President: Marvie Shelor Vice President: Mildred Torney Secretary-Treasurer

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Alleghany Historical-Genealogical Society, Inc.
P.O. BOX 817, Sparta, N.C. 28675
President: Marvie Shelor

Vice President: Mildred Torney


Vol. 8, No.3 September 1986 BULLETIN NO. 28

Monday night didn’t seem to be working out as a time for our Society meetings, therefore we’re changing back to Sundays at 2:30 p.m. Local members, please make an effort to attend the meetings and bring a friend. Those of you who live away from here are invited to attend any time you happen to be in our area on the fourth Sunday of the month. These meetings are held in the Library.
At our August meeting we had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Dale Wagoner from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Sorry many of you were unable to hear him. He told us about hunting for years for his roots here in Alleghany County. Previously he had been hunting in Ashe County with no luck. He didn’t know that Alleghany had been a part of Ashe County.
I had a nice visit with our life--member Tim Reeves while he was home (from where he lives in Arizona). We discussed several possibilities for our proposed cemetery book. He had some god ideas and offered to help in any way that he can. We are most grateful for his ideas and assistance.
Genealogists working on Cox genealogy will be interested in a communication from Mr. Simeon O. Coxe, Jr., Mobil, AL. He says:
“…we have discovered a significant error that was made in 1940 and has tainted our genealogical efforts ever since.”
This error concerns the name of Joshua or John Cox, father of Capt. John and Lieutenant David Cox, whose WILL, incidentally, was copied in our June 1986 BULLETIN #27. It was the signature on this will that has caused the controversy. The debate has been whether it was signed “John” or “Joshua.” It is the conclusion of Simeon Cox that the signature is in fact JOSHUA. Further research is in progress, but Mr. Coxe has revised his father’s book “HISTORY OF A BRANCH OF OUR COX FAMILY” accordingly.

The following marriage records ALLEGHANY COUNTY

are taken from the Registrar’s Office MARRIAGE RECORDS

at the Court House in Sparta, N.C.

Name of Male Name of Female Father of Male Mother of Male

Rash Anderson Matilda E Jones Orval Anderson Not known

Huston Blevins Celia Hampton John Blevins Adaline Blevins

Levi Gillespi Mary W Bryan Levi Gillespi Mary Gillespie

John Swindle Mehala E Dickson Stephen Landreth Lucy Landreth

Rush Ward Nancy Thompson Thomas Ward Emeline Ward

John Francis Martha A Halsey Eli Cox Mahala Cox

Rufus H Price Pamela F Barton Thomas Price Mahala Price

Joseph A Nelson Susan Mitchell Isaac Nelson Lydia Nelson

James M Pasley Celia C Anderson Wm. J Pasley Mary Pasley

Jacob F Goss Eleanor Cox Hitchen Goss Rutha Goss

William M Nelson Sarah M Mitchell Isaac Nelson Lydia Nelson

Thomas F Ham Sarphina Pugh John J Ham Elvira Ham

J H Stamper Martha Black SS Stamper Lydia Stamper

Isom Cox Mary Williams Samuel Cox Polly Cox

WE Hardin Mary Ellen Gentry James W Hardin Sabra Hardin

Hiram Toliver Phebe Barton Jesse Toliver Francis Toliver

Johnson L Thomas Eveline Boyer Johnson Thomas Catherine Thomas

Craig Jones Elizabeth Pugh John A Jones Elizabeth Jones

WL Hoppers Elizabeth Edwards Franklin Hoppers Elizabeth Hoppers

Porter Scoot Judy Gambill Mat Hubbard Amelia Hubbard

George Mabe Martha Ann Smith John Mabe Rhody Mabe

Derell Goins Mary Maxwell Albert Goins Dallas Goins

Thomas Maton Dela Cox Warren Maton Not known

John A Caudill Mary Holloway Josiah Caudill Matilda Caudill
Father of Female Mother of Female Date By Whom Married

M (?) Jones Melinda Jones Aug 18 1872 PC Higgins, JP

Thomas B Hampton Jestin Hampton Nov 24 1872 PC Higgins, JP

SF Bryan Sally Bryan Oct 27 1872 Rev JF Roberts

Wesley Dickson Charlotte Dickson Dec 16 1872 Rev JW Landreth

Isom Thompson Jane Thompson Dec 15 1872 John Parsons

Lewis H Halsey Rebecca Halsey Mar 28 1872 Rev JL Pugh

John H Barton Mabel Barton Jan 4 1872 Rev JL Pugh

Charles Mitchell Sarah Mitchell Apr 16 1872 Rev JL Pugh

McCoy Anderson Aly Anderson Jan 25 1872 Rev JL Pugh

Jesse Cox Rosy Cox Jan 28 1872 Rev JL Pugh

Charles Mitchell Sarah Mitchell Oct 5 1872 Rev JL Pugh

Harold Pugh Hanah Pugh Oct 18 1872 Rev JL Pugh

William Black Nancy Black Nov 10 1872 Rev JL Pugh

Henry Williams Patta Williams Sep 25 1872 DC Jones, JP

Allen Gentry Rebecca Gentry Nov 2 1872 WD Maxwell, JP

John Barton Elizabeth Barton Oct 23 1873 Rev JL Pugh

Morgan Boyer Lucy Boyer Nov 29 1873 Rev JL Pugh

Wm. Pugh Malinda Pugh Jan 6 1873 Rev JL Pugh

Starlin Edwards Anna Edwards Jan 4 1863 Geo McReeves, JP

Not known Not known Feb 9 1873 WD Maxwell, JP

Charles Smith Serah Smith Aug 4 1873 DC Jones, JP

Richard Maxwell Valet Maxwell Jan 26 1873 DC Jones, JP

Samuel Cox Polly Cox Jan 2 1873 DC Jones, JP

John Holloway Patsy Holloway Mar 11 1873 Rev BE Caudill
Name of Male Name of Female Father of Male Mother of Male

Wm. Hankly Caroline Dudly Walter Hankly Elvira Hankly

Daniel Crowse Sarah Stiller Martin Crowse Anna Crowse

Archibald Boon Ann Kanady Andrew Boon Patsy Boon

William Brooks Lucida Royl Hardin Brooks Cessa Brooks

Weaver Sturgill Mary Williams John Sturgill Jane Sturgill

Samuel H Pugh Luvina Mitchell Harold Pug Hanah Pugh

Newton Anderson Latma Bedwell Jasper Anderson Sarah Anderson

James Adams Nancy Hash John Adams Marcha Adams

William Sturgill Mazy Pugh John Sturgill Jane Sturgill

John M.P.? Lydia Gambill R.H.P? Eliza A.P.?

Hugh Hanes Elizabeth Shuans Robert Hanes Rosanah Hanes

Monro Smith Ellin Grimsly Roland Smith Eliza Smith
Lemuel Wolf Jane Brooks FL Wolf not known

? Phipps Serah Vaughn Samuel Phipps not known

George W Collins Serah E Lane John Collins Susan Collins

RH Joines ME Caudill Ezekiel Joines Jane Joines

John Truitt not given not known not known

M Holloway Susan F Caudill Martin Holloway Margaret Holloway

Clark W Grubb Susan Hawkins C Grubb Elizabeth Grubb

Ben Richardson Mary Gambill Jackson Goins Mina Richardson

Fleming Robins Cynthia V Cole Franklin Robins Rosan Robins

James Franklin McMillan Martha Price AB McMillan Ellen McMillan

DF Irwin Sarah Ann Absher Wm. Irvin Nancy Irvin

Henry Crowse Sarah Jane Waggoner Martin Crowse Anna Crowse

Columbia Creed Jane Harris Enoch Creed Margaret Creed

Cicero Baldwin Charity Roop John M Baldwin Tobitha Baldwin

RF Edwards Jane Wooten DJ Edwards Maryan Edwards

James C Jones Maya McMillan DC Jones Caroline Jones

Father of Female Mother of Female Date By Whom Married

Charles Dudly Lucy Dudly Mar 13 1873 Geo McReeves, JP

Henry Stiller Elizabeth Stiller Feb 13 1873 Rev BE Caudill

Theodore Kenedy Caroline Kenedy Jan 16 1873 John Parsons, JP

Lewis Harris Hanah Harris Feb 20 1873 MVB Norman

Colan Williams Patsy Williams Mar 9 1873 John Parsons, JP

Charles Mitchell Sarah Mitchell Oct 17 1873 Rev John L Pugh

Alfred Bedwell Eliza Bedwell Jan 21 1873 Rev John L Pugh

John Hash Nelly Hash Dec 9 1873 Rev John L Pugh

William Pugh Matilda Pugh Oct 5 1873 Rev John L Pugh

James Gambill Lucy Gambill Nov 9 1873 Rev John L Pugh

Andrew Shuans Nancy Ann Shuans Aug 29 1873 Rev John L Pugh

Hudson Grimsly Peggy Grimsly Dec 30 1873 Rev John L Pugh

Wm A Brooks Not known Mar 9 1873 Wm H Joines, JP

Wm V Vaughn Not known Mar 4 1873 Wm H Joines, JP

Garland Lane Harriet Lane Dec 30 1873 DC Jones, JP

James R Caudill Phebe Caudill Apr 6 1873 Rev BE Caudill

Wm T Schoat Martha Schoat Feb 9 1873 Wm H Joines, JP

Joisha Caudill Matilda Caudill Mar 24 1873 Rev BE Caudill

Charles Hawkins Nancy Hawkins Feb 6 1873 Rev JL Pugh

Joseph Calloway Ann Calloway Oct 13 1873 Rev Martin Church

David Cole Minerva Cole Sep 1 1873 MF Joines

David Price Nancy Price Jul 25 1873 Rev JH Baldwin

Abraham Absher Nancy Absher Oct 26 1873 MF Joines, JP

AJ Waggoner Nancy Waggoner Dec 7 1873 Daniel Whitead, JP

Henderson Harris Rhody Harris Jan 7 1873 Rev JF Roberts

John Roop Sarah Roop Oct 26 1873 Rev J Baldwin

AB McMillan Ellen McMillan Apr 27 1873 Rev BE Caudill

The following is a copy of a letter written by Felix J. Williams’s during the Civil War. He was the son of Henry John and Mary (Polly) Weaver Williams of Piney Creek. Felix was born October 12, 1843 and he was killed May 3, 1863—just a month after this letter.
Camp Gregg April the 2nd 1863

Dear Father, Mother, Brothers & Sisters:

It is with pleasure that I avail myself of this opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I am well and harty. Truly hoping these few lines may find you well and doing well.
I have not got much news to write at this time. We have sent all of our things to Richmond but one blanket and what close we seed proper to carry. They are expecting old Jo Hooker to cross the river on they aim to send us to the Valley or somewhere else but I don’t know myself what is up, but there is something in the wind certain. I can inform you that F.R. Parsons rolled in from yankeedom yesterday and he looks well and harty. He says he has been in the old Capitol at Washington City all the time. He says the Yankees says that we will fight on this summer and then go back into the Union. I would not be surprised if that would be the way of it myself for there is getting to be a great deal of dissatisfaction in the army and deserters is plenty certain.
Wilbern Richardson came down here yesterday and brought me a letter from home. I was truly glad to hear that you was all well so late. He brought me something to eat. He brought me some meat and some apples and onions and chestnuts that John sent me. They was as gladly received as if they had been bushel of them for I know that they came from an honest heart and from an honest boy. I will never forget your acts of kindness if I should be forced to stay in this cruel war 10 years and should live I would not forget none of you but I would always remember you, let what come that might.
I very often get up on a hill and look towards home with as much eagerness as ever Daniel looked toward the city of New Jerusalem when he was in captivity. And I pray as fervently that I may be permitted to visit the land of my nativity. I received a letter from nearly all of you. I am glad certain to see a line from any of you. I can read Wms. Writing every line of it and want him to write often. I will bring my short and bad wrote letter to a close by subscribing myself your true but unworthy son and brother until death.
F.J. Williams

If any of our members know of other similar letters that would be of interest, we would be pleased to include them in future issues of the BULLETIN. Address any correspondence to the ALLEGHANY HISTORICAL-GENEALOGICAL SOCEITY.

Theresa Ryan, Aberdeen, Maryland, publishes a quarterly newsletter known as ELY HERITAGE. The newsletter includes an unlimited free query column, open to all as long as the query relates to the ELY surname and its many allied lineages. Please contact Ms Ryan for future information.


HOW ABOUT RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP FOR 1987 EARLY THIS YEAR??? Although some of you just renewed for 1986, membership dues should be paid by December 31 for the following year. We could also ask some of our friends and neighbors to support our Society. We’ll have several interesting meetings and projects coming along in the future, and we’ll need lots of help and support!!!

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