Pettus Family Pledges $250,000 For Chapter House Renovation/Expansion Project

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Monticello Corporation Votes To Remain At Current Location Design Competition For Expansion Project Announced-Pages 3 & 4

Pettus Family Pledges $250,000 For Chapter House

Renovation/Expansion Project

Garrett Pettus ’93 is the Chairman of the Advisory Board for the now announced Chapter House Renovation/Expansion Project. As such, he received and reviewed a conceptual drawing for a Monticello Inspired Design. He got excited about the “new look.” So did his mother, Jo Ann. To honor Garrett, the family has pledged $250,000.00 towards the rehabilitation and expansion of the chapter house!!!!! See pages 3 and 4 for an explanation of the three design concepts that are being considered. Please thank Garrett and Jo Ann:


Something truly special happens when an important project, such as a reunion, comes together in a magical way, and everything seems to “work” as planned. That’s what happened on the week-end of October 3-4, when the Alumni Association of Alpha Zeta Chapter staged perhaps the biggest and best Alumni Reunion in its history. The reorganization and re-energizing of the AZ Alumni Association has set the tone for things to come. The momentum is apparent to all who attended the reunion at the U of A. There were nearly 200 loyal, interested alumni present for one or both of the events that had been planned for them. Those who missed this event truly missed something very special. First, there were the Friday evening dinner parties…three of them at various locations, for three distinct age groups (grouped by initiation dates). All three were well attended and alive with excitement, love, respect and nostalgia, all in the true fashion of Pike World and in the true meaning of phi phi k a.

On Saturday, the 4th, (day of the Arkansas-Florida game) the AZ undergrad chapter hosted all Pike alumni in town for the reunion and the game to an outstanding Open House with a catered mid-afternoon light supper, refreshments and entertainment. This event was the highlight of a terrific day and was attended by alumni and their families, as well as undergraduate members and pledges and their dates. The Pike House at Arkansas was overflowing with PiKA energy and momentum in anticipation of things to come in the next several years. AZ chapter is an exciting place to be right now, whether alum, member or pledge, and the future never looked brighter for Alpha Zeta.

William B. Brady (1960) President, Alpha Zeta Alumni Association

More Reunion 08 Photos Posted on the AZ Web Site

Go to, then Reunion 08 Tab

8 x 10 Prints available from Rick Green, free lance photographer or call 479- 521-1718 (This picture courtesy of Charles Garner)

Friday Evening 65-69 and Post-70s, and Game Day Candid Pictures:
Bill Brady Friday Pre-65 Pics:

This takes you to Stephani’s Group Room, where you give your email address, create a password, and then enter. You can order prints and pick them up at your local Walgreen’s, or they can be mailed.

Jim Capps Friday Pre-65 Pics:


Monticello Corporation Announces Design Competition

For Renovation/Expansion
After over 2 years of study, the Monticello Corporation (MC) has unanimously voted to remain at 320 Arkansas Avenue, to renovate the existing chapter house by reconfiguring the sleeping rooms into suites, and to expand the chapter house by adding a floor. Toward this end, all AZ alumni are hereby notified that the MC is now soliciting qualified architectural/engineering/design firms to determine their interest in providing professional services for this project. The design selection process is in 2 phases. The estimated project budget is 2.5 Million, inclusive of design fees.
If you have an interest in this project, your firm (or team) should submit the following Phase I documents to BOTH Heath Ward, MC Representative, AND Michael Cooper, MC President (see email and postal addresses below), by November 14, 2008:

  1. Statement of Qualifications for your firm. If your firm intends to affiliate or otherwise team with others, a Statement of Qualifications should be included for all team members.

  2. Management Plan. Provide an organizational chart of key personnel and their past experience in commercial projects.

  3. Past Project Experience. Provide 1 page summaries, with references, for at least 5, but not more than 10, past commercial projects.

After evaluation of the above submittals, the Monticello Corporation Board will select approximately 3 firms/groups to participate in Phase II, with a deadline for submission of renovation/expansion design concepts to be determined after consultation with representatives of the design firm finalists, as follows:

  1. Conceptual Design Options. Provide up to two floor plans and up to three conceptual elevation designs that depict your firm’s initial approach to the project, based on the criteria listed hereafter. All conceptual designs should attempt, but are not required, to use the existing front wall footprint. Each option should include a breakout of probable construction costs, broken down to include at least a summary of CSI divisional costs.

  2. Conceptual “Pod” Design. Provide a design for configuration of bedroom-living room/bathroom-bedroom pods (more information hereinbelow)

The design concepts may include:

  1. Keeping some or all of the current modernist lines, adding a floor and Greek elements.

  2. Adding a floor and traditional architectural elements to create a “Greek Inspired Design.” The lawn area in front of the living quarters may be excavated to “at grade” to execute the design.

  3. Adding a floor, Greek elements and a faux (decorative) dome to create a “Monticello Inspired Design.” Again, the lawn area in front of the living quarters may be excavated to “at grade” to execute the design.

The guiding instructions are to create significant curb appeal and a “WOW” look for the chapter house. Any casual observer to the campus should instantly know that they are looking at a fraternity house, and a VERY IMPORTANT one at that. Bonus points awarded for making members of other fraternities physically ill at the sight of the renovated/expanded chapter house.

Additional Information:

  1. Each dorm room currently sleeps 2. Clusters of 3 dorm rooms will be reconfigured in a 2+2 fashion. A shared use bathroom and common area will be flanked by sleeping rooms for 2 on either side. As a result, three existing rooms, which currently sleep 6, will be reconfigured into a pod of sleeping room, combined living room/bathroom, sleeping room. The end walls of existing rooms will be extended to the edge of the concrete slabs, holes are to be cut into the slabs for plumbing, and each “pod” will thereafter sleep 4, with shared bathroom facilities.

  2. The target occupancy for the reconfigured house is 50 (min.).

  3. The newly added rooms will be for officers, seniors, and honors scholars. They should be designed to accommodate 2, but are intended to sleep only one on a permanent basis. Amenities are to include 9’ ceilings, ceiling fans, and cultured marble private bathrooms.

  4. One of the community bathrooms may be converted into an exercise room.

  5. A hole may be cut into the wall of the recreation room in the basement to allow access to a “to be created” beer garden.

  6. The parking area should be designed so as to maximize the number of vehicles that can be accommodated.

  7. Cost effective sustainable “green” items should be identified (such as tankless water heaters, solar panels, energy efficient windows, lighting, HVAC systems, and the like). It is better to spend more now and save the additional cost through reduced utility bills over time, funds permitting.

  8. Any rock work removed from the retaining wall, planters, and fireplace, if any, should be salvaged and reused in a creative fashion, if possible.

  9. The additional cost of adding a sprinkler system in the new construction and perhaps throughout the facility should be considered.

  10. Wherever possible, standard sized doors and windows should be used.

  11. Keyless entry locks should be utilized throughout the facility.

  12. Underground exterior lighting and a lawn sprinkling system should be considered.

Interested firms should contact Heath Ward, whose email address is, to notify him of their initial interest. THE PHASE I SUBMITTAL DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 14, 2008. If your submittals are sent by email, copies of all documents should be sent to BOTH Heath Ward (above email address) AND to Michael Cooper at by 5:00 pm CST on that date. In lieu of email submittals, 3 hard copies of all documents may be physically sent to Heath Ward at 12322 Sharp Ferry Rd., Hindsville, AR 72738, 479-871-4928. Hard copies must be received not later than 5:00 pm, CST, on November 14, 2008.

The men who will help make the ultimate design decision, selected to represent the interests of all age groups:
Monticello Corporation, House Committee, and Advisory Board Members

Monticello Corporation= MC AZ House Committee= HC Advisory Member= AB
1941 Cyrus Bond 870-739-3485 AB

1947 John Brewer 479-442-2770 AB

1948 Bob Laser 479-646-8564 AB

1949 William Kirk 479-452-0022 AB

1950 Joe Pete McNeil 501-225-2737 AB

1955 Bill Nutter 501-915-9795 HC

1957 Buddy Wray 479-957-7802 MC

1958 Lynn Forrest 810-338-0255 HC

1958 Phillip Pascoe 239-598-1961 HC

1959 Norvell West 501-664-6416 MC

1960 Email Kept Private Tommy Boyer 479-442-0826 HC

1960 Bill Brady 501-312-9027 HC

1960 Larry Crain 501-542-5031 HC

1964 George Westmoreland 479-640-2137 HC

1966 Don Gibson 479-717-1900 HC

1969 Bill Stovall 843-708-3826 MC

1971 Tim Scott 479-957-6902 MC

1972 Joe Basore 479-246-6500 AB

1973 David Love 501-627-3142 HC

1975 Jim Dunn 479-970-2273 AB

1978 Ken Hirshey 918-630-2880 HC

1980 rzrbckhooper@YAHOO.COM John Hooper 954-822-3222 AB

1981 Bill Chiles 913-558-2931 AB

1982 Laddy Diebold 479-841-1000 HC

1986 Heath Ward 479-871-4928 MC

1988 Steve Meldrum 479-444-7510 MC

1990 Lane Crider 479-442-5162 MC

1990 Tommie Wood 479-957-8154 MC

1993 Garrett Pettus 817-917-5233 AB

2000 Michael Cooper 479-601-4222 MC

2000 Steve Meldrum 479-571-5461 MC

2002 Nathan Garner 479-651-2473 AB

Michael Cooper ‘00, MC Board Chairman

William B. Brady ’60 AZ Alumni Association President

Tommy Boyer ’60 Co-Chairman, House Committee

George Westmoreland ’64 Co-Chairman, House Committee

Garrett Pettus -93 Advisory Board Chairman
Monticello Corporation Annual Meeting October 25

The annual meeting of the Monticello Corporation is scheduled for 9:00 am on Saturday, November 1, 2008, at the fraternity house. Check the Monticello Tab on the web site to confirm the time, since the game time could be changed if the contest is picked up for television. Also check the AZ web site for the Business Agenda.

Note: The Monticello Corporation desires to maintain continuity in the makeup of the board for one more year, since many important decisions will be made on the future of the chapter house within the next 12 months. Accordingly, the entire existing board is proposed to be reelected. The terms of the board members to be elected will henceforth be staggered, so that 3 of the 9 members will be selected each year.
Any alumnus may seek election to the Monticello Corporation Board. Please submit your name, or the name of any other AZ alumnus, to both Michael Cooper, MC President, at, and to Bill Brady, AZ Alumni Association President, at and your name will be placed on the ballot. If you do not have access to the internet, call Michael at 479-601-4222 and Bill at 501-312-9027.
Agenda Items

  1. Overview of current house condition, policies, etc.*  Also Q&A session for people to ask questions.

  2. Election of MC Board Members

  3. Setting tentative date of next MC Board Meeting

*This is meant to be a general discussion of ideas, and to get our alumni up to speed on the conditions and challenges we are encountering.  Many don’t understand the changes that have happened since they were students; and the running of the fraternity house is completely different than it used to be when many alumni were on campus.
Alumni Pictures Posted on AZ Web Site

Please Submit Yours For Posting
A number of college era pictures were brought to the reunion by our alumni. These have been given to the web master, and they are in the process of being scanned and added to the AZ web site. If you have the ability to scan pictures, please do so and send them to William Neubert, web master, at College era, important post-college events such as wedding anniversaries, current, and travel pictures may be submitted. Please include names of the persons (if known), the event, and the year.

You may already be aware of it, but the Alpha Zeta Alumni Association (AZAA) recently launched a brand new idea…..creation of the Old Guard Club (OGC). For several weeks we’ve wrestled with what to call it. Some suggested a Razorback tie-in and for a while we called it “Wild Hog Support Group”. But, there were some objections to that, so we have now reverted back to what we started with and we’ve settled on Old Guard Club, same as the alumni program at Florida State where we “borrowed” the idea in the first place.
Let me explain how the Old Guard Club will work….and see if I can’t get you as excited about it as I am. We’ve been very successful in re-organizing and re-energizing the Alpha Zeta Alumni Association and we now have some momentum. Though every AZ alum is automatically a member of the association, we do have “annual dues” of $35.00, for those who wish to support our efforts financially ( and for which we are grateful). Treasurer Bob Ritchie will gladly accept your dues checks, payable to “AZ Alumni Association”.
And, if you want to do just a bit more to show your loyalty to the fraternity, then consider the Old Guard Club. Dues for the OGC are $100.00 annually, $35 of which will be retained by the AZAA to be used for operating expenses, printing, postage, upkeep of the web site, etc. The remaining $65 of each OGC dues check is “earmarked” and will be sent to the Board of the Monticello Corporation, twice each year, with the understanding that those funds are only to be used for paint-up, fix-up, clean-up, landscaping, etc. in advance of Rush so that the grand old Pike House can be made more attractive to Rushees. We think that this is an excellent and convenient way for AZ alumni to show support to the undergrad chapter now and on a continuing basis. And, we’re only talking about a hundred bucks a year. So, I invite you, urge you, to consider joining the Old Guard Club. To date, since it was announced back earlier in the year, over 50 of you have stepped up and joined both AZAA and OGC. Names of OGC members will appear in the future issues of “Hog Caller”, the AZ chapter newsletter. It is our hope that all in attendance at this Great AZ Reunion of 2008 will join us in OGC by sending a check to:
Bob Ritchie, Treasurer, AZ Alumni Association, P. O. Box 7818, Little Rock, AR 72217.
Yours in the bonds of phi phi k a,
Bill Brady (1960), for the AZAA
Current Old Guard Members:

Lynn Forrest (First to Sign Up)

Bill Brady

Brad Brown

Larry Cargile

Doug Coleman

Dennis Curtis

Jeff Foote

Bob Goff

Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt,

Tony Hess

George Keeter

Kirk LaVigne

Todd Meredith

Bob Ritchie

Bill Stovall

Bill Tinker

Norvell West

Lt. General George Westmoreland

Charles Wilson

Buddy Wray

SMC Report-October, 2008
First off I would like to thank all of the alumni that came to the recent reunion. It was the best event we have had during my time as a member of Alpha Zeta Chapter. All of the undergrads had a very memorable time chatting about how things were back in your days. I would like to express my personal gratitude towards David Love for making sure everything worked exactly as planned, as well as Bill Brady and his crew for leading the events. I would also like to thank Bill for the donation of his Powers Award (Outstanding Undergraduate of Pi Kappa Alpha) and it is being displayed proudly in the trophy case. With the recent buzz and excitement from the reunion, the men of Pi Kappa Alpha are striving in all endeavors. We recently placed 1st and 4th in the Chi Omega Wings for Wishes contest, placed 3rd in the Tri Delta Frats at Bat softball tournament, won the Intramural EA Sports Tournament, and placed in the top 5 in sand volleyball, flag football, and soccer. The new pledge class is striving as well, passing every pledge test to date, following all pledge rules, and acting like perfect gentlemen on all of their coke dates with the Sorority pledges.
Upcoming events for the men of Pi Kappa Alpha include Dad’s day on the 25th of October, followed by Homecoming. We will continue to build the riverboat on the front of the house, with several additions this year. Shortly after we will have elections for the new officers, and sadly my tenure comes to an end. My final contribution will come a few weeks after that, where I will be leading a new program called Reindeer Games. This will be an annual event in which the sororities compete against each other for the sheer glory of winning a Pike event as well as money being donated to their philanthropy. Reindeer games consists of a can food drive, pie eating contest, Christmas tree decorating contest (that will be donated to local families that cannot afford their own), and a flag football tournament. There will be one event per day, and it will end on Saturday where the winners will be announced at our annual party Jingle Jams. The semester has been an eventful one so far, and I hope the best for the remainder. This will be my last newsletter as SMC and wanted to thank all of you for your support. This last year has been an amazing one, and I am truly honored to have served as President of such an amazing fraternity. I wish the best to all of you, and please feel free to come by the house or call or email me at anytime with any questions or concerns.
In the bonds,
Josh Sykes, SMC

Miles Ritter, IMC

c/o Pi Kappa Alpha

320 Arkansas Avenue

Fayetteville, AR 72701

Address Service Requested

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