Pace law school john jay legal services fall 2016 application for participation in clinical, externship, and simulation programs

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Applications must be submitted on TWEN by 10 a.m. on Monday, April 25.

Please read course descriptions and application instructions before submitting your application!

Indicate your preference (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd) for all programs for which you are applying.

Clinics (2 semesters required)

__ Barbara C. Salken Criminal Justice Clinic

__ Equal Justice America Disability Rights Clinic

__ Immigration Justice Clinic

__ Pace Investor Rights Clinic
Externships (one semester)

__ Corporate Law Externship

__ Family Court Externship

__ Honors Prosecution Externship

__ Legal Services/Public Interest/Health Law Externship

__ Prosecution Externship

__ U.N. Environmental Diplomacy Practicum
Simulation Course (one semester)

__ Federal Criminal Pretrial Simulation
Student ID: ______________________________________________
Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City: _______________________________ Zip __________
Home #: (_____)____________Work #: (_____)___________Cell #: (_____)______________
Preferred E-mail Address:_____________________________________________
Alternate E-mail Address: _____________________________________________
Class you will enter in Fall 2016
 3d Year, Full Time  4th Year, Part-time

 2d Year, Full Time  3d Year, Part-time

 LLM  2d Year, Part-time

Why do you want to participate in a clinic, externship or simulation course? How do you see participation in a clinic, externship, or simulation course serving your learning/career goals?

What specific lawyering work would you most like to learn about and practice during this coming semester? (e.g., interacting with clients; drafting and arguing motions; fact investigation and witness preparation; etc.) Why?
What concerns, if any, do you have about participating in a clinic, externship, or simulation course?

Write a brief statement of what you would like a colleague or client to say about you after you have been in practice for a few years (e.g., "______ can always be relied on to get things done with time to spare and has all the patience in the world” or "_______ really knows how to get people to work out their differences so that everyone is happy with both the outcome and the process").

Do you plan to work (paid or volunteer) during the semester? YES NO

If yes, please indicate name of employer, hours per week and location:

For conflict of interest reasons, it is important that you identify all legal employers, securities brokers or investment firms that you have worked for during the past two years. Please list employers and dates below (include both volunteer and compensated employment, full-time and part-time):

Do you understand that the clinic and externship programs continue to operate during academic vacation and exam periods?

Beside the normal academic program, what other major time commitments do you expect to have next semester?

Do you plan to apply to the Environmental Litigation Clinic? YES NO

Do you plan to apply to the Pro Bono Scholars Program? YES NO

Do you plan to apply to the Semester in Practice for the Spring 2017? YES NO

Languages other than English: _______________/________________
Oral level of fluency: _______________/________________
Written level of fluency: _______________/________________

Other relevant experience: Briefly describe below any law school, college, personal or work related experience that you consider relevant to the programs for which you have applied.

CHECK TO BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL THE PREREQUISITES FOR THE PROGRAMS FOR WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING. Please indicate here any prerequisite courses that you have not taken and explain why you think that the prerequisite should be waived in your case. (Waiver will not be considered unless you complete this section.)

Other courses you plan to take along with the Clinic, Externship, or Simulation:

Have you satisfied the Upper Level Writing Requirement? YES NO

Do you hope to satisfy the requirement through a clinical course or externship? YES NO

Have you satisfied the Upper Level Skills Requirement? YES NO

Do you hope to satisfy the requirement through a clinical course, simulation or externship?


If you are applying for an Externship and can identify or suggest a particular field placement site that you would or would not prefer, please do so and state the reasons for your preference. Please indicate any geographical constraints, with the understanding that reimbursement for travel expenses may be limited.

Attach additional sheets if necessary for any question. Thanks for your time!

Please attach a current résumé, most recent transcript (unofficial is fine) and a brief (5 pp) writing sample.
Submit one copy of this application and all attachments for each program that you apply on the JJLS TWEN page: John Jay Legal Services Fall 2016 Applications. DO NOT E-MAIL YOUR APPLICATION.


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John Jay Clinics -> Please read course descriptions and this memorandum carefully before submitting an application

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