Part I: Scarlet Letter Anticipation Guide Directions

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Part I: Scarlet Letter Anticipation Guide

Directions: Read each statement below and write agree in the blank if you believe the statement and could support the statement, or put disagree in the blank if you do not believe the statement and could not support the statement.
You must choose Agree or Disagree for each one, even if you feel it applies only in some cases.
After you finish responding to the statements choose five statements that you feel strongly about and write about why you responded Agree or Disagree in the space given.



Adultery is always wrong.

We are responsible for the sins of our ancestors.

Punishment rehabilitates those who commit sins or cimes.

People are inherently good.

The government should legislate morality.

It is okay to seek revenge.

Society should shun those who do wrong.

Society should not forgive someone if they have committed adultery.

It is wrong to let someone take the blame for something you have done.

Public shaming is an acceptable form of punishment.

Having a good reputation is important

There is good in everyone.

You should keep a secret for someone you love if it means you will be punished.

Certain people in society should uphold a higher moral code.

Part II: Puritan Beliefs and History

Read pages 132-136 in the textbook and answer the following questions:

  1. What do you already know or think you know about Puritans?

  1. Where and when did Puritans establish a colony on the American Continent?

  1. What did Puritans value?

  1. What values did the New England Primer teach? Who was its audience?

  1. List three questions you have about Puritan life and religion:

Part III: “The Custom House” – Nathanial Hawthorne’s introduction to the novel. This text is non-fiction. Hawthorne is giving background on Puritan life and his reasons for writing the novel.

For your assigned pages answer the following on a separate sheet of paper:

  1. What is Hawthorne describing in your section?

  2. Why do you think he includes this information?

  3. What reflections and personal thoughts does he reveal about Puritan times?

  4. How does that time relate to him personally?

  5. Based on what you have read, why do you think he wrote this novel?

  6. What predictions can you make about the novel?

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