Origins: How Life Began Name: pbs/nova 2/28/2004

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ORIGINS: How Life Began Name: ________________________

PBS/NOVA 2/28/2004

Biology II

  1. How far back in time do we need to go to find “life?”

  1. Describe the conditions of early Earth when life gained a foothold.

  1. What are snot-ites and phlegm-balls? Where are they found and why are they important?

  1. What elements are in the recipe that makes living things? Which is most abundant?

  1. What important lesson did we learn from the experiment done by Stanley Miller?

  1. What important of evidence for early life are they looking for in Greenland?

  1. What does the moon have to do with the origin of life?

  1. What hypothesis did Don Brownlee test?

  1. What conclusions have been made regarding this hypothesis?

  1. Based on these conclusions, how did the building blocks of life survive?

  1. Where do scientists suspect life in the form of living organisms actually began on Earth? Describe the conditions.

  1. Describe the conditions of the second potential location.

  1. Sunlight and photosynthesis (were/were not) the first source of E for life on Earth.

  1. How did the use of photosynthesis change the direction of life on Earth?

  1. How old are the “oldest” fossils in the world? How did they form?

  1. How did the photosynthesis used by these early organisms affect Earth's environment (2 ways) ?

  1. What allowed life to become more complex and diverse? Why?

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