Objectives: • Analyze the effects of the New Deal programs on women

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18.) What benefits did the Social Security System provide?

19.) How did the Second New Deal promote rural electrification?

The New Deal Affects Many Groups (Pages 504-509) Objectives:

Analyze the effects of the New Deal programs on women

Describe Roosevelt's attitude toward African-Americans

Identify the groups that formed the New Deal coalition

Describe the supporters of FDR's New Deal

The New Deal Brings New Opportunities

20.) Why was Frances Perkins significant to women and the New Deal?

21.) How were women treated in the workplace?

African -American Activism

22.) Who was Mary McLeod Bethune?

23.) How did Eleanor Roosevelt influence racial politics during the Roosevelt administration?

24.) Why didn't FOR support full civil rights for African Americans?

Mexican-American Fortunes/ Native Americans Gain Support

25.) Why did Mexican Americans support the New Deal?

26.) How did New Deal policies affect Native Americans?

FOR Creates the New Deal Coalition - Election of 1936

27.) What were the key components of the New Deal Coalition?

28.) Why were urban voters likely to vote for FOR?

Culture in the 1930's (Pages 510-514) Objectives:

Describe the entertainment provided by motion pictures and radio

Identify some of the artists, musicians, and writers of the New Deal era

The Lure of Motion Pictures and Radio

29.) Why were movies popular during the Depression?

30.) What role did radio play in American homes during the Depression?

The Arts in Depression America

31.) What was the Federal Art Project?

32.) Identify a successful musician of the Depression era.

33.) Who were some successful American writers of the Depression era?

The Impact of the New Deal (Pages 515-519) Objectives:

Analyze opinions about the effectiveness of the New Deal

Describe the legacies and lasting impact of the New Deal

Identify the changing role and expansion of government as a result of the New Deal

New Deal Reforms Endure

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