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Our Centre- Johannesburg Home page

Welcome to the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre (JHC), a member of the South African Holocaust Foundation (together with the Cape Town and Durban Centres). Established in January 2008, the JHC is dedicated to Holocaust education and memory. The JHC works widely in the field of Holocaust, human rights and genocide education, under the Directorship of Tali Nates, who apart from her wealth of experience in these fields in South Africa, has conducted work in Rwanda, Israel, Canada and the United States.

History of our Centre
In Nov 2007 The Board of Trustees of the South African Holocaust Foundation (formerly known as the Cape Town Holocaust Centre Trust) announced the appointment of a committee to establish a Holocaust centre in Johannesburg. Read more……

The Johannesburg Committee is chaired by, Professor Michael Katz, who together with dedicated committee members, Gerald Leissner, Sean Melnick, Myra Osrin, Wendy Kahn, and the late Dr Jocelyn Hellig have contributed immensely to the vision and future of the centre.

The committee is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members, Marlene Bethleham and Ivan Levy.

Main Page: Currently working out of temporary offices, we look forward to you visiting our new centre when building is completed in 2011. (Photo and a more button to About the building, Lewis Linda and its location).

It is envisioned that the new Centre will be a hive of activity where young and old, from all walks of life, come together to dialogue, tell their stories, experience thought provoking films, exhibitions, lectures and attend interesting book launches.

Contact us:


The Johannesburg Holocaust Centre partners on events and programmes and works closely with organisations who work in the fields of promoting nation building, democracy and human rights. We look forward to hosting events in our new Centre, due for completion in 2011.

Events 2010

27 January United Nations International Day of Commemoration in honour of victims of the Holocaust. Exhibition – to be advised
Past events


Event 1. 27 January United Nations International Day of Commemoration in honour of victims of the Holocaust.

Exhibition – Photo. Photo - Leora Kahn – documentary Rene and I

Dr Berit Reisel – lecture Scandinavia and the Holocaust- the four Nordic States and their reaction to the Nazi persecution of the Jews

Hana’s Suitcase – documentary Pretoria read more- link to p2 July newsletter
Caption for all 3 photos: An exhibition and various events were held to mark this commemoration.

Read more.......link to newsletter July 2009 (do we link to the article in the newsletter or to the appropriate newsletter?)

Event 2 Photo Poster- Anne Frank – a history for today exhibition

An exhibition and various events were held around the opening of this exhibition

Invitation – The Diary of Anne Frank-BBC 2009 adaptation

Invitation – Champion of the Child-Janusz Korczak lecture by Avi Tsur and Itzak Belfer

Event 3 Photo – 15th Commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide- reading of testimonies - read more- link to July 2009 newsletter.
Event 4 Photo- Rwanda Study Tour – read more link to October 2009 Newsletter
Event 5 Photo – Kristallnacht Commemoration Events - read more- link to Oct 09 Newsletter.
Events 08

Event 1. 08
The United Nations International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust - 27 January read more......

The Johannesburg Holocaust Centre formed part of the organising body for a special evening held at the Apartheid Museum in commemoration of the United Nations International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust on the 27 January 2008.

Jpeg UNbmp.2: L – R Sudeshan Reddy (UN Information Centre), Tali Nates (Director JHC), Marguerite Sabamahoro (Rwanda Genocide Survivor), Margaret Novicki (UN Information Centre).
Event 2. 08

Jpeg 0062: The JHC and Apartheid Museum partnered for May 16 International Day of Story Telling read more....

‘The International day of story telling’ is an initiative of The Museum of the Person – (link to http://www.brazilmax.com/news.cfm/tborigem/fe_society/id/24).

international network of life stories in Brazil, Portugal, USA and Canada and the Centre for Digital Storytelling (USA). It was initiated in South Africa by Symphonia (link to http://www.symphonia.net ). The goal and mission of the campaign is to gain broad recognition of May 16 as an annual day for sharing, listening and gathering personal life stories, which will be valued by society.

The Johannesburg Holocaust Centre partnered with the Apartheid Museum for the ‘International day of story-telling’, on May 16, 2008.

24 participants, included Holocaust survivors, Apartheid victims as well as people from all walks of life who came together to share their stories.

The age-old tradition of story-telling in a circle was used. Each circle was made up of a facilitator and up to 7 participants who were given the following topic, ‘ In no more than 10 minutes please share an event that changed your life and the consequent life lessons you could pass on to others.’

An extraordinary morning was shared by all. One participant commented that the morning itself was a life-changing event!

Event 3. 08.

Photograph Caption: Hana’s Suitcase - Tali Nates, Fumiko Ishioka and Lara Brady together with learners at Constitution Hill ….. read more - link to Newsletter Volume 1 issue 2 January 09

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In August, the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre (JHC), in partnership with Constitution Hill, hosted a presentation by Fumiko Ishioka, curator of the Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Centre, and Lara Brady, niece of Hana Brady. Based on Karen Levine’s internationally acclaimed and award-winning book, Hana’s Suitcase and entitled Historical Detectives, the event took place in the Women’s Jail at Constitution Hill. The following day a Hana’s Suitcase- Historical Detectives workshop was held for a diverse group of Grade 9 learners.

Radio Today broadcast a special Heritage Day programme on 24 September featuring the presentation and interview with Fumiko and Lara.
The JHC and Constitution Hill work together on various projects as we seek to further our common goal of remembering the past and using this to teach the values of tolerance and human rights.

Event 4 ‘08

Photograph of Rwanda Study tour Caption: Rwanda study Tour 2008 …….read more- Link to January ’09 Newsletter.

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Rwanda Study Tour 2008

The Johannesburg Holocaust Centre was instrumental in organizing a study tour to Rwanda for a diverse South African and American student delegation. As our emphasis is on Holocaust and genocide education, we undertook an experiential learning journey to Rwanda, the scene of a recent genocide on our African continent.

The purpose of the tour was to explore the circumstances and consequences of the genocide as well as post-genocide reconstruction and development. Participants met with survivors and had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of genocide scholars, university and school students and clerics, as well as engaging with a diverse cross section of Rwandan society. Students had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Rwanda’s diverse and rich cultural heritage and history.

Participants were selected from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, religions, universities and disciplines. They were selected on the basis of their interest and commitment to share their experiences and make a contribution in their respective fields on their return, primarily by engaging in human rights initiatives and educational programmes.

The visit which took place between the 17 and 24 August, 2008, was organized by the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre in conjunction with the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) and the UNISA Primedia Holocaust & Genocide Unit. The tour was sponsored by Stanley Bergman of the American Jewish Commitee's Africa Institute, ROI120 and members of the South African Jewish community.

Event 5 ‘08. Photgraph Caption : Wendy…… or posters/invitations of both events
A tribute to the Danish Community - 65 year commemoration events …….read more….. Link to Newsletter January 09.

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The Johannesburg Holocaust Centre was associated with two most successful Johannesburg events commemorating the heroic deeds of the Danish community in rescuing their Jewish neighbours from certain annihilation 65 years ago. Selwyn Klass, who has researched the story of Danish Jewry during the Holocaust over many years, compiled and coordinated a fitting tribute to the Danish Community for both Second Innings (14th Sept) and the Gauteng Council SA Jewish Board of Deputies (30 November). Tali Nates, Director of the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre, spoke about "The Righteous Amongst the Nations". The acclaimed film "Miracle at Midnight" starring Sam Waterston and Mia Farrow, was screened. This tells the dramatic true-life story of a Danish family who were centrally involved in the rescue effort.

Event 6 ‘08

The Counterfeiters

Photograph of Tali, Selwyn and Grecia -Caption: Seen at the movies – (L-R)…… read more link to Jan 09 newsletter.

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On 7 November, Second Innings and Selwyn Klass invited the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre to introduce the special screening, at Cinema Nouveau, of the Academy Award winning movie, The Counterfeiters.

Event 7 ‘08


Photograph:Caption: Dr Marc Grellert guest speaker at the Kristallnacht commemoration interviewed at Radio Today studios. Photograph (L-R…….. read more link to January 09 newsletter.

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9/10 November marked 70 years since Kristallnacht. To commemorate this event, Dr Marc Grellert Professor of Architecture at the University of Darmstadt in Germany shared his moving and inspirational project that brings back to ‘virtual life’ German synagogues that were destroyed during the Nazi period. The presentation was repeated the following evening in Pretoria.

The visit was made possible by The Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, The Gauteng Council SA Jewish Board of Deputies and The Johannesburg Holocaust Centre.

For more information on the project go to www.synagogen.info


In addition to formal curriculum based educational support for educators and learners, the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre designs and facilitates management programmes for corporates, small business, educational institutions and NGO’s. By using the lessons for humanity that we learn from Holocaust, genocide and human rights education, individuals are able to make connections to their lives and enrich their relationships in the workplace, their homes and their communities.

Icons with our pictures -

For more information on our educational programmes contact thuli@jhbholocaust.co.za or call (011)640 3100.

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Link -educators

Educator training

The Johannesburg Holocaust Centre is involved with educator workshops on a National and local level.

For more information on our educator training workshops contact thuli@jhbholocaust.co.za or call (011)6403100.

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Link - learners:

School groups

Insert Photos: school groups photos

Caption: Using the portable exhibition, The Holocaust- lessons for Humanity, facilitators from the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre will come to your school and explain and discuss the lessons for humanity arising out of the Holocaust.

For more information contact thuli@jhbholocaust.co.za, or call (011)6403100.

In a shaded box: We look forward to welcoming school groups to the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre(JHC) when construction is completed in 2011.
Link- Management programmes

Insert Photo: Management programme

Caption: A programme for SAB Miller/GIBS Management Development Programme held at Constitution Hill.

Diversity management plays an important role in enriching human relationships that add value to organisations. Programmes range from in-depth partnerships with Human Resource Development (HRD) departments, to shorter thought-provoking workshops and events. Each programme is tailor-made to suit the needs of the particular organisation and presented by highly experienced facilitators. Issues of diversity e.g gender, ethnicity, religion etc.; the use and abuse of power; building trust; engaging in authentic, meaningful dialogue; and the challenges and opportunities facing human resources in Africa, are some topics addressed.

Resource materials- links to SAHF

FAQ- links to SAHF

Support Us -


Once building operations are completed, volunteers will form the life-blood of the Johannesburg Holocaust Centre and we will then be able to fully utilise the diverse experience that has been so generously offered to us. We currently have over 50 volunteers, some of whom are already engaged on various activities.

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If you would like to volunteer your services please contact janine@jhbholocaust.co.za or call (011) 6403100


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Special Visitors -

There is great enthusiasm and interest among local survivors of the Holocaust as well as many other individuals from South Africa and overseas about the establishment of a Holocaust Centre in Johannesburg. Some visitors to the centre were: Take photos from existing page and add: Aaron Peterer, Hans Westra, Deborak Dwork, Mark Weitzman, Leora Kahn, Berit Reisel, Donna Jacobs Sife, Marc Grellert, Ambassador Dov Segev-Steinberg, Felicity Miller…..

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Contact Us

Johannesburg Holocaust Centre

Postal Address
Private Bag X6, Sandringham 2131.

Tel: (011) 640 3100/2148

Fax: (011) 640 7865

Hours of Operation:
The Centre is currently closed to the public for visits until the completion of building operations.
We are working and can be contacted via email or during office hours by telephoning the numbers above.
Office Hours:
Monday to Thursday 8:30 – 16:30
Friday 8:30 – 15:00

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