Player of the Year Dominique Tham 6’4 F/c jr. Wakefield 1st Team All-Conference

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Capitol Conference 13

Coaches 2013-2014 All-Conference Teams

Player of the Year
Dominique Tham 6’4 F/C Jr. Wakefield
1st Team All-Conference

Chief Amoah 5’11 G Sr. Edison

Re’Quan Hopson 6’3 F Sr. Wakefield

Marcus Brumsey, Jr. 6’3 G Sr. Edison

Towner Hale 6’5 F Sr. Marshall

Jordan Coneys 5’11 G Sr. Falls Church

Bryce Washington 6’3 G Sr. Mt. Vernon
2nd Team All-Conference

Chris Hann 6’7 C Sr. Robert E. Lee

Jalen Carver 5’8 G Sr. Wakefield

Marqua Walton 6’1 G Jr. Wakefield

Tyvez Monroe 6’3 F Jr. Edison

Nate Thatcher 6’2 G Jr. Falls Church

Mohammed Hussin 6’0 G Sr. JEB Stuart

Michael Trivisonno 6’0 G Jr. Marshall
Defensive Player of the Year
Dominique Tham 6’4 F/C Jr. Wakefield

All-Defensive Team

Tyvez Monroe Edison Chris Hann Robert E. Lee

Marcus Brumsey, Jr. Edison Jonthan Walters Robert E. Lee

Re’Quan Hopson Wakefield Kwadwo Diawuo Mt. Vernon

Kyle Davis Wakefield Brandon Maturey Mt. Vernon

Theodore Lebryk JEB Stuart Towner Hale Marshall

Sharan Arkalgud Thomas Jefferson Will Mejia Falls Church
Honorable Mention

Kyle Davis (Wakefield), Drew Lakley (Edison), Isaiah Buck (Edison),

Kwadwo Diawuo (Mt. Vernon), Michael Bickerton (JEB Stuart), Theodore Lebryk (JEB Stuart), Keith Myers (JEB Stuart), Christian Cameron (Marshall), Tyler White (Marshall), Peter Tan (Thomas Jefferson), Ssaran Arkalgud (Thomas Jefferson), Ryan Morris (Thomas Jefferson), Will Mejia (Falls Church), John Gray (Falls Church), Jonathan Walters (Robert E. Lee)

Coach of the Year - Tony Bentley Wakefield

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