Osma Acres Farm 53464 Osma Acres Road Houghton, mi 49931 Phone: 906-483-0586, Cell: 906-281-4949 fax: 906-483-0586 email address

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Osma Acres Farm

53464 Osma Acres Road

Houghton, MI 49931

Phone: 906-483-0586, Cell: 906-281-4949

FAX:     906-483-0586

email address: manager@osmacresfarm.com

websites : www.localharvest.org/farms/M26682/  



   This is a simple Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Agreement between Osma Acres Farm (OAF) and:



   As a member of the farm you are entitled to share in the Produce Harvest of 2015 with the following understandings and guidelines:

1. OAF is a local, shareholder financed, privately owned farm. Any product that originates from our farm and/or associate farms is processed 'on the farm'. Unless otherwise stated all products are 'Farm Fresh', and not processed by a licensed facility.

2. OAF is not a retail store. Farm products are available to current shareholders at the farm and at the Osma Acres Farmers Market, The produce of the farm is available for the shareholders. Produce prices are based on local retail grocers’ produce prices LESS 10%.

3. OAF will provide its shareholders with the best possible produce at time of delivery. Proper packing, preservation, materials, and industry accepted techniques will always be followed in the preparation of produce to its shareholders.

4. OAF follows the strictest health and safely guidelines as set forth by the appropriate authorities at the time of writing this contract/agreement. OAF has established guidelines, policies and procedures for member activities associated with the farm. This document will be provided to new members, it will also detail produce ordering and distribution processes for the members.

5. OAF is responsible for all taxes, license, liens, mortgage, insurance, and fees associated with the farm and releases its shareholders of any/all financial responsibility/liability associated with the farm. 

6. Any monetary exchange for produce from OAF is considered reimbursement for the planting, care, watering, weeding, cultivating, protection, fertilization, on farm processing/packaging of the farm products.

 7. As a shareholder; I/we agree to all of the above. I/we release OAF of all liability associated with any/all products we accept from the farm and releases OAF of any/all financial responsibility/liability associated with our participation in activities at OAF. 

 8. I/we accept the requested product(s) from OAF as is. I/we also acknowledge that at any time we are not satisfied with this agreement, or OAF is not satisfied, it may be terminated by either party with written notification. This contact expires 01 January 2016.


Signed:________________________________________________ Date:_____________



Email Address:_____________________________

Member Fees:  Will be entered as a prepayment deposit to OAF for produce the member will obtain during the 2015 harvest season. Members may purchase additional produce after their member fee has been exhausted.

Member Agreement Option Selection, check option box below:

     [  ] Full Fee = $50

     [  ] Half Fee = $25

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