Program of the conference "Post-War Restoration of Monuments. Theory and Practice of the 20th Century"

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program of the conference

"Post-War Restoration of Monuments.

Theory and Practice of the 20th Century"
December 4 (Thursday),

Gatchina, Gatchina palace, White Hall
Session I, 11.00 a.m.-13.30 p.m.
1. Andrey Pavlov (St. Petersburg)

City as an Object of Warfare
2. Yuri Nekhoroshev (Moscow)

Economic and organizational aspects of post-war monument reconstructions (According to archival documents from the Russian State Economic Archive)
3. Yuri Volchok (Moscow)

Academic projects for postwar urban regeneration, 1943-1945 — then and now
4. Marek Barański (Kielce, Poland)

Post war reconstruction of Warsaw historic monuments in opinion of foreign experts
5 Antoni Oleksicki (Białystok, Poland)

Post war restoration of town centers in Warsaw and Białystok. Similarities and differencies (abstract)
6. Malgorzata Doroz Turek (Kielce, Poland)

Post-War Restoration of Churches and Sacral Buildings in Poland
Session II, 14.15 p.m. -16.45 p. m.
7. Nina Konovalova (Moscow)

Post-war reconstruction of historical cities in Japan
8. Ivana Nina Unković (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Conservation in the ex-Yugoslav region after the 2nd World War – influence of Ljubo Karaman and France Stele
9. Sandra Uskokovic (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Antifascist heritage – The ambivalence of Socialist Aestheticism
10. Bernhard Sterra (Dresden, Germany)

Reality and Imagination: Various Aspects in Protection of Architectural Landmarks in Dresden
11. Svetlana Belenkova (Kiev, Ukraine)

Architecture of Chernivtsi in the Post-War Period: Relationships between Times and Epochs
12. Valentina Fedorova (St. Petersburg)

In Memory of Sculptor-Pattern Maker and Honored Cultural Worker Lidiya Alekseevna Strizhova

December 5 (Friday),

St.Petersburg, Mikhaylovsky Castle
Session I, 10.30 a.m.-13.30 p.m.
14.Yulia Bakhareva (St. Petersburg)

Preparation and commencement of restoration work on Leningrad monuments during the Great Patriotic War and the siege of the city (1941-1945)
13. Alexander Leontyev (St. Petersburg)

On History of Principles and Methodology of Leningrad School of Restoration Events, Monuments, Biographies
15. Vladimir Yadryshnikov (Novgorod)

"The great spurt": Sergei Davydov and Novgorod restoration
16. Anna Bukhalova (Pskov)

Postwar Recreation of Pskov’s Monuments with Y.P. Spegalsky’s Restoration Projects as an Example
17. Elena Mokrousova (Kiev, Ukraine)

The Role of Architect Pavel Aleshin in the Conservation and Restoration of Kievs Monuments
18. Oksana Belyavskaya (Poltava, Ukraine)

Postwar Revival of the Round Square Ensemble in Poltava
19. Angelica Khimicheva (St. Petersburg)

Recreation of the Pavlovsk Palace and Park Ensemble in the 1940s-1970s
20. Sergey Tolbin (St. Petersburg)

The history of the post-war reconstruction of the Pulkovo Observatory
21.Olga Komarova (St. Petersburg)

The history of reviving Elaginoostrovsky Palace after the Great Patriotic War. A new purpose for the Palace in the XX century

Session II, 14.30 p.m.-17.30 p.m.
22. Irina Nikitina (Sevastopol)

Restoration of Sevastopol panorama after the Great Patriotic war: the history of study of the issue
23. Nadezhda Stanulevich (St. Petersburg)

Reconstruction of the Estate "Penates" after the World War II
24. Alexander Trigub (Chernigov, Ukraine)

Study and Restoration of the Cathedral of Sts. Boris and Gleb in Chernigov by N.V. Kholostenko in 1947-1958
25. Andrés Cidoncha Marañón (Madrid, Spain)

Connection between the past and present
26. Valentine Chernenko (St. Petersburg)

Restoration of the Marble Hall of the Russian Ethnography Museum
27. Nelly Melnikova, (St. Petersburg)

In Defiance of Fate” (from the history of the existence of the “Adam” and “Eve” Fountains, Lower park, Peterhof)

28. Natalia Khadeeva (St. Petersburg)

Sculptural decoration of the Pink Pavilion ensemble: the preserved and the lost. The problem of restoring the monument
17.00 p.m. – 17.30 h.m. – summing up the conference

29. Vladimir Vayngort (Tallinn, Estonia)

Recreating the Gogol Manor near Dikanki, which was completely destroyed in 1943

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