Presidential Meeting

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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Presidential Meeting

  1. The meeting between Henry Dawes, President Grant, and General Sherman is filled with tensions. Describe the how each of these men felt in dealing with the Sioux Indians.

Henry Dawes: ______________________________________________________________________________________

President Grant: ____________________________________________________________________________________
General Sherman: ___________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Provide 2 examples of how the father of the young boy has assimilated into American culture.

Red Cloud’s Camp ~ Great Sioux Reservation

  1. In the new agreement what is the name of the new agency that the Sioux will have to move to?

  1. What is the ultimatum presented to Red Cloud by Henry Dawes if he does not accept this new treaty?

Introduction of Sitting Bull

  1. Why do Sitting Bull and his men think “Bear Coat” (Col. Nelson Miles) is coming?

Cedar Creek Valley, Dakota Territory ~ Oct. 21, 1876

  1. What does Col. Miles demand of Sitting Bull and his tribe during their meeting?

  1. Describe the “battle” between the Col. Miles’ troops and Sitting Bull’s tribe.

  1. What kind of warfare does Col. Miles use after the battle is over?

  1. Where do Sitting Bull and his people seek refuge?


  1. What is the first way Ohiyesa assimilated into American culture?

  1. What does the teacher do to try and force Ohiyesa into taking a Christian name?

Sitting Bull’s & The Northwest Mounted Police

  1. What were the conditions that the Northwest Mounted Police gave Sitting Bull in exchange for the right to their new home?

Henry Dawes & Friends of the Indian Conference

  1. When Henry Dawes introduces Ohiyesa, what is his new assimilated Christian name?

  1. Why did he pick this new Christian name?

Hardships Begin for Sitting Bull’s People

  1. What problem does the couple have that makes them want to leave Sitting Bull and the tribe to go back to the U.S. and to life on the reservation?

  1. What happens when the couple is forced to stay with Sitting Bull and the tribe?

  1. What are 2 accusations made against the Sioux by the Crow Indians that bring the Northwest Mounted Police back?

  1. What happens to the tribe after the whipping of the two men?

Henry Dawes & Charles Eastman

  1. What are the 3 steps to the plan that Henry Dawes & Charles Eastman are putting together to “protect” the Sioux?

Step 1: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Step 2: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Step 3: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What is the ultimate benefit for the United States in regards to the Black Hills?

Henry Dawes Meets with Sioux

  1. How much are the Sioux Indians going to receive per acre on their excess lands under Henry Dawes’ new proposal?

  1. Why is Chief Red Cloud not permitted to speak at the meeting?

  1. Why is land not considered valuable to the Sioux Indians?

Sitting Bull’s Hardships Continue

  1. Why are Sitting Bulls’ son and even more of the tribe leaving Canada?

  1. What is Sitting Bulls’ family and others turning to for food?

Standing Rock Sioux Agency ~ Dakota Territory

  1. What are some of demands made by Sitting Bull to Agent James McLaughlin at Standing Rock?

  1. Describe how Sitting Bull’s son hunts at the reservation.

  1. What does Charles Eastman tell Henry Dawes about owning the earth?

  1. What are the conditions in which Charles finds his new office?

  1. How is Chief Sitting Bull making money?

  1. How does Agent James McLaughlin trying to force assimilation on Sitting Bull?

  1. What does Charles Eastman tell Henry Dawes in a letter that he is dealing with on the reservation?

  1. What does the shaman promise will return if the people do the ghost dance?

Henry Dawes Visits the Sioux

  1. What is the final offer per acre that Henry Dawes is authorized to present to the Sioux?

  1. Why did Sitting Bulls’ friend tell lies about his actions in the Battle of the Little Big Horn?

  1. How does Sitting Bulls’ justification for opposing the signing of land treaty affect Red Cloud?

  1. What has happened to the relationship between Charles & Henry Dawes? What does Dawes say to Charles right before he leaves?

Trouble for the Sioux and Sitting Bull

  1. What has happened to the rations that have upset the Sioux?

  1. How does Agent James McLaughlin think he can shut down the dance camps?

  1. What has happened to Sitting Bull and his family?

Wounded Knee Creek

  1. Why did the one man not give up his gun when asked by the military?

  1. Describe the scene at Wounded Knee.

Dawes & Eastman One Last Time

  1. Why did Charles Eastman and Elaine Goodale have to turn to Henry Dawes for help?

  1. Describe the Renaming Project that is offered to Charles Eastman?

  1. What does Charles find during his frustration with the Renaming Project’s paperwork?

  1. Presently, what has our court system stated about the Sioux and Black Hills situation?

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