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Online reading communities recommended by 4MA members


Be clueless no more! Join your fellow bookaholics and discover new authors, great books, and the latest in mystery happenings. Every month we have a formal discussion of two books selected by the group plus one book in an ongoing series, as well as daily discussions of what we are reading and what's happening in Mystery Land. Our mystery expertise ranges from very little to quite a lot, but it doesn't matter since everyone enjoys all things mysterious. 750+ members.


This is an online Reading Club that caters to the Mystery, Thriller and Horror Book Genres. We feature many Club and Buddy Reads, so please visit the database section for a full schedule. 500+ members.


A fine group of people coming together to share a liking for historical fiction. What's your favorite time period? 100+ members.


This is a forum for people who enjoy the literature of the 19th century and includes works from all countries. List members participate in group reads and discussions which are not limited to the current selections, and are actively encouraged to recommend other authors or books and to discuss all facets of the 19th century. 300+ members.


We are not just another Classic Reading Group. We try to read some of the less popular or less known classics as well as the known classics. We also have both scheduled reads and buddy reads. Each book is discussed in weekly parts. 200+ members


We read one novel a month, choosing from among the short-listed and winning novels of the Man Booker Prize, honouring the best British, Irish or Commonwealth novels each year. The first part of the discussion focuses on the author and background material; in the second half, in-depth discussion begins. 150+ members.


We share opinions and information about crime/mystery fiction

available in Australia in paperback. However we welcome members from all over the globe. We hold at least one book discussion each month, so add the book to your reading schedule and join in! 57 members.


Chat about mysteries by and about Britain, Australia (and New Zealand and Canada). Authors include, Reginald Hill, Peter Robinson, Arthur Upfield, Jennifer Rowe and Elizabeth George. 100+ members.


For the discussion of hardboiled and noir writing. 400+ members


This is a group for those who love fantasy, be it dragons and elves, or hobbits and warrows. We choose books to read together and share whatever else we might be reading. 150+ members.


This group is for those who are interested in reading a variety of authors and genres. Monthly group reads will be chosen by a poll with nominations by members of favorite books they've read and would recommend to others. Nominated books will be included in polls for one year unless chosen or renominated. Those who nominate titles that are chosen for group reads will lead the discussion for that book. See group files for more rules on nominations. This group will be a great way to discover books and authors that appeal to a wide range of interests. 76 members.

Historical mystery is one of the fastest growing sub-genres. We enjoy discussing history, culture, authors and mysteries. We often share information found on the net about the historical periods written in the novels. We are an ever-growing list made up of both authors and readers. Some of us join in on the voluntary monthly read of an historical mystery. We welcome historical readers of all kinds. 550+ members.


This will be an email discussion group in association with Cozy Sleuths' message boards and live chats. We will discuss anything and everything relating to COZY MYSTERIES, including current authors (M.C. Beaton, Dorothy Cannell, Rhys Bowen, Mary Deheim, Catherine Aird, Simon Brett, etc.), as well as authors from the Golden Age of Crime (Dorothy L. Sayers, Margery Allingham, Elizabeth Daly, Dickson Carr, G.K. Chesterton, Edmund Crispin, etc.) So grab a cuppa and let's match wits with some great literary detectives. 100+ members.


Do you like mysteries by women authors, with strong female characters? Womeninmystery is about crime and mystery fiction by women writers featuring PIs, police detectives or tough women sleuths. We discuss include contemporary, classic and historical books. Examples: Laurie R King, Linda Barnes, Marcia Muller, Julie Smith, Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, Lauren Henderson, Dana Stabenow, S J Rozan, Barbara Seranella, Laura Lippman, Katy Munger, Val McDermid, Charlaine Harris, Dorothy L Sayers. Come and talk about those you like, and why, and get new ideas for reading. The aim of the group is to discuss a group read book each month, but we currently need to choose some new books for discussion. 250+ members


DorothyL is a discussion and idea list for the lovers of the mystery genre. It was concocted by a group of women librarians at a July 1991 Washington, D.C. meeting of the Association of Research Libraries and named in honor of one of the great women mystery writers of the century. 3,000+ members.


Attention fans of women mystery writers! We primarily discuss female authors who write mysteries with female protagonists, such as Patricia Cornwell, Marcia Muller, Dana Stabenow, Sue Grafton, Nevada Barr, Carolyn Hart, and many, MANY others. 350+ members.


Do you like to read all types of mystery books? Do you like to chat about mystery authors? Do you prefer a book group to talk about books with limited off-topic chatter? Then check out the mysteryreadercafe. We are a friendly book group that loves to chat about mysteries, such as British, amateur sleuth, private detective, humorous, hard-boiled, historical and many more! 150+ members.


We are a group that reads and discusses classic and contemporary British mysteries (any mystery set in Britain or by a British author). In addition to general discussion, we choose a book to read and discuss each month. Stuart Pawson, Stephen Booth, Andrew Taylor, John Baker, Val McDermid, Mark Billingham and Ken Bruen are just some of the authors that members have enjoyed reading. 300+ members


Dedicated to the new wave of P.I. fiction and its ties to tradition. We also discuss characters similar to the P.I. in today's crime fiction. Featured authors include Crais, Lehane, Coben, Connelly, Rozan, and Seranella. 400+ members.

Paranormal Romance

This list is dedicated to discussing speculative romantic fiction, including time-travel, paranormal, shape-shifter, fantasy, and futuristic. Both romance readers and writers are welcome to share their views. 2,000+ members.


Group for discussion of mystery & suspense literature and films. Open to a variety of other related topics as well. Members are encouraged to post, but there is no pressure to do so - nor is there a reading list to follow. We want everyone to feel comfortable, as if they were chatting with friends and acquaintances in a park or café. Sense of humor highly encouraged. 650+ members.



Welcome to the Rainbow Readership list. This list is for people who are interested in reading and discussing books with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender content. Any book with queer content can be discussed at any time. 450+ members.

4LMR (4 Lesbian Mystery Readers)

A group to discuss mystery novels that have lesbian protagonists or are written by lesbians. Come and discuss your favourite authors and discover new ones. Members will choose at least one book per month to read and discuss. A new list with 19 members.

AARList (All About Romance)

Our mission for the list, as with everything associated with All About Romance, is to create an open and honest forum where we can create a sense of community for ourselves. We won't always agree on what books are good or bad, or authors for that matter, but we can have fun talking about them, right? 800+ members.


We are an informal group of people who just like to chat with others about books we are reading, books we want to read, books we have read, and anything else that might have to do with books! . . . Here at AR2, we have people who like mysteries (hard boiled, cozy, or just the plain good old fashion kind), fiction, non-fiction, true crime, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and classics, so whatever your taste you will probably find someone else here who you can talk to. Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and come on in and join us...You will meet a really nice group from different spots around the globe who share your love of anything having to do with reading and books. 300+ members.



For discussion and shared reading of mysteries from the Golden Age (roughly 1910-1960). Ellery Queen, John Dickson Carr, Dorothy L Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham, Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, Gladys Mitchell, HC Bailey, Michael Gilbert, Norbert Davis and many many others. This group also has a wiki for reviews 200+ members.

Alaska Library Association Annual Conference, 2006 / Barbara Fister

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