (University of Valenciennes) ‘Numbers in the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne’

Edward Sugden (Oxford University) ‘Defining “American” Time: From Chronometric Expeditions to Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘Eureka’’

Racial Identities in Film

Elizabeth Rawitsch (University of East Anglia) ‘“Can You Be Both?”: Asian/Americans and National Identity in Frank Capra’s American Madness (1932) and Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)’

Jon Ward (University of East Anglia) ‘“Stay away or I’ll jump!” The spectre of the black male in D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation (1915)’
Thomas Pynchon

Doug Haynes (University of Sussex) ‘Inherent Virtue: Golden Hoards, Dentistry and Incest in Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice’

Miss Joanna Freer (University of Sussex) ‘LSD and Timothy Leary in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49

Nina Fischer (University of Constance/Germany) ‘History and Memory’

Zalfa Feghali (University of Nottingham) ‘New Cartographies of Citizenship: Guillermo Gómez-Peña’s America’
12.30pm-1.30pm-Lunch Scholars Refectory
1.30pm-3.00pm SESSION 6

Text and Process: Publishers and the Production of Text

Chair: Theresa Saxon (University of Central Lancashire)

Alison Lutton (St Hugh’s College, Oxford) ‘JT LeRoy, authorship, and the media’

Josephine Metcalf (University of Manchester) ‘White Lies & Black Consequences; the Complex Dynamics of the Publishing Industry’

Daniel King (University of Nottingham) ‘Toilers in the Orchard: The Long Genesis of The Orchard Keeper

Fashioning the Transatlantic

Sarah Heaton (University of Chester) ‘Le Rue de La Paix or the Ladies Mile: The Transatlantic Exchange of Dress in the Fiction of Edith Wharton’

Deborah Wynne (University of Chester) Dressing Henry James: The drama of costume in Jane Campion’s Portrait of a Lady’

Sally West (University of Chester) ‘“The Woman”: (Cross)-Dressing the Part and Transatlantic Identities in Arthur Conan Doyle’s Fiction’

American Identities on Stage

Chair: Will Kaufman

Laura MacDonald (University Groningen/University of East Anglia) ‘“We Know We Belong to the Land”: Postwar Democracies Sing an American Tune Abroad’

HollyGale Millette ‘Identity, Movement and the Turn to the Modern in Trans-Atlantic Performance History’

Emily Kelly-Padden (Southern Illinois University) ‘The Darker Side of Belonging: Discursive Violence as a Strategy of Containment in Tea and Sympathy

Fransesca de Lucia ‘Secrecy, guilt and ethnic projection in Anthony Giardina’s plays’

Space and Identities

Catherine Rottenberg (Ben-Gurion University) Theorizing the City: Wallace Thurman’s The Blacker the Berry, Urban Space and the Question of Democratization

Guillermo G. Caliendo (Hofstra) ‘MLK Boulevard: Material Forms of Memory and the Rhetorical Contestation of Racial Signification’

Eric J. Sandeen (University of Wyoming) ‘Living Heart Mountain: The Japanese American internment and the Contemporary Wyoming Landscape’

Political Conservativism

Chair: Philip Davies (De Montfort University)

Patrick Andelic (St. Anne’s College, Oxford) ‘The Other Side of the Conservative Ascendancy, 1968-2008’

Karen Heath (St. Anne’s College, Oxford) ‘The Politics of Art: Conservatives and the National Endowment for the Arts’

Edward Adkins (Pembroke College, Oxford) ‘The Nixon Administration, the “Southern Strategy”, and the Charleston Strike of 1969’

Tom Packer (Oxford University) tbc

Cinematic Scapes

Richard Martin (University of London) ‘The Architecture of David Lynch’

Ni Komang Arie Suwastini (Ganesha University Singaraja) ‘The Political Economy behind the Commercial Success of the Film Adaptations of Jane Austen’s Novels in America’

Lincoln Geraghty (University of Portsmouth) ‘“I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”: Examining Smallville’s Canadian Cult Geography
Negotiating Identities in Comic Strips and Graphic Novels

Ian Gordon (National University of Singapore) ‘History and Identity: How Superman Became an American Icon’

Susana M. Costa (New University of Lisbon) ‘“Hully Gee!”, “He´s a Corker, a born New Yorker”: Identity negotiation in early ethnic comic strips’

Evita Lykou (University of York) ‘Staging the Dream-Space on the Comics Page: Elements of Psychoanalysis on a Contemporary Graphic Novel

Religion and belief in American Fiction

David Greenham (University of the West of England)‘Emerson’s Epistemology of Form: From Design to Romance in New England’

Helen Brew (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) ‘A Triad of Feminine Influence: Mrs. Wilson, Mary Hull, and Crazy Bet’s Roles in Catherine Sedgwick’s A New-England Tale’

Bajrang Korde (University of Pune) ‘Various Facets of the Life of Puritans in Early America’

3.30pm-4.00pm Tea and Coffee
4.00pm-5.30pm SESSION 7
Black Heroism and Visual Culture

Lisa Rull (University of Nottingham) ‘Representations of virtual selves and racial identities in ‘The Surrogates’’

Celeste-Marie Bernier (University of Nottingham) ‘“the houl intir batel feel were hell”: “Suffering,” “Sunset” and Aesthetic Experimentation in Horace Pippin’s World War I Manuscripts and Paintings’

Sinéad Moynihan (University of Exeter) ‘“Watch me go invisible”: Representing racial passing in the African American Graphic Novel’

American Masculinities

Chair: Catherine Morley

Emma J. Dodds (University of Wyoming) Deconstructing the Cowboy: Representations of Manhood in Revisionist Westerns

Christine Guilfoyle (University of Southampton) ‘A Letter to Johnny Depp’

Nineteenth-Century Literature

Chair: Ian Bell (Keele)

Alasdair Pettinger ‘Moby-Dick and the Future’

Peter Rawlings (University of the West of England) ‘Sensational Narratives: Edgar Allan Poe and Henry James’

Mark Storey (University of Nottingham) ‘Performing Realism: Popular Entertainment in the Boyhood Memoirs of William Dean Howells and Henry James’
Raymond Chandler

Will Norman (University of Kent) ‘Chandler, Modernism and Mass Culture’

Sarah Trott (Swansea University) ‘Raymond Chandler’s Detective and Post-Combat Trauma: Reading Philip Marlowe as a Veteran Of War’

Maysaa Jaber (University of Manchester) ‘(In)visible Female Agency: The Criminal Femme Fatale in Raymond Chandler’s Fiction’

Dramaturgy, Form and Reception

Chair: Laura MacDonald

Sue Tyrrell (Keele University) ‘The Dramatic Significance of the Screens in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie

Will Kaufman (University of Central Lancashire) ‘“It’s Theatre, Innit?” The Dramaturgy of “Live Documentary”’

Christophe Collard (University of Antwerp) ‘“Considerations of form fascinate me”: On the Importance Being Generic’
Transatlantic and Transnational Fictions

James Peacock (Keele University) ‘Reaching Out, Reaching In: Transnational Brooklyn in Geographies of Home and Brooklyn’

Kerstin W. Shands (Södertörn University) ‘Transatlantic Traces: Desire and Spirituality in Gail Godwin’s Unfinished Desires

Finn Pollard (University of Lincoln) “somebody’s always in the lead an’ setting the fashion”: The British Literary Image of the United States on the eve of World War Two’

Early Cinema

John Horne (University of Birmingham) Where Madness is Seen but not Heard: The Psychiatric Institution in Silent Cinema

Alan Bilton (Swansea University) ‘Dizzy Doras and Big-Eyed Beauties: Mabel Normand and the notion of the female clown in American silent film’
The Limits of Space in Twentieth-Century Fiction

Name: Vidya Ravi (University of Cambridge) ‘Trespassing into No Man’s Land: Quest for the Frontier in “Cheever Country”’

Rebecca Janicker (University of Nottingham) ‘“Protecting the hotel was his job. He was the caretaker” – Capitalism, Class and History in The Shining’

Andrew Munzer (University of York) ‘Framing ‘Home’: The Apartment Building and Other Suburban Housing in Raymond Carver’s Short Fiction’

5.30pm-6.30pm-Plenary Lecture sponsored by the University of Central Lancashire

Heidi Macpherson (De Montfort University) ‘Revisiting the Transatlantic’

7.30pm-Coach to Westleigh Conference Centre for BAAS Banquet

11.00pm-Coach returns to Hotels

Sunday 17 April

Breakfast at Hotels

9.30am-11.00am SESSION 8

AAS PANEL: Nineteenth Century Recoveries

R J. Ellis (University of Birmingham) Harriet Wilson’s Boston Spiritualist Career and its impact upon her earlier life and Our Nig

Janet Floyd (King’s College London) ‘Correspondences: Mary Hallock Foote and Helena de Kay Gilder’

Blossom Green (King’s College London) ‘Trans-Atlantic Reconstruction and Transnational Regionalism in the Early Writing of Frances Hodgson Burnett’

Anna Luker Gilding (King’s College London) ‘Recovering editorial and cultural work in early women’s periodicals: Ann Stephens’ Portland Magazine’

U.S. and Ireland: Policy and Relations

Geoffrey O’Connor (University College Dublin) ‘Courting Investment: How Ireland targeted, attracted and facilitated American Investment’

Julieann Galloway (University College Dublin) ‘Chasing the Rainbow: Innovation Policy of the “Smart Economies” in Post-Globalised U.S and Ireland’

Martin Russell (University College Dublin) ‘Learning to Forget: Irish-American memory and identity during the “Troubles”’

Simon Topping (University of Plymouth) ‘Stormount, Washington and the Second World War’
Civil Rights, Desegregation and Black Power

Zoe Colley (University of Dundee) ‘The Unseen Freedom Struggle: Black Power and the Politicisation of African American Prisoners, 1966-1975’

Mark Newman (University of Edinburgh) ‘The Catholic Diocese of Charleston and Desegregation, 1950-1975’

Clive Webb (University of Sussex) ‘The Sharpville Massacre and the American Civil Rights Struggle’

9/11 and DeLillo

Chair: Catherine Morley

Catherine Gander (University of East Anglia) ‘The still life and death of images: the ethical aesthetic in post 9/11 Americanfiction’

László Munteán (Pázmány Péter Catholic University) ‘The Vanishing Point: Spacing the “Falling Man”’

Maciej Masłowski (University of Wrocław) ‘The body of mourning: Notes on the margins of Don DeLillo’s The Body Artist and Falling Man’
The Literary Child

MA Katrin Korkalainen (University of Oulu) ‘Narratives of Lost Youth: Jewish-American Immigrant Children in History and Fiction’

Maeve Pearson (University of Exeter) ‘The Sacrificial Child: infancy and The Moral Life in Ursula Le Guin and P K Pick’

Michael Bibler (University of Manchester) ‘Recreating the Scene: Literary Childhood and Queer Initiation in Truman Capote’s Other Voices, Other Rooms and “Dazzle”’

Seen/Obscene: The Grievous Body in Contemporary American Television

Liz Powell

Hannah Ellison

Rhys Thomas

Jenny Barrett (Edge Hill University)

The Birth of a Nation at 100: A Roundtable Discussion
11.00am-11.15am Tea and Coffee
11.15am-12.15pm SESSION 9
Theatre and Media

Sue Currell (University of Sussex) ‘Panic: New Masses and the Drama of Industrial Crisis’

Charlotte Purkis (Winchester) ‘Velona Pilcher and her American Theatre Contacts’
Racial Structures and Political Women

Dawn-Marie Gibson (Royal Holloway University of London) ‘“Helping us to be somebody”: African American Women in the Nation of Islam, 1960-1975’

Lee Sartain (University of Portsmouth) ‘“It takes a crusader”: Lillie Mae Jackson and the challenges of civil rights leadership in Baltimore, Maryland, 1935-1970’
The Body in Text

Gregory Koss (University of Warsaw) ‘“A figure of the will braving alien entanglements”: Robert Frost’s Likenesses in North of Boston and Mountain Interval’

Robert W. Jones II (University of Leicester)’Visceral Landscapes: The Somatic Philosophy of William S. Burroughs’
Law in Eighteenth-Century Kentucky

Matthew C. Ward (University of Dundee) ‘“How unjustly I have been treated”: Land, The Courts and Violence in Early Kentucky

Blair Smith (University of Dundee) ‘“Them That Ain’t Cowards Follow Me”: The Contest for Authority during the Siege of Boonesborough and the Battle of Blue Licks’
12.15pm-1.15pm Lunch
1.30pm Coach departs for special (prebooking required) Conference Field Trip / Visit

6.30pm coach returns

End of Conference
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Theresa Saxon

Conference Organiser

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