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Over the break, finish reading Animal Farm and respond to the following questions about the novel:
In a beast fable, fairy tale, allegory, or myth, the characters are not fully developed, since they represent qualities and are not intended as real people. The characters in Orwell's Animal Farm can be divided into various categories: the good and the bad; the powerful and the weak; the honest and the corrupt; the workers and the non-workers; the leaders and the led; the pessimists and the optimists; the idealists and the pragmatists; the stupid and the bright. For each of the characters listed below, name the character that seems to be his or her opposite and which of the above categories the pair falls into:

1. Snowball

2. Mollie

3. Boxer

4. Clover

5. Mr. Jones

6. Benjamin

7. the sheep
8. Which animal is most like Mr. Whymper? Explain.
9. Which animal is most like Mr. Jones? Explain.
10. Which two animals do you admire the most? What are their good qualities? How do they differ?
11. What qualities in mankind does Mollie represent?
12. What human qualities does Moses have?
13. What quality that traditionally can be found in “the masses” do the sheep have?
14. Who would the dogs represent in a totalitarian society?
15. Animal Farm is about power and the use and abuse of power. For each of the following characters, list examples of his actions, good or bad, that show his power and answer the questions that follow:



16. Which of the three uses power for good or positive reasons, and which uses it for bad or negative reasons?
17. From the beginning of the revolution, the pigs, who hold the power, do not work. What is Orwell implying by this fact?
18. In what sense is the windmill a symbol of power?
19. Why are the dogs necessary for Napoleon? Why are the sheep necessary?
20. Why is it necessary for the animals to confess their real or imaginary sins and to be publicly killed?

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