President: Terri Ray vp: Ricky Drew Secretary

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The 2nd Annual FEA Benefit Horse Show

Giving back to the horse community ! ! !

President: Terri Ray VP: Ricky Drew Secretary: Cindi Spear Treasurer: Debbie Thomas

Directors: Jen Black, Jen Grady, Scott Thomas

Sunday, July 29, 2012 Hollis Equestrian Park

8:30am (rain, snow, or shine) Route 5, Hollis, ME 04042

Affiliations: NEHC (see class list for ratings) MHA Rated B

Judge: Jennifer Grady, Whitefield, ME

Steward: Lori Wyman, Waterbury Center, VT

Manager: Ricky Drew, 41 Gore Road, Raymond, ME 04071 (207) 272-0082

Ring Master: Jess Small, Livermore, ME

Secretary: Mary Field, 212 Center Minot Hill Road, Minot, ME 04258 (207) 576-2861

Vet: Post Road Veterinary Clinic, Wells, ME on call (207) 646-7200

Farrier: Mike Sandvil, Danville, VT

Medical: Heidi Hellstrom, RN

Rules & Regulations:

Regular Class Entry Fee $15 Championships $20 Day Pass $100 (unlimited classes)

$15 late fee (per horse) postmarked after July 21, 2012

(Day pass not good for MHA Medallion or NEHC Pleasure Class) Office Fee $15 includes # & MHA Trophy Fee

  • You must enter all classes prior to the class in the office. This is a pointed show for NEHC & MHA. All entries in a class without entering in the office prior to the class are subject to a $10 bandit fee.

  • Any entries incurring bank fees due to check returns will be charged $50.oo plus cost of the fee.

  • Refunds will be made upon receipt of a vet certificate (or Dr.) & must be received by show manager before end of show.

  • Every Class recognized by NEHC/MHA will be conducted and judged under the current rules of NEHC/MHA.

  • Six (6) ribbons awarded per class. $75 Money class payouts: 1. $25 2. $20 3.$12 4. $8 5. $5 6. $5

Payouts will be done with vouchers attached to the ribbons. Vouchers are void ½ hour after last class of show.

  • Laurie’s Lunch will be on grounds.

  • The FEA Inc. Show Committee, , NEHC, MHA or their agents or employees, and/or the Hollis Equestrian Park will not be responsible for any accident which may occur to rider, groom, attendant, spectator, animal, or equipment at the show. Nor will any of the aforementioned be held responsible for loss or destruction of any property or equipment or damage to or by animals at the Show or on the grounds.

  • WARNING: Under Maine State Law an equine professional has limited liability for an injury or death resulting from the inherent risks of any equine activities.

  • Post entries should be made a minimum of 3 classes prior to the entered class.

  • No dogs on the show grounds unless kept on a leash away from the ring.

  • No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on the show grounds.

  • PROOF of current rabies, negative Coggins and registration papers (breed classes) will be required to show.

  • ( ) requires that you entered, showed and were judged in the class # in ( )

Note- The FEA is a non-profit corporation who gives back to the horse community. In 2011 the FEA gave out over $2000 to those in the horse community who found themselves in need due to health concerns or some type of disaster. This show contributes to that cause. We thank you for supporting us while we support the horse community.
Getting to the Hollis Equestrian Park:

From the South via the Maine Turnpike:
Take Exit 25 (formerly Exit 3) in Kennebunk. Follow signs to Route 35 North. Stay on Route 35 through Kennebunk and Lyman. Turn left on Route 5 North in Dayton. Park is 2.5 miles on left.

From the North via the Maine Turnpike:
Take Exit 46 (formerly Exit 7B) in South Portland. Turn left out of the toll booth and then left onto Route 22 West. Take Route 22 through Westbrook, Scarborough, Gorham and into Buxton. Turn left on Route 202 South into Hollis Center. Turn left, heading South, on Route 35. Turn right on Clark's Mills Road. At the end of Clark's Mills road, turn left on Route 5. Park is immediately on your right.

FEA Benefit Horse Show Class List

Sunday, July 29, 2012 8:30am Hollis, ME (rain, snow, shine!)

NEHC ratings are the letter after the class name * denotes not NEHC pointed ** denotes not MHA pointed

  1. Pony in Hand C

  2. Western Horse in Hand C

  3. American Saddlebred in Hand *

  4. Friesian Horse in Hand C

  5. Standardbred in Hand *

  6. English Horse in Hand C

  7. $75 Open Halter Championship* ** (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6)

To be conducted the same as Classes 2, and 6 and judged on the respective merits of the class in which the horse/pony qualified.

  1. Lead Line Equitation, Open, 7 Yrs. & under*

  2. Lead Line Pleasure Horse or Pony, Open, 7 Yrs. & under*

  3. Standardbred Pleasure 2 Gait Open*

  4. Adult Equitation, Open *

  5. Friesian Pleasure Open C

  6. Lead Line Equitation, Open, 7 Yrs. & under, Championship* (8)

  7. Lead Line Pleasure Horse or Pony, Open, 7 Yrs. & under, Championship* (9)

  8. Standardbred Pleasure 3 Gait Open*

  9. Hunter Pleasure Horse Open A

  10. Forty & Over Walk Trot Pleasure, Open* **

To be shown at walk, trot/jog/alternate gait both ways of the ring. To be judged on manners, performance and suitability.

  1. Junior Pleasure Horse Walk Trot Open (horses 5 & under- w/t based on horse) * **

To be shown both ways of the ring at walk and trot/jog/alternate gait. To be judged on manners, performance and quality.

  1. ASB 3 Gaited English Show Pleasure Open C

  2. Youth Activity Pleasure Horse, Open*

  3. MHA Medallion Pleasure Horse or Pony (open to members & non-members)*

  4. Adult Walk Trot Equitation, Open*

  5. Junior Exhibitor Hack, Horse/Pony C

  6. Walk Trot Equitation, 10 & under C

  7. Western Pleasure Horse Open * **

To be conducted and judged with the same specs as class #30

  1. Walk Trot Equitation, ages 11 -17* **

To be shown both ways of the ring at a walk and trot/jog/alternate gait.

  1. Road Hack Horse Open C

½ hour lunch break

  1. ASB 3 Gaited English Show Pleasure Open Championship (19) C

  2. Carriage Driving Open B

  3. MHA Pleasure Horse, Western (Must be owned by Maine Resident) *

  4. $75 Carriage Driving Open Championship (29) B

  5. NEHC Pleasure Horse ** C

  6. Walk Trot Pleasure Open, 10 & under C

  7. $75 Western Pleasure Horse Championship (25)* **

  8. Junior Pleasure W/T Horse Open Championship (18) * **

To be conducted and judged the same as Class 18.

  1. Walk Trot Equitation, 11 -17 Championship (26)* **

To be conducted and judged the same as Class 26.

  1. MHA Pleasure Horse, English (Must be owned by Maine Resident)*

  2. Standardbred Pleasure 2 Gait Open Championship (10)*

  3. $75 Road Hack Horse Open Championship (27) C

  4. Junior Exhibitor Hack, Horse/Pony Championship (23) C

  5. Forty & Over Walk Trot Pleasure, Open Championship (17)* **

Specs the same as class 17.

  1. FEA Pleasure Classic Open* **

Open to all riders regardless of status. To be shown at a walk, trot or jog, and canter/ lope both ways of the ring. Alternate gaits are allowed. Entries are to stand quietly and back readily. To be judged on performance, manners, suitability of horse to rider, presence and quality. All horses to be judged on their respective merits regardless of type. Top six places will quality for the FEA Open Pleasure Classic Finals held at the FEA Classic Horse Show during the Topsfield Fair 0n October 5 & 6.

  1. Walk Trot Equitation, 10 & under Championship (24) C

  2. $75 Hunter Pleasure Horse Open Championship (16) A

  3. $75 Standardbred Pleasure 3 Gait Open Championship (15)*

  4. Walk Trot Pleasure Open, 10 & under Championship (33) C

  5. $75 Friesian Pleasure Open Championship (12) C

  6. Adult Walk Trot Equitation, Open Championship (22)* **

To be conducted and judged the same as class 22

  1. Youth Activity Pleasure Horse, Open Championship (20)*

  2. Adult Equitation Open Championship (11) *

  3. Friesian Fury* **

Enter the ring at a strong trot. To be shown at a strong trot, extended trot, normal trot and walk. To be judged on quality of each gait, extension, transitions, vitality, energy, presence & manners. To be eligible horse must be a purebred registered Friesian with any Friesian registry.

Rider Attire: Bright Colored tops. Helmet covers & saddle pads to match. (optional) Riding pants suitable for the discipline being presented, hunt seat or saddle seat. No farm logos or names are permitted.

Horse Attire: Saddle and bridle for the seat presented, huntseat or saddleseat. No martingales, tie downs, over checks allowed. No bell boots or leg wraps of any kind are allowed.

  1. Command Class, Open*

Hollis Summer Series Challenge

The following shows are now part of the Hollis Summer Series Challenge. There will be Year-end Champions and Reserves to the top 2 in each class. There is no membership required. You must compete at a minimum of 3 of the 5 series shows. Points will be awarded to the top 6 placings as following: 1st-10 pts, 2nd-8 pts, 3rd-6 pts, 4th-4 pts, 5th-2 pts, 6th-1 point.

Double judged results will count for each judge and series points, but the show itself only counts as one of the required three to qualify for season end points. Series end point ties will be broken by the numbers of firsts, then seconds, all the way until 6ths. Awards will be presented at the last show of the series. This series will begin in 2012.

The shows:
ASAM Long Horn Fun Festival

ASAM Dunegrass Living Double Judged Classic

ASAM Hollis Equestrian Park Benefit

FEA Benefit Horse Show

The Pine Tree Sizzler
Classes Eligible:

English Horse in Hand

Western Horse in Hand

Lead Line Pleasure, 7 & Under

(Classes Eligible continued)

Lead Line Equitation 7 & Under

Walk Trot Pleasure 10 & Under

Walk Trot Equitation 10 & Under

MHA Western Pleasure

MHA English Pleasure

Hunter Pleasure Horse Open

Adult Equitation

Junior Exhibitor Hack

Youth Activity Pleasure


Sunday, July 29, 2012 - 8:30 A.M.
Pre-Entries Close Mail to: ENTRY FEES:

Saturday, July 21, 2012 Mary Field $15.00 all Regular Classes

Late Entry Fee: $15 per horse 212 Center Minot Hill Rd $20.00 Championship Classes

Minot, ME 04258 $90.00 all-day pass

Make checks payable to FEA ph. 207-576-3641 $15.00 Office Fee per Horse

E-mail: Classes #21 & 32 are not covered by day pass



Name of Horse or Pony

Reg. No.


Exhibitor’s Name






Owners Name & Address



AEvery entry at an affiliated event shall constitute an agreement that the person making it, owner, lessee, trainer, manager, agent, coach, driver,

rider and the horse, shall be subject to the Bylaws and the Rules of the Association, the rules and regulations of the show, and that every horse, TOTAL ENTRY FEES

rider and/or driver is eligible as entered and that the owner and any of his representatives are bound by the Bylaws and Rules of the MHA, Inc.,

the NEHC, FEA Inc, and the affiliated event, accept as final the decision of the MHA, Inc., the NEHC, FEA Inc, or committee thereof on any Office Fee $15

question arising under said rules and agree to hold the affiliated event, the MHA, Inc., NEHC, and Hollis Equestrian Park, their officials,

directors and employees, harmless for any action taken. The constitution or application of MHA, Inc. FEA, INC, rules is governed by the Laws of the POST ENTRY FEE $15

State of Maine. All users of the Hollis Equestrian Park understand that the Friends of the Hollis Equestrian Park and the Town of Hollis are to be held

harmless for all events and issues resulting from or associated with the use of the Hollis Equestrian Park. These events or issues include, but are Day Pass $90

not limited to, the cost of loss, damage, accidents or legal expenses.

WARNING Under Maine Law an equine professional has limited liability for an injury or death resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities TOTAL FEES PAID
Owner’s Signature & Complete Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Minor’s Name Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________________ (If the exhibitor is a minor, a parent/guardian must sign the entry form before the entry will be accepted)

Trainer’s Signature & Complete Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (If NO Trainer, the Owner must sign this line)

*** This is the FEA Benefit Horse Show- MHA B & NEHC rated!!! !

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