Project Funding Application

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Project Funding Application

Project title

Project start and finish dates

Project Location:

Name of organisation

Name of primary contact and position within organisation

Contact details of primary contact (address, tel, email):

Name and contact details of project coordinator:

Amount of funding requested:

List what other funding you have applied for or secured:
List any previous funders (organisation, amount, dates)

How did you hear about TAAT:

Provide the name and contact details of 2 referees and how they are connected with your organisation:

List other arts organisations and/or artists,both local and international, that you have collaborated with and how: (couple of sentences)

Please write a 200 word introduction to your project

Please state what you hope to achieve through the project and how this corresponds to your organisation’s mission and the aims of TAAT

one-page description of the project you are requesting project funding for.

(in not more than 2 pages or 1000 words)

How would you evaluate your project according to these African Arts Trust Criteria for grant making.

Your Project

On a scale of 1 - 10

Notes, explanation, justification


How will this project support the visual artists in your region


How important is your project for the development of the artists in your region

Management Capacity
Do you have the human resources to complete your project and run it well


What happens after your project is over is there any follow up

Value for money

Is this a good use of the funds requested


How important is this to the development and support of artists in your region


How many artists or other people will benefit from this project

Additional material required

  1. Attach short curricula vitae for key project personnel

  2. Please provide a copy of the latest audited accounts for the organisation

  3. Budget

  1. Please tell TAAT how much you are requesting

  2. Provide on a separate spreadsheet a detailed budget for the project

  3. Specify what currency it has been presented in and the exchange rate used

  4. Please state how you would deal with any budget shortfall if other funding applications do not realise the amount requested.

By submitting this application you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • Any project and or budget changes must be approved in advance by TAAT.

  • To notify and seek approval from TAAT if any of the key personnel change throughout the duration of the project and accept that TAAT reserve the right to change agreed amounts if such changes occur.

  • If you are requesting funding for an artist in residency programme or an exhibition, TAAT request that the artist supported by this grant donates an artwork to the TAAT collection. The TAAT collection will be used to promote African art and the artists within it and will ultimately either be donated to an appropriate public museum or sold and the proceeds used to make further grants

  • To make acknowledgements to TAAT and include their logo in project related publicity material.

  • To send any relevant publication/video/audio produced for the organisation and allow TAAT to use how they wish.

  • To send at least four copyright free, high-resolution jpeg images that relate to the funded project within three months of the project end date specified in the application.

  • To send a copy, retrospectively, of the annual report/accounts for the year that funding was granted.

  • To submit a completed TAAT grant report form within three months of the project end date specified in the application.

  • TAAT may wish to speak to a 3rd party about your application

Danda Jaroljmek + 254 722 672938

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