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elephants dream
One: Prologue
Synopsis: the prologue happens in time right after all the rest of the events in the movie- Proog is remembering/reconstructing after Emo is gone. The scene shows the same location as the final scene, with many hints as to what happened there.

PROOG(Voice over) At the left we can see .....

PROOG(Contd.) We can see...

PROOG(Contd.) At the right we can see...

the head-snarlers

PROOG(Contd.) Everything is safe

perfectly safe

Two: Switchboard trap
Synopsis: The location is a large canyon with a slender bridge in the middle of it. The canyon resembles two sides of a large telephone switchboard (pre-digital stuff). Proog pushes Emo aside as giant scissor-hooked switchboard wires speed past their heads. The action of Proog and Emo is close to that of one person pushing the other out of the way of a speeding car.

PROOG Watch out!

PROOG Are you hurt?

EMO I don't think so.. you?


Get up, it's not safe here..

Let's go
EMO What next?

PROOG You'll see!

Proog turns around, indicating Emo to follow him

Three: Telephone/Lecture
Synopsis: after the switchboard, Proog gets Emo to run along with him, fleeing the sources of Proog's paranoia. We get to see the characters running through a landscape filled with telegraph/telephone poles and crisscrossing wires, like a giant web. The wires buzz with electricity, and with the noise of chattery conversations that seem to actively hunt the two characters down. They finally reach a room with a fairly innocuous looking phone that Proog reveals as the worst trap of them all.
PROOG(adlibing) Follow me!

This way!


ROOG You're not paying attention!

EMO I just want to answer the.....


PROOG Emo, look, listen!

PROOG(Contd.) You have to learn to listen

This is not some game

PROOG (joined by phone voices) You, we, could easily die out here


PROOG and the voices (contd.) To the sounds of the machine

To your breathing


Sound of two men breathing, . Emo laughs as if he can't take it seriously-

Four: Typewriter
synopsis: Proog leads Emo over a seemingly uncrossable abyss. Proog steps out confidently into the void, and typewriter keys fly up to meet his feet. He dances an intricate dance over the keys, motioning for emo to follow suite. Emo tries to follow, but ultimately just walks, the keys flying up to his feet. Emo seems indifferent.

EMO Don't you ever get tired of this?

PROOG Tired?!?

The machine is like clockwork

One move out of place...

PROOG(Contd.) And you're ground to a pulp

EMO But isn't it -

PROOG Pulp, Emo!

Is that what you want, pulp?

PROOG(Contd.) Your goal in life?

As they leave the shot, PROOG's last words echo in the vastness...

PROOG(Contd.) Pulp!

Five: Proog shows Emo stuff
Synopsis: Emo and Proog are in some part of the machine- current thinking is it is the slingshot/elevator. that goes up through the "meat-grinder" in this case, a giant camera zoom lens, with menacingly closing irises. The elevator takes the characters up into a void where Emo sees "nothing at all" and then hurls them back down into the machine.

PROOG close your eyes

EMO why?


PROOG(contd. whispering) good

PROOG what do you see at your left side?


EMO Nothing


EMO Nothing at all

PROOG and at your right,

what do you see at your right side ?

EMO The same Proog, exactly the same

Six: Which way
Synopsis: Emo and Proog fall from the elevator platform to the midst of an oily sea pock-marked with Projectors modeled after WWII sea fortresses. Each projector can project an image, including holographic images. Once such image is a door, which emits faint music like that from a bar. Emo wants to go there, but Proog says it's a siren song, a trap, and tells him not to. As Proog tries to convince Emo, he changes the image, but it is always attractive to Emo.. probably always some kind of door in it.
EMO Listen Proog! Do you hear that! Can we go here?

PROOGThere..? It isn't safe


PROOG Trust me, it's not

EMO Maybe I could...






PROOG Any further questions?

Seven: Emo flips out
synopsis: following the little scuffle at the safe place, we are in the tiled room. Proog makes a last attempt to convince Emo that his view/ideas are perfect. Emo shocks him by claiming he doesn't see it at all, which prompts him to slap Emo. Emo walks off, followed by proog.

PROOG Why can't you see

PROOG(Contd) the beauty of this place

PROOG(Contd) The way it perfect it is

EMO No, Proog, I don't see!

I don't see because there's nothing there!

EMO( Contd) and why should I trust my life to something that isn't there?

can you tell me that?

can you?

Answer me!!

Eight: Emo creates.
synopsis: We're still in the tiled room, Emo walks away from Proog and the walls move to accommodate him..- It's as if he's walking down a hallway, or a continuously expanding room

EMO You're sick, man!

EMO(Contd.) stay away from me

PROOG No!! Emo! It's a trap!

EMO At your left side you can see... the hanging gardens of Babylon! How's that for a trap?

EMO At your right side you can see...

Guess what! the colossus of Rhodes!

The colossus of Rhodes and it's here just for you Proog PROOG It is there

I'm telling you

It is

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