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Name: _______________________ World History - GEZ

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Japanese Feudalism vs. Western European Feudalism


  1. We’ll brainstorm questions we have about feudalism in Japan, including samurais. Then we’ll try to find answers to those questions plus a few others from Mrs. Barroso through independent research. (See the backside of this page!) For our research, we’ll use About.com’s pages about Japanese feudalism. The web address is: http://asianhistory.about.com/od/japan/a/Feudalism-In-Japan-And-Europe.htm

Due Date for Research: Friday, December 18

  1. You’ll create a detailed, neat, colorful Venn diagram or chart that shows the similarities and differences between Japanese feudalism and European feudalism.

Due Date for Venn diagram or Chart: Friday, December 18

  1. After you’ve done research and created a Venn diagram or comparison chart, we will have a Socratic Seminar. The seminar will be based on your research information and be centered on these questions: How were European and Japanese feudalism similar and different? What is your theory for WHY they were different? In other words, what caused these differences?

Date of Socratic Seminar: TBA (after Winter Break)

  1. Create an outline for an essay that answers this prompt: Explain how feudalism in Japan was different from feudalism in Western Europe, paying attention to how and why they were different.

Due Date for Essay Outline: TBA (after Winter Break)


Your research should include:

  1. Definitions/knowledge of these terms:

    1. Bushido

    2. Samurai

    3. Daimyo

    4. Shogun

    5. Heian Japan

    6. Kamakura Japan

  1. Answers to the research questions we came up with in class (write those questions in the space below):

Name: ______________________

Work Log for Japanese Feudalism vs European Feudalism Project

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What I did: research, record research, &/or Venn Diagram or chart

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