President: Marvie Shelor Vice President: Mildred Torney Secretary-Treasurer

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Alleghany Historical-Genealogical Society, Inc.
P.O. BOX 817, Sparta, N.C. 28675
President: Marvie Shelor

Vice President: Mildred Torney


Vol. 8, No.1 March 1986 BULLETIN NO. 26

At our Annual Meeting, the Society elected Marvie Shelor as our new President. We want to wish him well and vie him our support. Mildred Torney is continuing as Vice President and we are grateful for her loyal service. We are still searching for someone to fill the Secretary-Treasurer position. In the meantime, Lou Reid Landreth continues to be the one who holds us together! New officers on the Board of Directors are Robert Andrews and Irene Wagner.
All of us want to extend our special thanks to our outgoing president, Mrs. Bessie McMillan. She came to our rescue a year ago when we were badly in need of a president and she has served us well.
I am looking forward to a good and productive year with all of us working together.
We need to finish up the cemetery census, so this can be published. We lack research on a few cemeteries, so with warmer weather on the way, hopefully, we can finish this project soon.
We are to be looking forward to a museum in the Higgins Agriculture Center. This will be a major undertaking for the museum committee and I’m sure they will expect each of us to help.
I’d like for us to work more on local history, particularly an in-depth study of “our” Civil War soldiers. Some of you have mentioned a collection fo letters from the soldiers. There is a wealth of information in these documents about eh war and personal sentiments.
Each of you is urged to recruit new members.
Remember the new meeting time, 5:00 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month. We hope this change will be more convenient for more people. I hope to name all committee chairpersons by the next meeting.

Marvie B. Shelor

The following marriage records ALLEGHANY COUNTY

are taken from the Registrar’s Office MARRIAGE RECORDS

at the Court House in Sparta, N.C.
Name of Male Name of Female Father of Male Mother of Male
James McGrady Wady Cheek Andrew McGrady Phebe McGrady

William F. Jennings Janey Hanks Solomon Jennings Sarah Jennings

Calvin Wolf Jane Spurlin F.L. Wolf Elizabeth Wolf

Marlin Dickens Maya Evans Wm. Dickens Nancy Dickens

Thomas Jones Pheeba Hall John Jones Leah Jones

William Richardson Mary Hungate William Richardson Jane Richardson

A.B. Stidham Tabitha Moxley Alivin Stidham Not known

Harvey F. Brown Eveline Joines Solomon Brown Nancy Brown

Gabriel Lyons Nancy Blevins Jacob Lyons ---

Alfred Waddle Minerva G. Horton Charles Waddle Elizabeth Waddle

C.J. Toliver Sarah Burchet Solomon Toliver Margaret Toliver

Allen Jones Lilly A. Brown John A. Jones Elizabeth Jones

J.M. Waggoner Sarah A. Crowse Daniel Waggoner Martha Waggoner

Ephraim Sexton Emeline Bland Eli Sexton Polly Sexton

F.B. Ham B.V. Hall Wm. R. Ham A. Ham

J.M. Jordin Pamela Ayers G.W. Jordin Eliz. A. Jordin

Wm. A. Crowse Elizabeth Sivage Jackson Crowse Jane Crowse

Brison Kirby Julia Duncan --- ---

Thomas Upchurch Emily Stamper Wesley Upchurch ---

Mack Andress Polly Reynolds John Andress Not known

Levi Todd Nancy J. Higgins Henry Todd ---

George Todd Angeline Higgins Wm. Todd Martha Todd

Guy W. Custer Louise J. Thompson Henry Custer Ellen Custer

Isaac Holloway Rhody Brackins John Holloway Patsy Holloway

We attempt to print this as it

appears in the records, but in many

cases the writing is impossible to

decipher, therefore there will be

errors for which we apologize.

Father of Female Mother of Female Date By Whom Married
Richard Cheek Franky Cheek Mar 24 1871 Wm H Joines, JP

Ned Hanks ? Hanks Nov 4 1871 Wm H Joines, JP

William Spurlin ? Spurlin Sep 8 1871 Wm H Joines, JP

Abraham Evans Mahala Evans Feb 12 1871 Wm H Joines, JP

Not known Not known Nov 25 1871 DC Jones, JP

John Hungate --- Nov 20 1871 DC Jones, JP

Thomas Moxley --- Jun 13 1871 DC Jones, JP

Ezekiel Joines Conie Joines Nov 19 1871 Caloway Blevins

Wm Blevins Nancy Blevins Jan 16 1871 CJ Edwards, JP

John Gambill Anna Gambill Oct 23 1872 HS Reeves, JP

Johnson Burchet Elizabeth Burchet Jun 6 1872 CJ Edwards, JP

Not known Milly Brown Feb 13 1872 Rev BE Caudill

James R. Caudill Phebe Caudill Jan 4 1872 Rev BE Caudill

Not known --- Feb 24 1872 Rev JW Landreth

Peyton Hall Amanda Hall Feb 22 1871 Guy Mc Reeves

John Ayers Caroline Ayers Aug 4 1871 Rev JF Roberts

Cornelius Sivage Isabella Sivage Apr 23 1871 MVB Norman

--- --- Jan 16 1872 PC Higgins

Solomon Stamper Lydia Stamper Aug 20 1872 JH Doughton

George Reynolds ? Reynolds Aug 26 1872 Wm H. Joines, JP

Jackson Higgins Not known Nov 20 1872 Wm H. Joines, JP

Goldman Higgins --- Dec 26 1872 Wm H. Joines, JP

Robert Thompson Jane Thompson Sep 2 1872 W D Maxwell, JP

Samuel Brackins Nancy Brackins --- ---

Name of Male Name of Female Father of Male Mother of Male
Henderson Cheek Milly Higgins Meredith Cheek Not known

Hardin Spicer Elvira J. Boyer Hardin Spicer Patsy Spicer

Meredith Sanders Sarah Simons Michael Sanders Anna Sanders

Joseph Spurlin Charity Moxley William Spurlin Franky Spurlin

Huston Blevins Sarah J. Crouse JJ Blevins Pinky Blevins

Reid Evans Nancy Waggoner David Evans Margaret Evans

Jackson Mabe Maza Evans Ephraim Mabe Pelina Mabe

TG Hubble ME Perkins Levi Hubble EJ Hubble

F Cook SE Crabtree Z Cook Sarah Cook

James Crouse Frances Andress Benjamin Crouse Minty Course

James Andress Susan Rector John Andress Catherine Andress

Francis Bryan ? Crouse Francis Bryan Phoebe Bryan

Calvin J. Cox Violet Perry Hugh Cox Mary Cox

Wiley G. Collins Francis E Carico John Collins Celia Collins

John Hampton Jane Duncan Wade Hampton Nancy Hampton

Anderson Cox Jane E Wilson Joseph Cox Sina Cox

Amos Ballard Ann Ballard William Ballard Martha Ballard

Alfred Thompson Phebe Bryan Stephen Thompson Mary Thompson

JL Kesling Matta Horn George Kesling Elizabeth Kesling

Huander J Long Thesey E Waggoner Eli Long Martha Long

WB Leeland Susan Goss PW Leeland Jane Leeland

Fields L Pugh Caroline Hampton John L Pugh Matilda E Pugh

EC Stuart Francis Caudill Jackson Stuart Hila Stuart

Jefferson King Margaret A Smith Payton King Syntha King

Albert Carico Caroline Cox Joshua Carico Rebeca Carico
Father of Female Mother of Female Date By Whom Married
Thomas Higgins Not known Oct 10 1872 WH Joines, JP

James Boyer Rhody Boyer Oct 15 1872 DC Jones, JP

Alfred Moxley Polly Moxley Apr 7 1872 WD Maxwell, JP

Allen Toliver Susan Toliver Dec 16 1872 Solomon Fender

Russ Crouse Caroline Crouse Dec 26 1872 WH Joines, JP

Adam Waggoner Maryan Waggoner Oct 6 1872 Geo Mc Reeves, JP

Abraham Evans Elizabeth Evans Feb 22 1872 Rev J Baldwin

Rufus Perkins Elizabeth Perkins Feb 22 1872 Geo Mc Reeves

G Crabtree SA Crabtree Oct 26 1872 Geo Mc Reeves

Leander Andress Phoeby Andress Mar 3 1872 WD Maxwell, JP

Anderson Rector Sarah Rector Dec 26 1872 PC Higgins, JP

Andrew Carson Margaret Carson Dec 15 1872 Rev JF Roberts, JP

John Perry Jane Perry Oct 17 1872 PC Higgins, JP

Martin Carico Ann Carico Oct 5 1872 PC Higgins, JP

Franklin Duncan Cina Duncan Aug 24 1872 PC Higgins, JP

Berry Wilson Serahan Wilson Dec 19 1872 PC Higgins, JP

Biram Ballard Not known Jul 28 1872 PC Higgins, JP

Lewis Richardson Mary Richardson Jun 11 1872 PC Higgins, JP

Levi Norman Mary Norman Sep 15 1872 MVB Norman

Francis Bryan Margaret Bryan Apr 17 1872 Rev JF Roberts

John Horn Saphira Horn Apr 14 1872 CJ Edwards, JP

Daniel Waggoner Martha Waggoner Dec 22 1872 CJ Edwards, JP

David Goss Margaret Goss Apr 19 1872 CJ Edwards, JP

Alexander Hampton Elizabeth Hampton Jun 2 1872 ---

James R Caudill Phebe Caudill Mar 12 1872 Rev BE Caudill

AM Smith Aby Smith Feb 22 1872 Rev JF Roberts

Joshua Cox Jane Cox Dec 26 1872 PC Higgins, JP
The following is an obituary of Bessie Reid Hackler who died April 15, 1900. It is copied from a yellowed newspaper clipping found preserved in the Holbrook family Bible. She was the first wife of Robert Halsey Hackler, Doughton and Marvin Doughton.
It is midnight. The Easter Sabbath has just begun and the soul of Bessie Reid Hackler leaves its house of clay for its mansion in the skies. She was 26 years old last May. She had spent fourteen of these years as a consistent member of the Methodist church, and eight and a half years as home and never in all her young life did she willfully disobey her parents, or detract a joy from the life of her brothers. There was such a loving intimacy between her and her mother that every secret of her innocent heart was known to her mother. Her childhood’s history had but few blurs. When she went out from her home with her husband to build up a home for themselves, she carried with her a devotion to her husband and a fixed purpose to have a Christian home. The most befitting epitaph that can be written for her is, she made home happy and carried her joyous life with her into every path into which duty called her to go. Cares and troubles, which kept her fingers busy making some useful ornament for her home or some pleasurable surprise for her family and friends. Her deeds of life never pierced as thorns human heats, nor did she make any grieve because of cruel words.
She loved the church and all of its institutions. The Sunday School was dear to her heart and her every care and wish was for blessings upon the children. It was not her privileged to attend the house of God as much as she wished, but like the good one of old she knelt oft with her face toward the temple and prayed. Any sacrifice that God required she was ready to make. She gave up her first born to live with the angels and never complained, and Job-like, she would trust God though he should slay her. She never wanted her husband or friends to neglect any duty to watch by her. When her babe was but ten days old she urged her husband to go about his merchandize, and while he is in the marts of trade, and ever and anon stops to look for some pleasant surprise to take back to his loving family of three, the death angel comes at midnight April 15, 1900, and leaves him but two. How sad! How little did we think death so near. He came as the thief,, for while we slept, he came into the presence of a few and took this young life away.
She had lived trusting in God and this last enemy did not find her off her guard. Here we are weeping while she is happier than human tongue can tell. Let us dry our tears and follow Him whereso e’er He leads.
We pray for the husband, the two children and parents.
S.W. Brown
The beautiful Sabbath, April 15, 1900, had come. Pupils were ready to read from the book of books, of the resurrection of the Son of God and learn of his wonderful works so beautifully manifested in the calmness of the day. But hark! The news is whispered from one to another that a teacher of the Methodist Sunday School had joined the great school beyond the skies and on this beautiful Sabbath would answer to the roll call at the throne of the great eternal.
Why this act of Providence, we know not and to his will we bow in humble submission.
Mrs. Bessie Hackler was an ardent worker in our school and when possible for her to do so, was always present and ready to work for the Lord’s kingdom. We will miss her presence and her work, but she forms another link in the chain, another gem in the diadem that binds us to eternity. Teachers, pupils, let us emulate her character, let her God be our God, let her heaven be our home, and when we meet again join our anthems with her son and heaven will ring with shouts of praise.
For the Sparta Methodist Sunday School:
Greek D. Brown, Superintendent


Charles C. Brooks Shadrach Franklin (grandfather),

Cincinnati, OH William R. (father), Morgan, Arthur,

Walter, Rebecca & Laura (brothers

and sisters of William)

Ronnie and Patricia Evans Evans, Macemore, York, Longbottom

Hamptonville, NC

C.C. and Joan Moxley Moxley, McMillan, Joines, Jones, Faw

Gainesville, Florida Ray, Calloway, Crouse, Wagoner,

Cheek, Spurlin, Hoppers, Gambill.
Timothy Reeves Reeves, Cox, McMillan

Tsaile, Arizona

Phyllis L. Hawkins Etta Church Hawkins, Roles.

Pulaski, Virginia Married Charles L. Roles, Beckley,

West Virginia, June 7, 1921.

Lottie T. Griffith Andrews, Money, Griffith, Fulp.

Ridgeway, Virginia

Chairman Lou Reid Landreth reports that she is still lacking one member on the new Museum Committee—someone to represent Prathers Creek Township. Others who have agreed to serve are: Cherry Land, Margaret Motsinger; cranberry, Mrs. Elizabeth Moxley; Gap Civil, John Woodruff; Glade Creek, Duane Davis; Piney Creek, Evelyn Hash; and Whitehead, Wilma R. Foster.
As indicated in the December Bulletin, we need substantial contributions this year to cover materials which we will need the minute a building is ready for us to occupy. Remember, your contributions are tax-deductible!


A recent correspondent wrote saying that Emanuel ROSE’s wife was Mary Hampton. Who were her parents? One daughter, Mary, Married John Holloway (born ca 1766). Another daughter, Kezia, married Richard BAUGUESS (or Boggas, Boggers, etc.). Did daughters Sarah and Elizabeth marry? If so, to whom? Were there male offspring? Would like to correspond with others researching these families. Contact Orlella Holloway Chadwick, Tillamok, OR.

Who were the first Crouse/Krause men in this part of North Carolina? Where did they come from? Where did they go? I have church record (Stokes County) of baptism of Jacob Kraus whose parents were Adam and Elisabeth Kraus from Wilkes County, on Novemebr 16 1794. What was Elisabeth’s maiden name? Who were the other children? Will swap information with anyone who is interested. Will answer all correspondence, pay copying and postage fees. Bette Burgess Crouse, Burlington, NC.

NOTE: The editor welcomes articles for the Bulletin which relate to Alleghany County or of a general historical-genealogical nature. We also reserve the right to edit or refuse any article not appropriate for publication. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information submitted.

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