One quality piece each week earning mummies as you go. You must earn at least 20 mummies

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Egyptians Takeaway Homework

This menu has various ‘takeaway’ choices for your homework this term.

The idea is that you choose to do one quality piece each week earning mummies as you go. You must earn at least 20 mummies by the end of term.

*** REMEMBER you teacher is looking for ‘’ work so take your time and focus on creating quality pieces of homework. ***

One mummy

Two mummies

Three mummies


Create an acrostic poem for


Create a fact file about Ancient Egypt.

This could be about life, food, clothes, beliefs or Pharaoh’s for example.

Create a fact file about the River Nile. Include:

its length, its depth, where its source is, which sea it flows into, which countries it passes through, important events in history that have happened near or on the river.

Use hieroglyphs to write a message to your teacher. Can you crack the Egyptian code

Research about one of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Create a catchy poster to share your learning.

Write a diary entry from the viewpoint of an Egyptian. They could be a Pharaoh or a poor person in Egyptian times.


Can you research how they paid for things in Ancient Egypt?

Create an Ancient Egyptian timeline with key facts in chronological order.

Research the Ancient Egyptian number system and come up with number sentences and answers. Use a variety of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Create and Ancient Egyptian quiz.

You will need at least 5 interesting questions that you could ask the class.

Choose a real Ancient Egyptian god or goddess. Write an information text about them, including their name, symbol, powers and why they were important.

Design and draw an Ancient Egyptian mummy case. Try to find out more about mummy cases first to give you an idea of your design. If you’re feeling really creative, make your design.


Design your own Ancient Egyptian flag.

Create a travel brochurefor a modern day trip to Egypt.

Research what and Ancient Egyptian house looked like, then show this in pictures, words or even a model.

Create a mummy inspired cat.

Design your own Ancient Egyptian menu! This link may help:

Create a map of Ancient Egypt, placing significant landmarks on, for example, the Nile, the pyramids, The Valley of the Kings.

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