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Place/Date of Birth:

Ferdinand Magellan, son of Pedro Ruy de Magalhaes (father) and Alda de Mezquita (mother), was born in northern Portugal in the year 1480.

Sponsoring Country:

Magellan was sponsored by King Charles V of Spain

Motivation/Reason for Exploring:

Ferdinand dreamed of sailing the ocean ever since he was a boy, and when he finally did, Magellan loved it.

Route of Exploration:

Ferdinand Magellan wanted to find Spice Island by sailing west through South America.

Important Dates:

  • At age 12, Magellan was accepted as a page at the court of the king and had to leave home and live in Lisbon.

  • Ferdinand left Portugal because the king was furious with him.

Date/place of death:

Ferdinand Magellan died on his voyage on April 27, 1521 at age 41, of too many wounds and bleeding after a battle.


Ferdinand Magellan crossed and named the Pacific Ocean.

Although Ferdinand died on his voyage on the way the, the ship made it to a spice island, and it couldn’t have been done without him.

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Digging Deeper” Questions

  1. Why did Ferdinand Magellan name the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific Ocean?

  1. What about Magellan’s family? Did he get to say goodbye after he fled Portugal?

  1. What Spice Island did Ferdinand Magellan find?

  1. Why was there a battle (the one he died from)?

I have not found any of the answers to my “Digging Deeper” questions yet.

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