Phil 122 Anderson a short Bibliography of Recent Works on Social Justice

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Phil 122 – Anderson A Short Bibliography of Recent Works on Social Justice

And Political Philosophy

Rawls, John (1999). Collected Papers, ed. Samuel Freeman. Almost all of the papers

Rawls wrote in response to criticism of his Theory of Justice.

Rawls, John (1993). Political Liberalism. Rawls’ more recent views on justice; less

emphasis on the original position argument.

Pogge, Thomas (1989). Realizing Rawls. A sophisticated defense of Rawls.

Daniels, Norman (1976). Reading Rawls. An early collection of papers on Rawls’

Theory of Justice but still useful.

Freeman, Samuel (2003). The Cambridge Companion to Rawls. Recent commentary on

Rawls; very useful.

Sandel, Michael (1982). Liberalism and the Limits of Justice. A critique of Rawls from

a communitarian perspective.

Walzer, Michael (1983). Spheres of Justice: A Defense of Pluralism and Equality.

Another communitarian approach to justice.

Barry, Brian (1989). Theories of Justice. Useful but challenging survey of recent work

on justice.

Barber, Benjamin (1984). Strong Democracy: Participatory Politics for a New Age.

Dworkin, Ronald (1981). `What is Equality? Part I: Equality of Welfare; Part II: Equality

Of Resources’, Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 10. An influential pair of

articles by a leading social philosopher.

Dworkin, Ronald (2000). Sovereign Virtue. A useful collection of his papers; includes

the two papers cited above.

Gautier, David (1986). Morals by Agreement. Another social contract approach but

without the veil of ignorance. The outcome is closer to libertarianism.

Habermas, Jurgen (1996). Between Facts and Norms: Contributions to a Discourse

Theory of Law and Democracy. A leading continental philosopher who has

written many other works on social justice. Not easy reading however.

Kymlicka, Will (2002). Contemporary Political Philosophy, An Introduction, 2nd ed.

A very readable survey of the territory.

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