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GEZE at fensterbau frontale 2010 from 3/24 - 3/27/2010 in Nuremberg – Hall 2, stand 2-424

Leonberg, 24.03.10

GEZE Automatic Door Systems

The innovative automatic door systems from GEZE now combine functional versatility, performance, and design with even greater security and comfort.

  • The Slimdrive SL NT automatic sliding door system with full-glass designer fittings (GGS), GEZEconnects® and the NOT emergency switch

Concentrated power behind filigree lightness for modern glass facades

  • The ECturn swing door drive
    Automatic door systems: barrier-free quality of life and comfort

Press contact:
Ellen Schellinger

Tel. +49 (0)7152 / 203-536

Fax +49 (0)7152 / 203-237


Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29

D - 71229 Leonberg, Germany

The Slimdrive SL NT automatic sliding door system with full-glass
designer fittings (GGS) and GEZEconnects®

Concentrated power behind filigree lightness for modern glass facades
Post-rail structures determine the architecture of many modern, filigree glass facades. Their appearance is even brighter and more transparent when the post-rails elements fit neatly into the facade. The technology, functionality, and transparent design of the new Slimdrive SL NT automatic sliding door system with full-glass stainless steel fittings (GGS) are highlights that rate highly for both architects and fabricants alike. With its unique low construction height of only seven centimeters, the Slimdrive SL NT drive is ideally suited for glass facades where large and heavy door leaves move with great force and yet all the construction elements have to appear slender and discrete. The system is particularly well suited for sliding door systems in glass facades in modern hotels, offices, event venues, museums, and airports, or in high-end shop construction. With Slimdrive SL NT, single- and double-leaf linear sliding doors are available in the standard- or escape route version SL NT-FR. Slimdrive SL NT is based on the proven Slimdrive SL drive. It has been enhanced and provides even more attractive advantages.
Design freedom, comfort of use, and remarkable quietness

The new slim drive provides a wider application spectrum, since it moves door leaves up to 125 kg and thus allows for greater door dimensions. Individualised colouring of the side panels provides design freedom. Since electrical connection and cable conduits can be installed on either side, these make Slimdrive SL NT even more flexible and easily adaptable to design specifications. The new top-grade design of the slide rail, e.g. in black anodizing, can be affixed directly to the wall, facade, or cantilever beam. Slimdrive SL NT also provides increased user comfort. The drive can be run with any control element, e.g. remote control devices, 100% touch-free using the GEZE AIR 12 Cleanscan active infrared sensor or a surface sensor that can be activated with the elbows and opens the door earlier. This version is particularly suitable in health care facilities, clinics, doctor's offices, sporting facilities, and swimming pools, in the catering industry or in barrier-free buildings. It can also be used anywhere where people need to be able to open doors easily and where hygiene is an important concern.

The new self-cleaning roller carriage ensures noise-free operation. Large casters allow quiet movement for long periods and increase the lifetime of the roller carriage with minimal maintenance. Added security is provided by an integrated supporting roller, which prevents the door leaf from tipping or being pried out.
"Added value" through simply assembly and maintenance

Time is money. That's why assembly and maintenance advantages were key considerations during the enhanced development phase of the Slimdive drive. Leaf positioning has been optimized with the new roller carriage. This improves handling for the assembly technician, since there is no need for a height adjustment in the door shoe of the ISO fitting. Assembly convenience is also provided by the connection between roller carriages, which are now accessible from the front and can be easily switched out.

The expanded vertical adjustment area on the roller carriage is likewise more easily accessible now. The robust side panels can now be assembled in just a moment's time. These ensure the stable position and durable attachment of the cover, which is also secured when in suspended position. All of this translates to time savings of up to 45 minutes during assembly. The module carriage concept has also been optimized: Two module carriage pieces suffice for the mounting of all drive components. These can be pre-manufactured either in the shop or at the build site and installed very quickly. This saves additional time.

Innovative service comfort – flexible and efficient
GEZE offers two options for setting up and monitoring automatic doors – mobile and hassle-free.
Quick and efficient Parameterization with GEZEconnects®

With the innovative GEZEconnects® software module and Bluetooth radio transmission, automatic door systems from GEZE can be controlled and monitored easily and efficiently, and with time to spare. Parameterization, setup, monitoring, as well as data updates, can be completed easily on a laptop or PC. Thanks to the intuitive controls, written manuals are now a thing of the past. The Bluetooth radio module board is simply connected to the DCU door controller. Data is transferred between the door and computer at lightning speed. Setup documentation, maintenance- and diagnostic logs, and the password protection from unauthorized changes to operating parameters and maintenance data provide security. The simple reading of malfunction messages provides savings potential in service and maintenance. Diagnostic functions display the most important functional parameters in the door system in real time: malfunctions can thus be detected and corrected in a single view. With GEZEconnects®, door data is organised perfectly: all door settings can be saved, emailed, and copied to other door systems.

With GEZEconnects® you can calibrate, service, and document an endless array of GEZE doors at no additional cost – there are no licensing costs or restricted access to door systems with GEZE products.
The Service Terminal ST 220 – handy and robust

Simplified, yet still mobile and uncomplicated control and monitoring of automated door systems is available with the compact, handy, and highly robust ST 200 Service Terminal from GEZE. For power supply, cables are used via the door system. All configurations are displayed in plain text on the illuminated display. An integrated RS485 interface is used for communication and data exchange between the service terminal and sliding door drive. ST 220 features a read function for maintenance- and diagnostic data and password protection. GEZE doors can also be conveniently and simply configured and serviced with the ST 220 over the long term, and with no licensing fees.

Proven security

Slimdrive SL NT means proven security. The new drive is type-tested for compliance with DIN 18650, EN954-1 (class 2), DIN EN ISO 13849-1 (performance level D in standard- and escape route versions), and regulations for automatic sliding doors. The proven GEZE DCU technology for drive control features a complete range of connection options as well as numerous interfaces to the building surroundings and the most advanced sensors.
Emergency open with the NOT 320 emergency switch

With the NOT 320 emergency switch, the sliding door can be opened in case of danger by anyone at any time. The user-friendly button allows for safe activation of the emergency switch even in an emergency situation. The illuminated mushroom switch ensures safe orientation. The thoroughness of the GEZE design is also clear with the NOT 320. The emergency switch, which is available in the design of the leading "55" switch programmes, is also compatible with the building's existing switch design.

The Slimdrive SL NT sliding door drive is also available in a kit version. GEZE also designs project-specific, individualised solutions on request.

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The automatic sliding door system Slimdrive SL NT with full-glass designer fittings (GGS) from GEZE

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Emergency opening of the automatic sliding door with the NOT 320 emergency switch from GEZE

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GEZEconnects® – the software module for parameterization, setup, monitoring, and for updating door data on automatic door systems from GEZE

Top: configuration of movement parameters; bottom: diagnostic function

The Slimdrive SL WK2 sliding door system

Filigree yet robust, it makes life difficult for burglars

On the outside, there's nothing particularly remarkable about it. The new anti-burglary automatic linear sliding door system Slimdrive SL WK2 and the escape- and rescue route version SL-FR WK2 from GEZE are just as filigree as the proven Slimdrive SL standard versions. They're just even more robust. The anti-burglary protection is virtually imperceptible. With an unique low construction height of just 7 cm, the Slimdrive SL WK2 sliding door system drive is perfectly designed for glass facades with narrow profiles in post-rail constructions. The 2 leaf systems are available with passage widths of 900 – 3,000 mm and passage heights of up to 3,000 mm.

The Slimdrive SL WK2 design sliding door system was designed for building entranceways with more stringent requirements for anti-burglary and vandalism protection. It is especially well-suited for pharmacies, jewellery shops, gas stations, or interior spaces with extra-sensitive contents, such as data centres, and any other locations that are subject to strict safety requirements but also have to be visually appealing.

Slimdrive SL WK2 and SL-FR WK2 have been inspected for DIN V ENV 1627 - 1630 compliance, component resistance class 2 (WK2). This means they have been shown to be successfully resistant to attempted break-ins using WK2 class tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and wedges, as well as static and dynamic stress loads. Casual offenders are also effectively hindered. This allows security personnel more time to respond.

The new Slimdrive SL WK2 sliding door systems have been equipped with additional locking components for increased resistance to forced entry. The reinforced "anti-tipping" roller carriages with metal reinforcement cannot be pried loose from their mounting. The shift prevention mechanisms on the door suspension prevent forced removal of the sliding leaves. An additional mechanical access guard near the upper door shoes counteracts entry from the outside. Thus roller carriages and door mountings cannot be manipulated. The reinforced bistabile electromechanical multipoint bar lock is integrated with the profile system so that it is invisible. By means of two potential-free contacts, the locking state of the bar locking device can additionally be transmitted to an alarm system or a building management system. The sliding leaves extend discretely along the punctiform floor rail from below and are protected from prying from the outside by additional support brackets.
Slimdrive SL WK2 sliding door systems are offered with anti-burglary safety glass or insulating glass of safety class P4A. P5A glass can also be installed as desired in the event that the stricter DIN V ENV 1627:2009 standard takes effect. With this GEZE solution, planners and fabricants will be on the safe side for satisfaction of standards for anti-burglary sliding doors in the future. The proven GEZE DCU technology for drive control features all the connection options and numerous interfaces to the building surroundings and the most advanced sensors. The new Slimdrive SL WK2 sliding door can of course be easily, conveniently, and quickly calibrated and serviced with GEZEconnects® or the service terminal ST 220.

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The new Slimdrive SL WK2 anti-burglary automatic linear sliding door system from GEZE

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Slimdrive SL WK2 from GEZE: Roller carriage with shift prevention in detail

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Slimdrive SL WK2 from GEZE: Bar locking device in detail

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Slimdrive SL WK2 from GEZE: Reinforcement bracket in detail

The ECturn swing door drive
Automatic door systems: barrier-free quality of life and comfort
Whether at work or at home; we regularly find ourselves stood before the same door, often with no free hand to open the door. How nice it would be to be able to enter with no barriers! GEZE makes this comfort possible. With the new ECturn swing door drive, it is now possible, cost effectively and with minimal effort, to automate interior doors on which traditional door drive solutions cannot be used. Interior doors can be made barrier-free in just a blink of the eye and they can either be quietly and easily opened automatically, or they can be opened manually and closed automatically. The ECturn is designed for door leaf widths up to 1100 mm and weights up to 125 kg, and they can run in either low-energy or auto mode.
Automatic swing doors with ECturn drives are especially well suited to meet the needs people with impaired mobility and infirmities, such as children and – as part of sustainable building – the older generations of tomorrow. Interior doors with ECturn are the ideal solution for barrier-free living at home, in nursing homes, and for hospital rooms that are equipped with beds.
In low-energy mode, ECturn moves the swing door at reduced speeds, thus satisfying the DIN 18650 safety level. Additional safety sensors can be added quickly and easily. The required interfaces are already included with the drive by default. No additional boards or controllers are required. But in auto mode the opening area of the door must be secured with safety sensors.
A programme switch that is integrated in the drive enables the door functions "night", "auto", and "continuous open". They can also be installed with an external keyboard programme switch. A configurable buzzer alerts visually impaired persons of the automatic opening or closing of the door.
ECturn can be easily implemented abroad – the mains adaptor supports multiple supply voltages. In the event of power outage, an optional battery ensures maximum safety, especially for people with infirmities and difficulty walking. They can also be opened manually in the event of power outage. Combined with an electrical door opener or a motor lock, the adjustable control delay of 0-10 seconds ensures smooth operation. As a "Plug&Go" solution, the drive can be plugged directly into the socket so that revolving doors can also be automated simply and conveniently at a later time. ECturn is available for six TÜV-approved assembly types (hinge-/opposite-to-hinge side, door leaf-/transom assembly, slide rail-/rods).

"Open Sesame" – even more barrier freedom at the press of a button

For maximum freedom from barriers and even greater user-friendliness, automatic door solutions can be controlled without cables with remote-control buttons or via mobile remote control. These are increasingly becoming standard fittings for barrier-free living. They assist nursing staff in their tasks. The new GEZE radio programme can be used for individual doors and windows, which can be controlled either separately, together, or in defined groups via remote control. Access privileges can be assigned individually for different doors and windows.
With remote control, cables become unnecessary. This way existing switches and buttons can later be retrofitted easily and cost-effectively. The radio modules are sufficiently small that an integrated flush- or surface-mounting is available with minimal effort. The radio transmitter module, for example, can be directly clipped onto the surface button and mounted to the glass without cables.
Security is a primary concern with radio programmes: encryption of radio signals prevents a radio transmitter that has been "taught" from being "cracked". Each radio transmitter is "taught" individually and securely to prevent false or incorrect activation of doors and windows. Door drives can be activated from distances up to 30 minutes, even through walls.
Just a simple press of the button on the GEZE radio receiver is all that's required to open them and they can be held open for longer periods by simply holding it down. Due to the very small dimensions of the housing, the radio receiver can be easily integrated in the drive or a flush-mounted box. The surface mounting is available with a special IP54 protective housing as required. The GEZE radio programme is also compatible with all types of GEZE door and window drives.

Image captions (Please open files with Adobe Photoshop):

Barrier-free automatic swing door system from GEZE with the ECturn swing door drive,

remote control and the radio button from GEZE

The GEZE ECturn swing door drive with radio-control button as transmitter module

Remote control technology from GEZE

Combined safety actuation sensors from GEZE: Radio buttons and remote control as transmitter modules

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