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A college of the Riverside Community College District

Norco College

A college of the Riverside Community College District

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  • Distinguish and compare major artistic styles, belief systems, and indigenous concepts characteristic of the ancient Mexican people.

  • Integrate archaeological and ethno-historic methods in uncovering the range of cultural diversity of ancient Mexico and the contributions of the ancient peoples to the modern world.

  • Assess current debates in the interpretation of ancient Mexican artistic, religious, and historical traditions.

  • Distinguish basic characteristics of indigenous writing and calendar systems and relate them to ancient Mexican religious and political ideology.

  • Integrating evidence from archaeology, ethnology, and ethno historic documents.

  • Distinguish and compare the diversity of cultures and the major sites, periods, and trends in the development of ancient Mexican civilization.



Including policies about missed assignments or exams.

This syllabus is subject to change made by the instructor and posted or distributed during any class session. 



IMPORTANT DATES (check web advisor and select “My schedule/deadlines”)

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Adding this class

Students wanting to add this section will need to be provided with a four digit add/authorization code. If you receive an add authorization code, you are responsible for completing the add process before the deadline to add. This deadline can be found in the Schedule of Classes available online. Add codes can be processed through your WebAdvisor account. If you fail to add the class by the deadline, you are not officially enrolled and college policy prohibits you from continuing to attend class.

Be aware that your failure to pay fees/fines, to document prerequisites, to clear academic holds, or to navigate personal problems may hinder you from adding this section. Please allow sufficient time to take care of these issues before the deadline to add. Adding this course after the published deadline will require documented extenuating circumstances involving severe illness, accident, or death.
The use of an add/authorization code issued to another student violates the Student Code of Conduct and the student will be referred to the Dean of Student Life for disciplinary action. The unauthorized use of an add code is grounds for removal from the course.
Dropping this class

You may withdraw from this course by using WebAdvisor prior to the drop deadline. The deadline is available on WebAdvisor by selecting “My Class Schedule/Deadlines” after logging in. If there is a hold restricting use of WebAdvisor for this purpose, you may bring a completed ADD/DROP card to the Admissions counter of the college and complete the process there. It is the student’s responsibility to drop this class should he/she decide no longer to attend.


Norco College is committed to maintaining academic integrity throughout the college community. Academic dishonesty is a serious offense that can diminish the quality of scholarship, the academic environment, the academic reputation and the quality of a Norco College degree. The Student Handbook states:

In cases of academic dishonesty by a student, a faculty member may

  1. Reduce the score on test(s) or assignment(s);

  2. Reduce the grade in the course;

  3. Fail the student in the course if the weight of the test(s) or assignment(s) warrants course failure;

  4. Recommend suspension from the course (see further details in Student Handbook).

Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to:

  1. Plagiarism – the intentional presentation of words, ideas or work of others as one’s own. This includes but is not limited to: copying homework, using a work or portion of a work written or created by another but not crediting the source and using one’s own work completed in a previous class for credit in another class without permission. The usual consequence of academic dishonesty is failure of the course and referral of the case to the appropriate dean for additional disciplinary action. Students may discuss assignments but are expected to complete all work independently.

  2. Cheating During Examinations – includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized electronic assistance or devices, copying from another, looking at another student’s exam and opening books when not authorized.
    Any of these practices could result in charges of academic dishonesty.

Accommodations for Disabilities

Norco College provides services to students with disabilities through the Disability Resource Center (DRC); located in the Center for Student Success Building. To request academic accommodations due to a disability, please visit the DRC or contact the DRC staff at 372-7070. A DRC staff member will confidentially review your concerns with you to determine any required accommodations. Once your accommodations are approved through DRC, please bring your DRC documentation(s) to me so that we may discuss your accommodations.

Violence on Campus

Norco College does not tolerate any violence or implied violence. A threat of violence includes any behavior that by its very nature could be interpreted by a reasonable person as intent to cause physical harm to self, another individual, or property. Violence or the threat of violence against or by any student or employee of the District or any other person is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Should an individual on District property, who is not an employee or student, or a student or employee of the District, demonstrate or threaten violent behavior, s/he may be subject to criminal prosecution (AP 3510 Workplace Violence and Safety).

If you are a victim of any violent, threatening, or harassing conduct, any witness to such conduct, or anyone receiving a report of such conduct, [. . .] shall immediately report the incident to his/her supervisor of College Safety and Police (951- 222-8171) (AP 3510 Workplace Violence and Safety).


Declaring your Program of Study in WebAdvisor is important.  Norco College contacts students that have declared a certificate/degree for internships and job opportunities in that specified field.  Also, by declaring your certificate/degree goal, you can use the “Academic Review” tool in WebAdvisor which will calculate exactly what classes you still need to take to finish your certificate/degree and graduate.   If you have questions about a field of study, please schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss this important issue.


Norco College offers excellent services for all students. These services include help with disability accommodations, financial aid, finding jobs, academic counseling, health services, veterans services, tutoring and more. Here is a partial list of resources available to you:

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

(951) 372-7070

Center for Student Success

Veterans Services

(951) 372-7142

Student Services Building, First Floor

Student Support Services

(951) 372-7149

Student Services Building

EOPS/CARE (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services/Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education)

(951) 372-7128

Center for Student Success

CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids)

(951) 372-7052

Center for Student Success

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

(951) 739-7896

Wilfred J. Airey Library, First Floor

Student Health and Psychological Services

(951) 372-7046

Wilfred J. Airey Library Building, Lower Level

Student Financial Services

(951) 372-7009

Student Services Building, First Floor

Special Programs:

Honors Program

(951) 739-7815

Ana-Marie Olaerts

John F. Kennedy Middle College High School

(951) 738-2200

Cheryl Kretz, Counselor


(951) 372-7080

David Payan, Puente Counselor

Study Abroad

(951) 222-8340

Jan Schall, Director

Talented Tenth (T3P)

(951) 372-7148

John Moore, T3p Counselor

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Scholars

(951) 739-7803

Tutorial Services

(951) 372-7143

Wilfred J. Airey Library Building, Lower Level

Especially for online courses

For technical Assistance

The 24/7 help desk number for all student and instructor Blackboard-related issues, including streaming media, is (866) 259-7271. There is also a new online support portal URL students and instructors can use: The District Help Desk for computers, software, etc., is (951) 222-8388. For WebAdvisor assistance, please contact Admissions & Records at 951-372-7003.

Academic honesty is as highly valued at the Online campus, as it is at Norco College’s face-to-face classes. A student must always submit work that represents his or her original words or ideas. If any words or ideas are used that do not represent the student’s original words or ideas, then the student must cite all relevant sources. The student should also make it clear the extent to which such sources are used. Words or ideas that require citations include, but are not limited to, all hardcopy or electronic publications, whether copyrighted or not, and all verbal or visual communication when the content of such communication clearly originates from an identifiable source. At the Online campus, all submissions to any public meeting or private mailbox fall within the scope of works and ideas that require citations if used by someone other than the original author. Academic dishonesty in an Online learning environment could involve the following:

  • Having a tutor or friend complete a portion of your assignments

  • Having a reviewer make extensive revisions to an assignment

  • Copying work submitted by another student to an online venue

  • Using information from on-line information services without proper citation


It is recommended that the class schedule be the last document in the syllabus for easier changes that may occur during the semester.


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