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Doc Holliday costume Doc Holiday, Outfit, Shirt, Pants, Vest, Tie, Boots, Frock Coat, Stetson, Hat, guns.Wyatt Earp Collection - Authentic Wyatt Earp Movie Set Outfit - Tombstone Clothing. Doc Holiday Head To Toe Outfit And Collection from Tribal And Western . Oct 26, 2013 . Vitals Val Kilmer as John "Doc" Holliday, failed dentist, proficient gambler, and excellent gunfighter. Costume Designer: Joseph A. Porro . Adult John (Doc) Holliday Famous People Costume. $239.97. Doc Holiday Costume - Doc Holiday - Tombstone Costumes - Famous People Costumes . … (Doc) Holliday Famous People Costume. Adult John (Doc) Holliday Famous People Costume$239.97. Doc Holiday Costume. Adult Doc Holiday Costume  here are pics and a list of suppliers for my doc holliday and my wife's big nose kate costumes. i am pretty excited about the way it turned out. the  diy halloween costume doc holliday and wyatt earp tombstone | See more about Diy Halloween Costumes, Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp.complete 1800s Cowboy outfits from Tombstone, Wyatt Earp to John Wayne doc holliday hats and boots, ocats and vests.Sep 28, 2012 . Rogue Gambler Mens Costume. John Henry "Doc" Holliday had a reputation as a dedicated gambler and a deadly shooter. This Old West . Show off your wild side with our Wild West costumes! Men's, women's, plus size, and TEEN size cowboy, cowgirl, sheriff, gun slinger, Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, . We have tons of Old West Sheriff Reenactment Quality Costumes, Victorian Wild West Marshals & Gunslinger Attire, Theatrical Quality Garb, Gear & Costumes. Below is a list of some of the costumes we have available. If there is a costume you want but can’t see on the list, please get in contact and we will endeavour to. Western Pistols featureditems These Gun Replicas are Perfect for Old West Collectors and Stage Use Replica western pistols are almost as cool as our. Wild West Cowboys of all types,Townsfolk, Red Indians, Saloon Girls, Mexican Bandits, Gamblers, Brothel Workers, Blacksmiths, Film Characters ie. Not every costume will be available to hire at every store. Please call to check availability.

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