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Written Document Analysis Worksheet
1. TYPE OF DOCUMENT (Check one):
___ Newspaper ___ Map ___ Telegram

___ Letter ___ Advertisement ___ Press release

___ Patent ___ Report ___ Census report

___ Memorandum ___ Congressional record   ___ Other __________


2. DATE(S) OF DOCUMENT: __________________________________________

3. AUTHOR (OR CREATOR) OF THE DOCUMENT: __________________________

POSITION (TITLE): _________________________________________________

4. Were there any events directly preceding the writing of the document that may have influenced it (examples: the Stamp Act, Boston Massacre)?  _____________________________________________


6. DOCUMENT INFORMATION (There are many possible ways to answer A-E.)

A. List three things the author said that you think are important:


B. Why do you think this document was written?

C. What evidence in the document helps you know why it was written? Quote from the document. _________________________________________________________________

D. Is there a specific call to action in the document in the document? If so, what? _________________________________________________________________
E. List two things the document tells you about life in the colonies at the time it was written: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Adapted from NARA Written Document Analysis Worksheet

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