People A. Mitchell Palmer Nativists John L. Lewis

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Test #1 – Tuesday November 25

Unit 4 – Review Sheet – Roaring 20s


A. Mitchell Palmer Nativists John L. Lewis

John T. Scopes George Gershwin Louis Armstrong

Ernest Hemingway NAACP James W. Johnson

Anarchists Calvin Coolidge Ohio Gang

Fundamentalists Amelia Earhart Flappers

Sacco and Vanzetti bootlegger those who liked prohibition

Terms and Events

Union membership in the 20’s signs of prosperity Kellogg-Briand Pact

Emergency Quota Acts of 1921 reactions to organized labor communism

Harding scandals importance of automobiles Lost Generation

Great Migration roles of women in 20’s Red Scare

Washington Naval Conference population increases speakeasy

There will be a CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER on this prepare for this, read over your notes – they are in chronological order.

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