Practice test questions decline of rome & barbarian invasions

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  1. Which of the following terms means rule by four people?

A. Triumvirate B. Monarchy C. Quadarchy D. Tetrarchy

  1. Which of the following Frankish kings converted to Christianity following several victories and set up the Frankish kingdom?

A. Charlemagne B. Clovis C. Odovacer D. Attila

  1. _______ established a set of rules that would define early forms of monasticism.

A. St. Alfred B. St. Benedict C. St. Aquinas D. St. Anselm

  1. Which of the following groups of people were the chief officers in a king’s household?

A. Presidents of the Palace C. Mayors of the Palace

B. Senators of the Palace D. Representatives of the Palace

  1. Which of the following groups was not a barbarian tribe that invaded the western part of the Roman Empire?

A. Ostrogoths B. Visigoths C. Huns D. Mekongs

  1. Which of the following events are not attributed to the Roman Emperor Constantine?

  1. Moved capital from Rome to Constantinople

  2. Converts to Christianity and issues Edict of Milan which makes Christianity a legal religion in Rome

  3. Divides empire into four parts with the capital in Constantinople

  4. Tried to curb inflation and forced people to stay in their jobs

  1. Which of the following is NOT true concerning Charlemagne?

  1. Crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800 AD

  2. First medieval king to focus on education

  3. Created several scriptorias for his people to become educated

  4. Devastated the Roman countryside with brutal attacks

  1. Which of the following years saw the end of the western part of the Roman Empire after the city of Rome was captured by Odovacer?

A. 410 AD B. 376 AD C. 476 AD D. 476 BC

  1. Which of the following is TRUE about the 3rd Century Crisis?

  1. Constantine moves capital from Rome to Londinium

  2. Rome faces constant strife with assassinations of emperors and major economic problems

  3. Rome defeats several major powers like the Carthaginians, Macedonians and Parthians

  4. Roman emperors restore the Senate and end the rule of the emperors

  1. What is the name of the title given to Charlemagne in 800 AD by the pope?

A. Roman Emperor B. Roman Kaiser C. Holy Roman Emperor D. Tsar


    1. D

    2. B

    3. B

    4. C

    5. D

    6. C

    7. D

    8. C

    9. B

    10. C

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