Part Seven: The Mythology of the Norsemen

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Part Seven: The Mythology of the Norsemen


pp. 443-446


unsullied – untainted (left clean or pure)


Questions/Topics for Review


1.How is fate in Norse mythology different from fate in Greek and Roman mythology?


2.Why is courage so important in Norse mythology?


3.How do the following relate to Norse myths?


a.Elder Edda--




e.Younger Edda--


Chapter I The Stories of Signy and Sigurd

pp. 447-453


1.How does the story of Signy show her qualities of great patience and determination?


2.How does the story of Sigurd illustrate the Norse mythology of fate?


Chapter II The Norse Gods

pp. 454-465


festal – festive

sustenance – something that gives support, strength, or endurance


Questions for Review


1.How does Norse mythology explain the Creation?


2.How are Norse gods responsible for the names of several of our days of the week?


3.How do Norse gods compare to Greek gods in mythology?


4.What is the function of the gods of Asgard?


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