Pearl Harbor "Abandon Ship!"

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Name: _______________________________ Date: ______________ Period: ______________


Pearl Harbor “Abandon Ship!”

  • December 7, __________________________

  • Japanese surprise attack on the US in retaliation for cutting off their ___________ and freezing their assets

  • American Battleships were lined up in ____________ and were not prepared for the attack

  • 18 American ships sunk or damaged

  • _____________ American Airplanes destroyed

  • More than 2,300 Americans killed & the US _________________

  • Caused U.S.A. to declare war on _______________

  • Then December __________, Germany and Italy declared war on U.S.A

Battle of Midway “Explosions across the Sky”

  • _________________: Americans bombed Tokyo in April, 1942 with B-25 Hornet Bombers, It boosted American moral yet did minimal damage.

  • This caused Japanese to respond and attack Midway Island, the last ______________________ in the North Pacific on June 4th

  • BUT- American ____________breakers learned of the attack so the Americans were ready!

  • When the Japanese launched their attack, the U.S. ordered carriers to positions off the coast and wiped out ___________________ planes.

  • A Japanese carrier sunk and three others were damaged. They lost ______________________________. This caused them to retreat.

  • This battle was an important American ____________________________ since it destroyed Japanese materials that were not easily replaced. Japan now went on the ________________.

Battle of Stalingrad “Frozen Fragments”

  • Hitler broke the non-aggression pact with ________________.

  • Hitler hoped to capture Soviet _______________ and the industrial center of Stalingrad, Summer 1942

  • House to house _________________________

  • Huge death count for soviets – ___________________________ while Germans lost 230,000 men

  • Never invade _______________________ in the winter! Hitler's troops surrendered in February, 1943 from starvation and ___________.

D-Day Invasion “We took that Beach”

  • Allied troops invade the beaches of _______________________________ on June 6th, 1944

  • Mission was to ___________________________ France of Nazi and Germany Rule

  • “Operation ______________________________” – set up phantom tanks that looked real to Nazi spy planes. Old ships not in use were placed as decoys. In ________________ radio messages, allied commanders sent orders to make _____________________________ believe the army would attack the port of Calias, 150 miles from Normandy!

  • Hitler fell for it! He sent his elite troops and best defenses to Calais

  • When ____________ approached the beaches of Normandy, German leaders were convinced it was not the real invasion and did not commit all their forces to defense

  • Allies Attack: _______________ were dropped after midnight, they were to hold occupy bridges, roads, and airfields. __________________ bombers began to attack. At dawn 4,400 appeared off the five beaches. More than _________________ troops stormed on land.

  • Within a week over 300,000 men and 100,000 tons of supplies were landed the beaches of ___________.

Liberation of Europe

  • Allied soldiers push into Paris and free ______________________

  • Soviet army closes in on Germany from the _______________________

  • US & British forces advance from the _____________________

  • Germany surrenders in May _____________________!

Battle of Iwo Jima

  • February 19th, 1945, U.S. used the “__________________” strategy. Captured key islands close to Japan and ___________________ air bases.

  • Tiny, volcanic island only eight square miles in size. Smelled of rotten eggs due to the high levels of ________________.

  • Was only 660 miles southeast of ______________!

  • It was essential air base for __________________ missions over Japan

  • Before their arrival, U.S. forces had bombed the island for _____ long days.

  • The Japanese engineered an intricate system __________________ and tunnels in the mountains for protection

  • On Feb. 19th, as U.S. troops were landing the Japanese hid in the caves and seemed _________________________ to the troops.

  • U.S. won the battle on March 14th, 6,000 Americans were killed and 18,000 were wounded.

  • By the end of March, U.S. were using Iwo Jima’s ___________ to bomb Japan

Battle of Okinawa

  • By the Spring of 1945, it was clear that Japan had ______________the war but they still kept fighting

  • Okinawa was only _______________miles from Japan. Bombing of the island began in March 1945.

  • _____________________, U.S. troops landed on the island, it was an easy capture of the beaches and airfields

  • Japanese knew they had no hope so they deployed the _________________ or “smart bombs”

  • KAMIKAZES: over 2,000 _____________ Pilots crashed into the U.S. ships. It caused damaged in more than 260 ships. It caused 5,000 American deaths.

  • At the end the U.S. won the battle but at what cost?

  • Total Death count: more than 7_______________Americans and 110,000 Japanese. Including two generals who committed suicide rather than __________________________.

  • The losses at this battle, made way for a new type of punishment on the Japanese – ______________________

Use of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • August __________________, 1945

  • President Truman informed an invasion of ________________ might cost a million American lives.

  • Dropping the bomb would be the quickest possible ____________to war

  • Nuclear bomb "_________________” dropped on Hiroshima

  • Approximately 140,000+ Japanese civilians ___________in the atomic bombs

  • ____________________ fallout killed more. Led to Japanese surrender.

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