Prophet ibrahim & prophet ismail teach islam

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Lesson 2


A long time ago, Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Prophet Ismail, built the Kabah in Makkah. They built the Kabah so people could worship Allah there.
Prophet Ibrahim loved Allah very much. Allah made him His prophet and taught him his religion, Islam. Then Prophet Ibrahim taught Islam to the people.
Islam teaches: There is only one god, Allah. Allah created everything. No one is like Him. No one shares His power. He has no partners. He has no sons or daughters.
Prophet Ibrahim & Prophet Ismail told the people: We should not worship or pray to false gods. We should obey Allah. We should be good to other people. We should not be mean to them.
After a while, people forgot these teachings. They tried to change Allah’s religion, Islam. They started to believe that: There are many gods besides Allah. Some of these gods are Allah’s sons and daughters. All these gods share Allah’s power with Him.
These beliefs were very, very wrong. The people who believed in them had left Allah’s religion and turned away from Him.

We have learned:

  • The Kabah was built by Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Prophet Ismail.

  • These prophets taught Islam to the people.

  • After a while, people forgot what these prophets had taught them.

Do we know these words?

beliefs false partners share teachings worship

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