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January 30, 2007

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Parliament Buildings

Ottawa, Ontario
Federal Minister of the Environment

Hon. Mr. John Baird

Parliament Buildings

Ottawa, Ontario

Re: Charter Rights – Perry Ridge, Slocan Valley, British Columbia

Global Warming

Dear Sirs:
Perry Ridge Water Users Association is very pleased to hear that your government is taking the global climate crisis seriously.
Our members live in the snow belt of the interior of British Columbia in the only inland temperate rainforest in the world. This is an area where global climate change has been noted in a scientific report commissioned by the Regional District of Central Kootenays titled “Review Slocan Valley Hazard Mapping” done by Nigel Skermer, M.Sc., P. Engineer, Geotechnical Consulting Engineer (.See attached) One of the recommendations in the report regarding the hazards on Perry Ridge states:
“ Possible impact of climate change assuming increased rainfall and storm intensity> This is difficult to quantify but hazard zoning should err on the side of caution.”
Please find attached Newspaper clippings that state the effects of global warming specifically on this area of British Columbia and the precautionary warnings about development.
The Citizens of Perry Ridge assert that development, in particular when global warming is factored into an assessment, will violate our members’ Charter Rights under Section 7 We look to your government for support of our charter rights. Your government could continue its new green direction by taking a proactive stand. Begin with the protection of Perry Ridge as an eco-reserve serving as carbon credits to help offset climate change and protect the citizens on Perry Ridge. It is an opportunity to slow down the global warming crisis and at the same time protect the Charter Rights of Citizens who will be put at increased risk. It is also a sound financial decision as the Perry Ridge Benefit/cost Analysis by Mr. Trevor Jones, P. Eng. (See attached) shows clearly that there will be money lost with development.
The Association recently brought this issue to the attention of the opposition parties and in particular our Member of Parliament Mr. Alex Atamanenko. On December 4th, 2006 the Association stated in an e-mail to Mr. Atamenenko the following: (see attached e-mail and documents)
Dear Mr. Atamanenko:
I appreciated your meeting in Crescent Valley, Thank you for your follow-up phone calls. I have been extremely busy. Perry Ridge Water Users Association seeks support as the local Member of Parliament, for protection of Perry Ridge based on its value to the global warming solution as identified in the article sent to you (I have attached the information sent to you for the benefit of Ms. May, Mr. Hunter, and Mr. Dion, Leader of the Opposition.
We request that you contact the new opposition leader, the Green Party leader Elizabeth May, and Independent MP Mr. Garth Hunter to get support to begin modeling communities that will help the future and the impacts of global warming. What you do now will be appreciated in the future given the prediction for the Columbia Basin area and the recognized impacts of global warming. We request that this idea be presented to the government and that Perry Ridge be used as a pilot project. Since we argue it is our charter rights to security of person it also is a federal issue in that context.
Thank you for the work we anticipate you will do on our behalf.”
Our Association asserts the charter rights of its members. Your government can use this opportunity to show your commitment to helping solve the global climate crisis and be an international role model. Working together with Provincial governments to protect forests as carbon credits is an essential, scientifically recognized part of planning to offset climate change. Many countries depend on Canada to take this proactive stand in order that their countries may be protected from possible catastrophic effects of climate change. The citizens of Perry Ridge also depend on a proactive stand to protect the citizens who live beneath Perry Ridge from a “disastrous” event. (See attached letter from Dr. J.M. Ryder to the Province of British Columbia).
These carbon credits should not be used as trade-offs but rather offsets to the already existing problems. Many of these provincial forests need protecting for other values such as protection of homes, cultural values and domestic watershed reserve values. Perry Ridge offers a unique opportunity since it will lose money on development by the Province.
We are encouraged by your green direction and how an important issue it is to the public. (See attached newspaper article.) We look forward to the Federal Government working with the Province to protect the citizens who live at the base of Perry Ridge.
Yours truly,

Marilyn Burgoon

Cc: Mr. David Aaron, Barrister and Solicitor

Mr. Jack Layton, NDP

Ms. Elizabeth May

Mr. Stephen Dion

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