Preparing for the Chapter 4 Test

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Preparing for the Chapter 4 Test

  • Read through the lesson objectives & responses in your spiral.

  • KNOW people & their historical significance on your People Chart

  • Complete/review the test-prep on pg.150-151 in our textbook.

Chapter 4 Test Format


Match the word to the definition.

Multiple Choice

Tips: Choose the BEST answer from the choices given. Cross off answers that you know are incorrect. Look for help on the test, as some questions may help answer another question.

Be sure to review:

Apply Your Knowledge:

Map Skills:

  • Use the map to answer questions related to New Netherland & its capital – New Amsterdam.

Apply the Reading Skills: Compare and Contrast

A. Read the passage about Roanoke and apply your background knowledge to answer the question.

  • Review the colonies of Roanoke and Jamestown and be prepared to discuss how they were similar (compare) and different (contrast) in multiple ways.

B. Think back to our comparison/contrast chart for the Pilgrims and Puritans. Be prepared to discuss how these settlers were similar (compare) and different (contrast) in multiple ways.

Matching: Read the description & identify the historical figure.

People to know:

Samuel Champlain Peter Stuyvesant John Cabot

Francis Drake Jacques Cartier Henry Hudson

Queen Elizabeth King Phillip King James I

Peter Minuit Pocahontas John Smith

John White John Rolfe Squanto

William Bradford John Winthrop Massasoit
Think and Write

Short Answer: Take your time to make sure you have answered the questions completely. Be sure to review the following:

  • Relationship between the French missionaries AND fur traders with the American Indians (in New France)

Critical Thinking: Draw Conclusions

Extended Response:

Essay question: Answer the question completely, be specific with examples, & make sure that you answer all of the parts of the question.

Hint: Thoroughly understand all aspects of the Jamestown Colony including the following:

  • hardships encountered (climate, land & water use, “gentlemen” in a new land)

  • the relationship with the Powhatans and the colonists before and after the marriage of Pocahontas & John Rolfe

  • the importance of tobacco

  • the role of women (“bride ship”) and Africans in the colony.

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