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Bulldog High School Academic Tournament VII

1. A-li-za-rine yellow, methyl yellow, methyl violet, methyl orange, methyl red, brom-thy-mol blue, phenolphthalein [fee-nol-THAY-leen]. FTP, these are all used in what capacity in the laboratory?

ANSWER: as pH indicators [ACC: indicators or equivalent]
2. Some of its minor characters are Mr. Spencer, Ackley, and Sunny the prostitute. It ends with the line “Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.” And it concerns a student at Pency Prep school who goes to the city where he talks to an old flame and gets punched by a pimp. FTP, name this novel whose protagonist is Holden Caulfield.

ANSWER: The Catcher in the Rye

3. Just several days after celebrating his return to soccer by scoring for Boca Juniors, this soccer legend tested positive for drugs, just as he did during the 1994 World Cup. FTP, name this soccer legend who led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup.

ANSWER: Diego Maradona

4. Many of her works are based on Greek mythology, including “Elektra.” Her first major work was “El Penitente”; her last works included “Acts of Light” and “Maple Leaf Rag.” FTP, name this choreographer, whose best-known work is her choreography for “Appalachian Spring.”

ANSWER: Martha Graham

5. Interiors are sprayed with limestone dust to prevent accidental explosions, and ventilation must be used to prevent methane and carbon dioxide accumulation. Pneu-mo-co-ni-o-sis is another common problem. Until 1854, over half of this industry’s product was Pennsylvania anthracite. FTP identify this environmentally disastrous industry whose workers were covered with black soot.

ANSWER: coal mining

6. He and his wife Mut and their son Khensu were the divine Theban triad of deities. His most celebrated shrine was at Siwa in the Libyan desert. FTP, identify this Egyptian deity, originally the chief god of Thebes, who, after being identified with the sun god Ra, became the supreme deity in Egyptian mythology.

ANSWER: Amon [DNA: Amon-Ra]

7. Pog gen dorff. Zoell ner. Hering. Ponzo. Mueller Lyer. The Koenig necklace. The Necker cube. These are all examples of, FTP, what Gestalt tricks where the normal processing of visual stimuli cause the brain to perceive something false as true?

ANSWER: optical illusions or visual illusions

8. “One Day I Wrote Her Name Upon the Sand” is one of the 89 sonnets from his Amoretti. He also wrote the twelve eclogues of The Shepheardes Calendar and “Prothalamion.” FTP name this 16th century author, who never finished his magnum opus, The Faerie Queene.

ANSWER: Edmund Spenser

9. This country’s highest point is a 13,435 foot tall eponymous mountain. Bordered to the south by Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Congo, it has more than 200 distinct ethnic groups. FTP, name this country, known for its World Cup soccer exploits, with capital at Yaounde.

ANSWER: Cameroon

10. Workers were bored in his factories, and labor turnover was around 50%. So he doubled his daily wage to $5 and instituted an 8 hour work day, which led to massive profits. He was later convicted of NLRB violations and forced to negotiate a standard labor contract after a strike at his River Rouge plant in 1941. FTP name this industrialist who pioneered the assembly-line system.

ANSWER: Henry Ford

11. Doom, Doom II, Quake, Quake II, Heretic, Hexen, and Hexen II are, FAQTP, all video games created by what company?

ANSWER: id Software

12. Nadine Gordimer’s The Conservationist, Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, Thomas Keneally’s Schindler’s Ark, Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day, and Michael On-daat-je’s The English Patient have all been awarded, FTP, what annual prize given for the best novel written by a British, Commonwealth, or South African author?

ANSWER: The Booker Prize

13. Because of his father’s debts and treaties, Parliament would not appropriate funds for this king’s government. In response, he increased duty collection and secured loans from nobles. Frustrated with Parliament, he dismissed the body in 1629. FTP identify this monarch who fueled the English Civil War and was beheaded in 1649.

ANSWER: Charles I

14. Writing implement and paper ready! A rhombus has diagonals of lengths 12 and 16. FAQTP, what is the length of each side? You have 10 seconds to buzz in.

ANSWER: 10 [the diagonals from right triangles of sides 6 and 8]

15. She was killed in a cellar on either July 16 or 17 in 1918. Despite this, Marcelle-Maurette wrote a play about her survival, and Ingrid Bergman won an Academy Award for playing her in 1956. In an effort to claim the Romanov fortune, numerous people have claimed to be this princess. FTP, identify the youngest daugher of Nicholas II, most recently portrayed in a Don Bluth film.

ANSWER: Anastasia (Anastasiya Nikolayevna in Russian)

16. The six inch teeth of this extinct shark lead to its name, and to the mistaken belief it was 100 feet long. The estimate has since been revised to 45 feet, which still puts Jaws, a closely related species, to shame. Its genus name, shared with the Great White Shark, is Carcharodon [kar kare ro don], while its species name can be translated as “very large teeth.” FTP, name this fish.

ANSWER: Carcharodon megaladon [ACC: extinct great white shark on early buzz]

17. Its characters discuss what a man with the ring of Gyges might do. In pondering this, the Sophists argued that the only reason for acting justly is that one cannot get away with acting unjustly. Socrates responds by describing a perfectly just city. FTP, identify this dialogue, possibly Plato’s greatest work of political philosophy, more famous for the allegory of the cave described in Book V.

ANSWER: The Republic or Politeia

18. The son of a common woman named Try, he became pharaoh in 1353 BC. He moved the capital from Thebes to Tell-el-Amarna, which was littered with sculptures of his wife Nefertiti, and where he renounced the polytheism of his ancestors. FTP, name this pharaoh, born A-men-ho-tep IV, whose later name means “one who is useful to Aton.”

ANSWER: Ikhnatun or Akhenaton

19. After this man received a bachelor’s degree, his university shut down for two years because of the plague. Two years after it reopened, he was appointed to a professorship. Then forced to deliver a series of lectures, he chose speak “On Colours” about his work in optics. FTP identify this inventor of three laws of motion and the calculus.

ANSWER: Isaac Newton

20. One section is told as a first-person narrative by greedy, petty-minded Jason; another section is a third-person narrative focused on Dilsey, the family cook; a third section follows the thoughts of Quentin, a Harvard student; and the opening section is seen through the eyes of an idiot, Benjy Compson. FTP, name this William Faulkner novel.

ANSWER: The Sound and the Fury

21. Ross Perot delivering the Gettyburg Address, the Flinstones meeting the Jetsons, the wild west landscape of Kevin Costner's The Postman, clocks in Julius Caesar, and perhaps Bob Dole in the 1996 presidential election. FTP these are examples of what eleven-letter term—from the Greek for “out of time”—that is used to describe something that, time-wise, is out of place.

ANSWER: anachronism

22. This composer ironically published a book of poems entitled “I-VI” [I dash V-I]. This California-born composer wrote Fontana Mix and Roaratorio. FTP, identify this composer of prepared piano music, who died in 1990, whose most famous work was once performed at 11:55:27 PM.

ANSWER: John Milton Cage

23. His Congress party has been accused of accepting money from the Jain family by L.K. Advani, leader of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, but Advani himself is under investigation for the same crime and seems to be convincing few voters. FTP, who is this troubled prime minister of India?

ANSWER: P.V. Narasimha Rao


Bulldog High School Academic Tournament VII

1. You have an ideal gas in a 22.4 liter container at 1 atmosphere of pressure at 298 Kelvin. You double the pressure at constant volume. Now, answer the following.

a. For 10 points, what is the final temperature, in Kelvin, of the gas?

ANSWER: 596 Kelvin

b. For 10 points, how many moles of gas were there in the container?

ANSWER: 1 mole [1 mole of an ideal gas is 22.4 liters at STP]

c. Unfortunately, oxygen is a real gas so the ideal gas equation fails. For 10 points, which scientist, who gave his name to a type of atomic radius, found an equation for real gases?

ANSWER: Johannes Diderik van der Waals
2. For 10 points each, expand the acronyms for the following medical tests.

a. EEG ANSWER: ElectroEncephaloGram [or ...Graph]

b. MRI ANSWER: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

c. PET ANSWER: Positron Emission Tomography

3. Identify the following concepts from Islam, 10 points per part.

a. For five points each, identify the two main branches of Islam.

ANSWER: Sunni, Shi’a or Shiite

b. This is the name for the person who leads prayers in a congregation.

ANSWER: al-Imam

c. This name is given to the life story of the Prophet Muhammad, considered a holy book.

ANSWER: al-Hadith
4. Answer the following about the events that formed the basis for Steven Spielberg's Amistad.

a. In what year was La Amistad taken by the U.S. Coast Guard?

ANSWER: 1839

b. What island was both the origin and the intended destination of La Amistad when slaves took over the ship?


c. What colony did most of the freed Amistad slaves go to after the U.S. Supreme Court released them?

ANSWER: Sierra Leone
5. Identify these related people, 10 points each.

a. This man creates a monster in an 1818 work by Mary Shelley.

ANSWER: Dr. Victor Frankenstein

b. This Danish musician is famous for his comedy routines, especially “Phonetic Punctuation.”

ANSWER: Victor Borge [BOHR-guh]

c. This man liked Remington razors so much, he bought the company.

ANSWER: Victor Kiam [KYE-ahm]
6. Identify the amino acids from clues, for 10 points each.

a. This amino acid, designated by the letter G, is the only achiral [a-KI-ral] amino acid.

ANSWER: glycine [prompt on “Gly”]

b. Containing a sulfur atom, this amino acid forms bridges between different parts of proteins; designated by the letter “C,” it is responsible for curling of hair.

ANSWER: cysteine [prompt on “Cys”]

c. Designated by the letter “P,” it is the only cyclic amino acid.

ANSWER: proline
7. For 10 points each, answer these questions about recent museum projects.

a. In October, 1997, a new branch of this famous New York City museum opened in Spain, under architect Frank O. Gehry.

ANSWER: The Guggenheim Museum

b. What city in the Northern Basque region of Spain is the new Guggenheim museum in?

ANSWER: Bilbao

c. This museum, set to open in Los Angeles in December, was designed by Richard Meier, and is said to be the most expensive arts complex ever built.

ANSWER: The Getty Center
8. Answer the following questions about the Cold War for 10 points each.

a. Because State Department regulations barred him from publishing under his own name, this foreign policy analyst formulated the doctrine of containment, using the name “Mr. X”.

ANSWER: George Kennan

b. In a speech in Missouri Winston Churchill popularized this two-word phrase to describe Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and the resultant lack of access for the West.

ANSWER: Iron Curtain

c. This Soviet Premier enforced his own doctrine by using Soviet forces to oust a liberalizing regime in Czechoslovakia in 1968.

ANSWER: Leonid Brezhnev
9. Identify these musical forms, 10 points each.

a. A work in three or four movements, usually for one or two instruments, such as Beethoven’s PathÈtique.

ANSWER: sonata

b. A sonata for orchestra, or a term meaning “sounding together”.

ANSWER: symphony

c. A choral work in unrelated movements, which, unlike an oratorio, doesn’t tell a story.

ANSWER: cantata
10. The US recently qualified for this year’s World Cup by finishing second in the North American and Carribbean region.

a. For 10 points each, name the region’s other two qualifiers.

ANSWER: Mexico and Jamaica

b. And for five points each, name the two automatic qualifiers for the 1998 World Cup.

ANSWER: France [as host country] and Brazil [as defending champion]
11. Identify these related art terms for 10 points each.

a. A pattern made on a metal plate or other surface with acid.

ANSWER: etching

b. A gem, stone, or shell cut so that a raised design of a different color than the background appears.

ANSWER: cameo

c. A figure or design incised into the surface of hard metal or stone

ANSWER: intaglio
12. Meditate for a moment, and answer these related questions, for the stated number of points.

5: What is the SI unit of resistance?

ANSWER: ohms

10: This literary point of view allows the reader to adopt the perspective of an outsider who is able to observe all actions. The word means having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight.

ANSWER: omniscient

15: Coming from the Swedish for “commissioner”, this person investigates complaints and tries to reach an equitable settlement.

ANSWER: ombudsperson or ombudsman or ombudswoman
13. For 10 points each, given a quantity, give its standard SI unit.

a. quantity of electric charge ANSWER: coulomb

b. thermodynamic temperature ANSWER: kelvin

c. luminous intensity ANSWER: candela

14. Name the New Deal governmental agency given its acronym:

10: FDIC ANSWER: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

10: WPA ANSWER: Works Progress Administration

10: CCC ANSWER: Civilian Conservation Corps

15. For ten points each, identify the capital city of the following island nations.

a. Tuvalu ANSWER: Funafuti

b. Indonesia ANSWER: Jakarta

c. Jamaica ANSWER: Kingston

16. We know you read comic books. Given a superhero’s true identity, name him or her, for 10 points each.

a. Stanley Ipkiss ANSWER: The Mask

b. Al Simmons ANSWER: Spawn

c. Jennifer Walters ANSWER: She-Hulk

17. Do you know a lot about the czars of Russia? Answer the following questions FTP each.

a. This emperor inspired and solidified Russia’s morale during the French invasion. He also took part in the Congress of Vienna and pushed the establishment of the Holy Alliance in 1815.

ANSWER: Alexander I

b. This czar modernized Russia’s military and industry and was the first to sponsor education along secular lines with state control. He would often beat his high officials with his stick. ANSWER: Peter I or Peter the Great

  1. He was the first to earn the title of czar. His reign saw the start of a centralized, united Russia whose empire included non-Slav states. He terrorized the aristocrats and killed his only heir.

ANSWER: Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible
18. Identify the Shakespearean play for 15 points each.

a. The title character, provoked by a green eyed monster strangles his wife, then realizes his horrible mistake and commits suicide.

ANSWER: Othello

b. One title character hears that the other is dead and falls on his sword. The second title character learns that the ruler plans to lead her in triumph through Rome. Thereupon, she induces an asp to bite her and also dies.

ANSWER: Antony and Cleopatra
19. Identify these terms from Norse mythology from a brief description, for ten points each.

a. This was the name given to the chief gods of Asgard.


b. This was the name given to the other race of gods, three of whose members­—Njord, Frey, and Freya—were associated with the Aesir.


c. This was the term for the final destruction of the present world in a battle between gods and giants.

ANSWER: Ragnarok

20. 30-20-10. Name the playwright from works.

30: He wrote the play Catiline while working as an apothecary’s assistant.

20: The Pretenders missed being staged because the Oslo Theater went bankrupt.

10: He achieved lasting fame for works such as The Wild Duck and A Doll’s House

ANSWER: Henrik Ibsen

21. Name the authors of these famed Latin works, 10 points each.

a. Satires ANSWER: Juvenal

b. Ars Amatoria and Metamorphoses ANSWER: Ovid

c. Meditations ANSWER: Marcus Aurelius

22. Answer the following about the Newbery Medal winner Dear Mr. Henshaw, ten points each.

a. Name the author.

ANSWER: Beverly Cleary

b. Name the character who wrote letters to Mr. Henshaw.

ANSWER: Leigh Botts

c. What was the occupation of Leigh’s father?

ANSWER: truck driver [accept equivalents]

23. Answer these questions about the conic section on the handout for the stated number of points.

5: What type of conic section is this?

ANSWER: parabola

10: What term is given to the point X on the handout?

ANSWER: focus

15: Give the term for either the line marked L or the line segment marked Q. You must state which one you are naming.

ANSWER: directrix (L) or latus rectum (Q)

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