Primary Document Activity Name: Define primary and secondary documents

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Primary Document Activity Name:
Define primary and secondary documents:

Define validity and reliability:

Read each of the following documents in the Kennedy sourcebook. Assess the validity and reliability of each article and summarize what is says in one or two paragraphs. You may continue on a separate sheet of paper.

Juan Gines de Sepulveda Belittles the Indians (pp. 3-4)

Bartolome de Las Casas Defends the Indians (pp.4-6)

Hernan Cortes Conquers Mexico (pp. 9-12)

Aztec Chroniclers Describe the Spanish Conquest of Mexico (pp. 12-13)

After reading those documents, prepare an outline of a six-paragraph essay answering the following question:

  1. Introduction

  2. Support

  3. Support

  4. Support

  5. Rebuttal

  6. Conclusion

“How sincere were Spaniards’ claims that they were motivated in their conquest of the New World by Christian beliefs?”

You will not have to actually write this essay; you are simply creating the outline. Brainstorm within your team. You may take notes to organize your outline at the bottom of this page. Write the final outline on a separate piece of paper to turn in.

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