Period: Date: Voting Right Act of 1965

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Voting Right Act of 1965

State Standard: 11.10.6 Analyze the passage and effects of civil rights and voting rights legislation (e.g., 1964 Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act of 1965) and the Twenty-Fourth Amendment, with an emphasis on equality of access to education and to the political process.

Task One: Examine the following articles on the Federal Voting Right Laws of 1965 ( and look for statements about how the Voting Rights Act came about.

  1. Why is the Voting Right Act of 1965 generally considered to be important legislature?

2. What did section 4 of the Act achieve?

3. In what years was the Voting Act of 1965 extended to?
Task Two: Examine “Federal Voting Right Laws of 1965: Blacks in the South finally get to go to the polls” ( and look for statements about how black benefited from the Voting Rights Act.
1. In the early 1960’s what kinds of set backs did southern blacks face that prevented them from voting.
2. In early 1965 what was Police Commissioner Eugene Bull Connor famous for and what was the significance of voter registration in Selma, Alabama?
3. How did President Lyndon Johnson address the issue of minorities and voting?

Task Three: Examine the following articles “1965 Timeline ( and look for statements about important events of 1965.
1. Why did Selma Alabama become the focus of the civil rights movement?
2. What did the Voting Right Act signed on August 6, 1965 prohibit?

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