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Market Proposal


I. product Mix

The categories of foods available throughout the year are indicated in Table I, Products and Availability (Page 8). The Implementation Plan calls for two types of Vendors, “Permanent” and “Day.” The “Permanent” category has been maintained as defined in the plan and the “Day” category has been split into “Seasonal Interior Stalls” and “Temporary Exterior Stalls/Tables.” Seasonal Interior and Temporary Exterior are described below:

Permanent Year Round Interior

Table II (Page 9) provides the profile of the vendors available on a permanent basis, including the proposed allocated square footage.

Seasonal Interior Stalls

Vendors who will occupy on a 3-month lease

Table III (Page 9) provides the profile of seasonal vendors including the proposed allocated square footage. These stalls will be operational for 12 months of the year – with a rotation of vendors.

Temporary Exterior Day Stalls

Stalls and Tables allocated to temporary vendors who may only commit to as little as one day per week and up to 5 days per week on a seasonal basis.

Table IV (Page 9) provides the profile of the vendors who will occupy the Exterior Day Stalls, including the proposed allocated square footage.The “season” is considered to be from April though December (9 months) and the rotation is assumed to be at a 100% occupancy rate. Due to the significant expansion of winter farm production in the region, driven by consumer demand, we anticipate that the stalls are likely to be operated on a 12-month basis. The Implementation Plan recommends 12 months.

The summary of the estimated number of vendors, stalls and square footage is as follows:
Type of Vendor # of Vendors* # of Stalls Total SF
Permanent Year Round Interior 37 37 13,188 SF

Seasonal Interior 6 6 600 SF

Temp Exterior Day Stalls 27 27 2,700 SF

Temp Exterior Day Tables 20 20 1,000 SF

TOTAL 90 90 17,488 SF
*This does not represent the total number of purveyors, as one vendor could represent several farms or entrepreneurs. In addition this number does not represent the rotation of the Seasonal Interior Stalls and the Temporary Day Stalls, which would also increase the Vendor number.

ii. Sourcing

The range of foods, both fresh and specialty, fulfills the recommendations in the Implementation Plan; however, it differs in that all goods will be sourced in Massachsuetts and not from the greater New England area as suggested on p. 20 of the Implementation Plan. TABLES I, II, III, (Pages 8-9) provide an overview of the type of product, geographical source and type of provider for each category.

iii. Seasonality

With the exception of Soft Fruits and Orchard Fruits, the market will provide the consumer with a robust selection of products from every food category throughout the year. We will pursue a marketing & communications strategy that celebrates the virtues of SEASONALITY and showcases the diversity of Massachusetts winter crops in order to address expectations of shoppers vis-à-vis supermarket produce. Our educational programs will also support this marketing message.

iv. Types of Vendors

Please refer to Tables II-IV

v. Occupancy

Please refer to Tables II-IV

vi. Food Preparation and Service

As per the Implementation Plan, we anticipate that the majority of the prepared foods will be part of fresh food vendor’s “value added” offerings, i.e. a poultry farmer may enhance his offering with spit-roasted chickens, a dairy purveyor may provide quiche & ice cream, a bread purveyor may add sandwiches, or a pasta maker would provide ready to heat dishes.


We propose to convert Areas 8 & 12 on the corner of Congress and New Sudbury to two different uses:

1. Area 8 would become a permanent Demonstration Kitchen. This dedicated space will allow for a more professional area than the “Flex” space currently on the Implementation Plan and would be used for a multitude of complimentary and paid lectures, cooking demonstrations, tastings, book signings, children’s programs and entertaining. A portion of the room would be allocated for the sale of cookbooks, and possibly other culinary related goods and publications. A confined program area will eliminate congestion in the aisles and in front of the vendors, which would disrupt sales and the shopping experience if the activities were to occur within an open flex area.
2. Area 12 will be combined with the section titled “storage” on the Implementation Plan - adjacent to the garage entrance wall - to create a larger Cold Storage area for the vendors.
Interior Days Stalls/Flex area

The stalls indicated on the Implementation Plan at the Plaza & Hanover Street corner would be converted to six Seasonal Interior Stalls (Total 600 SF) and two permanent stalls (Total 730 SF). The “Flex” space will be a permanent stall (290 SF). This differs from the Implementation Plan that recommends the use of 953 SF as half “Flex” space and half Interior Day Stalls.
















Orchard Fruit

Soft Fruit*







Maple Syrup





Baked Goods

Value Added As part of Fresh Vendor’s Selection

Sweet Preserves

Savory Preserves

Roasted Nuts

Coffee Roasters

Tea Blenders

Soft Drinks





Kitchen, Table-top goods

Relevant Press

Books and Magazines

By MA authors & publishers

* Inclusive of beach plums, blueberries, red/white/black currants, figs, gooseberries, grapes, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries. Excludes fresh cranberries that will be available from mid-November to mid-Jan.
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