Problems for Bismarck

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Guided notes- Opposition to Bismarck

Problems for Bismarck

  • Many people were _________________________ with the lack of voice they had in gov’t.

    • The system of voting that was used gave more representation to members of the _____________________ class.

  • The _________________________ Church also proved problematic.

    • Bismarck was a ________________________ and distrusted the church.

    • Many Catholics were members of the ____________________ Party, Bismarck’s political opposition.

  • Others feared Bismarck’s ever-growing ______________________.

The Beginnings of Kulturekampf

  • Translates to “culture ___________________________”.

  • Bismarck’s anti-__________________________ program.

  • A series of laws were passed to try and control the Catholic problem.

    • _____________________________ were kicked out of Germany.

    • Disallowed political expression at the __________________________.

    • Diplomatic ties to the ___________________________ were broken.

    • Catholic Church ____________________________ was confiscated.

  • This led to opposition.


  • The Centre Party ___________________________ in size and many non-Catholics joined the opposition.

  • By 1878, Bismarck began to modify Kulturekampf because he needed the support of the Centre Party against a growing __________________________ presence.

    • Reestablished diplomatic ties with the Catholic Church and ________________________ laws against Catholics.

  • By 1887, Kulturekampf had ended in _________________________________.

Industrial Development

  • Germany started out behind other western European countries in terms of __________________________, but this was soon going to change.

  • Germany had rich stores of natural ____________________________, including iron and coal deposits.

  • While Germany industrialized later than Great Britain and France, this was to Germany’s _____________________________.

    • Could use the best methods and most advanced ___________________________ that had been developed elsewhere.

    • German scientists worked on further ______________________________.

Industrializing under Bismarck

  • Money and banking laws were _____________________________ throughout the empire.

  • Postal services were ___________________________.

  • Gov’t managed _____________________________ to promote industrial development.

  • The gov’t encouraged cartels so that prices could be controlled.

  • Adopted high __________________________ on imported goods to protect industries from foreign competition.

  • As a result, Germany soon rivaled Great Britain and France under Bismarck’s command.

Problems with industrialization begin…

  • Thinking back to the Industrial Revolution chapter, what were some of the problems facing:

    • Factory workers?

    • Industrial cities?

    • Capitalists?

  • Take a minute to note these problems.

Problems in Germany

  • Many of the problems Great Britain faced Germany soon faced as well.

  • Industry led to rapidly growing ___________________, poor working conditions, and a growing working class.

  • Many people began thinking that maybe if the ______________________ controlled industry, some of these problems might be alleviated.

    • Which system is this leaning towards?

Socialism in Germany

  • ____________________________ in Germany would go further than socialists in other industrialized nations to try and push their ideas.

  • In 1869, socialists came together and formed the Social ___________________________ Party (DSP) and it grew quickly.

  • By 1877, the SDP had 12 members elected to the Reichstag.

  • This was almost meaningless though.

Bismarck’s antisocialist agenda

  • When the SDP won more than 490,000 votes in 1877, Bismarck made it his primary ___________________ to fight them.

  • He got the opportunity when 2 __________________________ attempts were made on the emperor in 1878.

  • Bismarck knew that both assassins had nothing to do with __________________________, but used the attempts as an opportunity to blame the SDP of plotting the attempts.

  • The emperor and Bundesrat dissolved the _____________________________, called for new elections, and began a widespread campaign against socialism.

The Campaign

  • Bismarck pushed laws that prohibited ____________________________, books, and pamphlets from spreading socialist ideas.

  • Banned socialist ____________________________.

  • But no matter what he did, Bismarck could not stop the spread of socialism’s _________________________.

If you can’t beat them, join them

  • Bismarck ultimately decided to _________________________ to socialist demands so fewer people would have reason to support the socialists.

  • Changes Bismarck made:

    • Provided ___________________________ insurance paid for by employers.

    • Limited working ___________________, gave holidays off, and pensions for the disabled/retired.

  • Many other nations soon adopted similar programs.

Resignation of Bismarck

  • Kaiser William I died in 1888 and was followed by his son, Frederick III.

  • Frederick III _______________________ a few months later and was replaced by his son William II.

    • Believed in ___________________________ of the emperor.

  • This is a problem for Bismarck, and William II believed he had too much power.

  • William II took away a lot of Bismarck’s _____________________________.

  • In the past Bismarck used the threat of his _____________________________ to get his way. When he threatened to resign, William the II accepted.

The Legacy of Bismarck

  • Had left Germany ________________________, but frustrated the German people.

  • Never allowed for the development of a parliamentary _____________________________.

The Reign of William II

  • Under William II, Germany was fully transformed into an __________________________ power.

  • Also increased the size of Germany’s ______________________ and expanded the navy.

  • This would eventually lead to direct conflict with Great Britain and the rest of _________________________.

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