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SMART Innovation Centre

Explorer Grant

Project Report

[Project Title]

[Reporting Period]

[Student Team Leader]

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[Department or Institution]

Submitted to SMART Innovation Centre


Executive Summary

[Brief synopsis that we can publish for the website or in conference materials - opportunity, technical overview, and any new milestones achieved. About 200 words.]


Prior Art

[Summary of prior relevant work in the literature and from your Institution.]


[Size and description of target market, description of technical requirements to address market, suggested business model that would allow entry into the market.]

Competitive Landscape

[Evaluation of competitive technologies or products.]

Project Description

[Concise description of the research plan and benchmarks. Identification of project performance metrics.]

Progress to Date


[Research progress made: nature of innovation and relevance to market opportunity. Compare progress relative to milestones in proposal and note where project has taken a different direction.]


[Commercialization progress: serious contacts (companies, investors), partnerships, new team members, start-ups (begun or planned). Explanation of proposed business model. Description of how Catalyst program helped.]


[Attach a financial spreadsheet showing the approved budget and expenditures todate. Indicate any unusual expenses not originally contemplated in the approved budget.]

Collaborations and Funding

[Who is involved (students, post docs, external collaborators, etc.) and co-sponsorship (if any).]

Intellectual Property

[Description of IP status: invention disclosures submitted to SMART IP Coordinator, provisional patents, patent applications, copyrightable materials, and software. Indicate prior IP, new and planned.]


[List of publications, including those in preparation and submitted. Any theses completed or expected.]

Next Steps

[Future needs (financial, collaborations, etc.) and anticipated barriers for commercialization.]


[Three major technical conclusions arising from project todate.]

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