Points on War Destructiveness of war

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English Notes September 24, 2013

Discussion on Review Sheet for Quiz on Slaughterhouse Five

Points on War

  • Destructiveness of war --watching movie backwards, firebombing of Dresden, scouts get killed, Prisoners of War—POWs, Weary getting the platoon killed.

  • War impacts people’s mental/emotional lives—Every sound Billy heard, Wife is concerned about Billy going to bed to sleep

  • Impacts the entire family—Billy’s relationship with his children

  • It is dehumanizing—Slaughterhouse is for animals, not people. Human life is not respected in war. References to Holocaust—candles and soap are made out of the fat of dead Jews, soldiers “ooze” out of the train cars (soldiers are described as a substance—not even people)

  • Doesn’t make heroes—it causes more suffering

  • Soldiers are susceptible to a series of “accidents”--(fate vs. free will)


  • Soldiers do not know what will happen next

  • People in Dresden did not have control of the bombing

  • “So it goes” what will be, will be

  • Narrative structure emphasizes fate

  • Billy gave his speech and told the cops to leave because he knows he is going to get shot

Anti-heroic actions

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