Poster project-Absolute Monarchs

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Poster project-Absolute Monarchs

You will have until Friday January 18 (including weekend) to complete this. After today’s class, you will have two more class periods with the laptops.

With a partner, you will create a poster describing the Absolute Monarch you chose. You need to include the following:

  1. A quote from a primary source describing Absolute Monarchy.

  2. The country he/she ruled

  3. Background information-including an answer to the question alongside the monarch’s name (see back of this sheet)

  4. Two or more actions taken by this monarch that symbolize his status as an absolute monarch

  5. Three or more pictures (one of the monarch, one of a major contribution of that monarch and a map locating your monarch’s lands)

Some things that should be investigated and incorporated into your poster:

  1. Background: Provide a background on your monarch (ex. birth, parents, death, when they ruled, married, children, where they lived, palaces, etc.)

  2. Goals: What were the goals of this monarch for his/her nation? (Include both domestic and foreign policy)

  3. Foreign Affairs: Internationally, what other nations did this monarch ally with? Why? What nations were there conflicts with? Why?

  4. Absolute Power: How did this monarch go about centralizing power (take up) within his/her nation?

  5. Opinion: In your opinion and by definition is this monarch an “absolute” monarch? Why or why not?

Here is a list of the monarchs:

  1. Louis XIV: Why was he called the Sun King?

  1. Peter the Great: Explain his attempts at Westernization. What lands did he add to Russia?

  1. Catherine the Great: Why is she considered an ENLIGHTENED despot?

  1. Elizabeth I: What was the outcome of her navy’s battle with the Spanish Armada?

  1. Maria Theresa: What effect did she have on the power of the nobility?

  1. Charles I (England): How did his belief in divine Right lead to civil war and a revolution in England from 1642-1647?

  1. Philip II: How did his economic and military policies lead to the decline of the Spanish Empire?

  1. James I: What was his significance with religion and leadership of his country?

  1. James II: After converting to Catholicism how was his government run with conflict between Catholic and Protestants.

  1. Charles V: What was his purpose for imprisoning both the Pope and the French King Francis I?

  1. Fredrick the Great: Why was he known as one of the greatest of the Enlightened Despots?

  1. Charles II: How did he handle the struggle between the Anglicans, Catholics, and dissenters over the laws of the Clarendon Code?

  1. Henry VIII: Why so many marriages and what corruption did this cause?

  1. Ivan the Terrible: How did he transform the parochial medieval nation-state of Russia into a small empire and emerging regional power?

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